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0. Introduction

Time has moved on since Introduction-A of June 2006. Context matters, Green politics included. Electoral balances shift, and with them influencing factors.

As Green politicians of necessity navigate the corridors of power, their anchor is the much larger Green movement for which the Green Party is one expression. Voicing the full concerns of this movement is what challenges the party most, on its reforming path, because negotiating steady, piecemeal, pro-environment change within a parliamentary context is above all mastery of the art of compromise. Thus is the moderate party characterised root and branch.

Yet forstalling global system collapse is an objective that cannot be compromised; it is amongst the most sacred of principles, out of respect for life itself. Inside or outside the Green Party, therefore, the greatest contribution we can make towards it is maintaining complete intransigence against environmental exhaustion. We need also this foil for compromise. The details of why and how these things need be done constitute this document.
Green Future offers a practical programme for connecting the Green politics of today with a salvaged, surviveable ecosystem of the near Future.

The parliamentary system itself faces challenges it will not survive unchanged. Sustainable economy is making it redundant as a democratic expression, in the face of extreme absence of democracy externally which races faster without the consultative overhead. As a home example of how to channel the pressure of this principle for societal improvement, we are better off without vehicular travel of representatives - by institution of electronic direct democracy. Defending the system as it stands is defending the destructive practises and forecast of the past.

Kia kaha, kia toa, kia manawanui ki tenei mahi. Kia ora.

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