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Canterbury New Zealand beekeeping apiculture
Airborne Honey 41 Pennington St POBox28 Leeston history + industry stats + links * * * *
Ashburton Apiaries 205 Alford Forest Rd Ashburton 3-308-3927
Beewize Apiaries 103 Sladden Bush Rd Oxford 3-312-3429
Berts Bees Biogro certified Leaches Rd Windwhistle RD2 Darfield ph/fx: 3-318-6966
Canterbury Pollination & Honey Supply Services Ohoka 0-3-312-6859
Christchurch City Controls Mid Canterbury 3-359-9717
Christchurch Hobbyist Beekeepers Club "to promote beekeeping education" 681 Cashmere Rd
Clarence Harvest Honey Producers 40km north of Kaikoura
Claridges Herbal Products Biogro certified POBox39-068 Chch ph/fx: 3-358-3155/6
Stuart Ecroyd Beekeeping Supplies EBS "The Apiarist of New Zealand" bk 26B Sheffield Cres Burnside ph/fx: +64-3-358-7498/8789 toll free order: 0800-335-056 POBox5056 Papanui Chch + Bee Healthy Ltd Natural Bee Products
Greta Valley Honey POBox37107 Christchurch 3-322-8146
Havills Mazer Mead Co honey wine Plasketts Rd Fernside RD1 Rangiora
Heathstock Apiaries Biogro certified 675 Broxton Rd Hawarden ph: 3-314-4270 fx: 3-314-4633
Honey Valley NZ Ltd Biogro certified POBox2155 Washdyke Timaru ph/fx: 3-688-7150/25
Horsford Downs Biogro certified Whiterock RD2 Rangiora ph/fx: 3-312-8711/22
Hunts Honey 178 South St Ashburton 3-308-7750
Lamere Farms Biogro certified No1RD Ashburton ph: 3-303-0730
Lindis Honey Lindis Crossing SH8 > Tarras
Millers Rental & Beehive Pollination cph: 021-634-087
Nutraceuticals Bee page Canterbury-Nelson industry cluster CDC * * *
NZ Beeswax Ltd Biogro certified Gladstone St Sth, Orari Geraldine ph: 3-693-9189
NZ Honey Producers Co-Operative "the largest packer of honey in NZ.. largest share of the NZ retail honey market.. leading brands Sweetmeadow, Hollands, Hororata, & 3Bees dominate the top-selling honey lines in the retail sector.. the only honey packer to hold certification to the rigorous quality standards of the AgriQuality Assurance Mark.. a major packaged honey exporter, with over 20 years experience.. significant shares of the high quality imported retail packed honey markets in: Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan; Australia; Pacific Islands; Persian Gulf countries.. NZ per capita annual honey consumption is almost 2 kg, the world's highest. Total honey production is 9,000 tonnes per year on average" 57a Theodosia St Timaru
Rainbow Foods 1 Weka Pass Rd Waikari ph: 3-314-4354
Stubbs B Biogro certified Burnt Hill Oxford ph: 3-312-4615
Styx Apiary 302 Main North Rd Redwood
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The Bees Java animation Andy Scrase Sth Brighton

Agriscape Apiculture list 28 Vorras Corp US
American Beekeeping Federation
Apiary Honighauschen Drachenfels Siebengebirge Konigswinter De
Apiculture definition Wikipedia +GFDL
Apiculture MAFF Govt of British Columbia Can
Apiculture du Monde Belgium French language site, award > Landcare Research? 18Sep03 for booklet vs Varroa
Apiservices "Virtual Beekeeping Gallery.. 91 exhibitors" Fr + links * * * * * & Bee Biz "international English language magazine for the professional beekeeper. Edited in Brazil"
Apitherapy Reference Data Base + links NZ + "return to natural wisdom" Rom
