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The following replacement SVGA computer screens are presently available for purchase.
They have been refurbished by a registered electronics technician of 20 years standing,
are in excellent condition, and carry a full three month warranty.


Week 16-Jun-03

Guarantee: You can expect between three and five years' trouble-free service from our refurbished monitors.
Most people accept a minimum of one year's use from a second-hand product, and ours will exceed that.

Properly maintained, they should run for 25-30 years total life.

A sad fact of manufacturing life is that the newer an electronics product like a monitor is, the more internal corners have been cut in its engineering. Commonly, they are designed to last out their warranty period and no more. In some cases this is just one year. Our preference therefore is for quality units with discrete and replaceable components. We improve the factory product significantly by upgrading their weaker parts.

A word from our technical department

Advantages of refurbished monitors versus new:

  1. Cheaper than new units.
  2. Good quality components are used to carry out refurbishment (105 degree capacitors, resistors with correct voltage and wattage rating etc). Re-engineering carried out if applicable. For example EMI components are fitted if required, all components which fail commonly will be replaced etc.
  3. Lessening the foreign deficit (by a small amount admittedly but it all helps!).
  4. Reducing energy and resource wastage.
  5. Reduction in waste going to landfills and rubbish dumps.
  6. Supporting local employment.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

GST: We are a new, still small business. As such we are not yet required to charge you Goods & Services Tax.

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