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1. Plan, implement

Globally, no method or plan yet exists for ameliorating the rapidly looming day when human demands on the Earth environment suddenly exceed the resource capacity. Like proverbial lemmings, many would die in World resource War III. A fall from 9 billion inhabitants (presently 6.5) to 2 to 3 billion is scientifically predictable, in reaching the sustainable human load upon Earth, by around 2050. That is, an approximate 70% population cull seems biologically wired into our human future - more likely 80%, recovering to 70 - unless we chart an alternate course, fast. More technologies to limit resource wastage would improve the picture, but currently all nations are enmeshed in a race to the end of a no-win game, growing bloodier day by day. Brakes have not been designed into the industrial killing machine, so here are the beginnings of just such a modification.

The hedonist ego-satisfaction of the Anglo-American governed West, and of the capitalist East, continues counter to justice. All those enjoying while ignoring the obviously fatal near-future, doing nothing to counteract it, are participants in a fascist system - as obliviously loyal to injustice, and defrauded by it, as were the German people by Nazism. You just haven't seen it yet. See it now.

There is a brick wall directly ahead. The designated driver is asleep at the wheel. It's wake-up time, NOW!

Most have been convinced that they will be included in the surviving 20% - or sent to their version of heaven - and most are therefore redeemably wrong. The administrative participants in the highest levels of governance, corporate and civil, of the present system structures, are the only ones guaranteed placement in the elite survival plans. These few take equal charge of obscuring the facts and methodologies for change. We many must speak out, and commence planning, for an equitable solution. By such truth the inequities of present life become plain, and ready too for addressing. The religious delusions of those with martial power over Judaeo-Christendom - and therefore over the world - must be exposed, thoroughly discredited, and disarmed. With them must go all sects and ideologies of nation, culture, and right.

This is a bold advance in the age-old struggle of good versus evil, of informed sanity versus intellectually deficient inequity and iniquity, of a cherished Gaia versus short-sighted Mammon worship, of humanity versus repetitious barbarism. Humanity must win this historic struggle, to take full and conscious possession of its quality life future.

Green Future offers a practical programme for connecting the Green politics of today with a salvaged, surviveable ecosystem of the near Future.

There has long been argument in political philosophy, as to whether statist or anti-statist solutions provide best outlook. Liberal Anglo-capitalism matured promoting anti-statist 'laissez-faire', as market community to inhibit market protection inevitably coursing to war. But the anarchy of this method repeatedly causes war, once collective profitabilty fails (read Carl von Clausewitz). It has always been a partial and tactical agreement anyway - viz US trade barriers today, and Greater Britain's seizure of southern Africa in 1899-1902. The 'war on terror' confirms capitalism's overtly statist core, and fascism's root. Given the revolutionised surveillance and coercive powers of industrial governments, any choice regarding a statist approach to solving the world's problems is an absolutely false one. That argument is bound up in nineteenth-century reaction from independent crafts, disengaged from the industrial world and so was self-neutralising.

It is easy to assume that, in the environmentally challenged twenty-first century, there can only be state solutions - on a global scale. However, time spent learning from the Greens reveals another option. More important than the parliamentary vehicle for Green ideas is the local ground on which these ideas grow. Community grower roots provide the network alternative to failing democratic forms, decentralised and real. It is these that will rise us from the ashes, rebirthing humanity from within its decaying civilisation. It is these grower community networks that show the way forward now, in re-greening the planet and nourishing the embattled human soul. Needing food to work, labour-based politics are now dependent on an even more fundamental social mechanism - the bread of solidarity. Together, producers are empowered to build the global society needed for everyone to live in peace and comfort.

So the real question is, whose state? - how do we ensure the state becomes forever 'of the people, by the people, for the people'? Most glaring of all, how do we people forestall fascism's next, horrendously amplified, recourse to population culling for rebuilding its rotten capitalist system? How can we own and resolve this problem, and all endemic violence within our societies, in good time?

We begin by accurately spreading responsibility for fascist history, and understanding its basis in biblical and koranic property disputes in which military sides have been taken. There is no good or evil side in Middle East territoriality - just material force trying to win the day, and the historical legacy. The Green Future has always said just this, and this is just: truth is peace, and peace is truth.

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