Australasian Pollination Ecologists Society APES defunct 2000? dir 100 skilled members
Bee Culture "The magazine of American beekeeping" + APIS Information Resource Center etc [Apr05 lost links] grape pollination & "Beekeeping in the Digital Age" column #12 "NZ Beekeeping" Dr Malcolm Tom Sanford 1999 facts + Mite Tolerance In Honey Bees + Insect Pollination Of Cultivated Crop Plants etc [* *] * * *
Beekeeping Database Net Resources UK & Bee Biz mag NZ refs incl KPA & Northern Bee Books "Publishers of Leading Beekeeping Magazines" & Beekeepers Quarterly " Britains Biggest & Brightest Beekeeping Magazine" * * * *
B-Eye "See the world through the eyes of a honey bee" Andrew Giger Centre for Visual Sciences ANU
BeeHoo "world's beekeeping dir" Fr + news + NZ index + Varroa * * * * *
Bees & Beekeeping GardenWeb forum Q&A US * * *
Betterbee shop NY-US + resources
Entomology Events Calendar 2000 "Index of Apicultural & Other Bee-related Events" Davis CA
Mann Lake Ltd Beekeeping Supplies MN-US + Links
Mite Control in Honeybees With Essential Oils Jim Amrine, Entomologist & Acarologist, West Virginia Uni
The Pollination Home Page "Your portal to pollination info & images" US + pollinator decline etc links * * * * * Beekeeping list 63
Saving the Honeybee Through Organic Farming Institute of Science in Society UK 25Apr08 * * * * *
The Secret Life Of Bees Civil Rights Act novel Sue Monk Kidd Feb03 US
Swiss Bee Research Centre beekeeping praxis: 1984 1st Euro outbreak of Varroa facts etc + organic beekeeping + links * * * * *
Varroa Mites & how to catch them "kill 95%.. in a hive" The Netherlands
Varroa Mites Infesting Honey Bee Colonies Ric Bessin Kentucky Uni
Wider South Island
Advanced Certificate in Apiculture Telford Rural Polytehnic Balclutha
Alpine Honey Specialties Domain Rd Hawea Flat Wanaka 3-443-1490
Bad Ass Bees "Pav's Place: Elliot's Toe" Ahaura
Bush J & Sons Ltd 168 Old Renwick Rd RD2 Blenheim 3-578-3923
Extracts NZ Ltd - Propolis 92 River Terrace Rd Brightwater 0800-437-277
Mountain Beech Apiaries Gary Jefferey POBox55 Westport + Nutraceuticals listing
Mountain Honey 670 Kaikoura South Rd Puketa Kaikoura 3-319-6860
Naturally NZ "Potentiated Bee Pollen.. Natural Nutrition" health supplement 221 Fitzherbert St Hokitika Ph/Fx: 3-341-8166/266
Nelson Apiaries honey etc + products online Nectar Ease Motupiko
Orinoco Honey "pure & 100% natural" Orinoco Valley RD1 Motueka Tasman
Paparoa Bee Co certified biogro honey POBox44 Punakaiki Westland Ph/Fx: 3-731-1829
Riwaka Valley Apiaries Nelson
Strathdale Honey Olive Ave Middlemarch 3-464-3122
Telford Certificate in Apiculture Level 3 Telford Rural Polytechnic POBox6 Balclutha
Virgin Gold Honey Mead Ophir Post Office Marie-Louise Rosson POBox185 Cromwell Ph: 3-447-3636 27-445-4143 Fx: 3-445-4147
Waitaki Apiaries organic Wilderness Honey POBox65 Kurow, Nth Otago

North Island, info & co's
About Bees "Different Perspectives" Wgtn/NJ * * *
AgriQuality Apiary (from MAF Quality Management SOE 1998 split; also became NZ Beekeeping & Asure food testing)
Alphabees "quality assured hives for pollination" Te Puke Dir Trevor Bryant
Apiculture Course Tairawhiti Polytechnic Gisborne here?
Arataki Honey "Royal Jelly, Manuka Honey, Bee Pollen, Propolis" HavelockNth
BeeForce Australasia Ltd "targeted biochemical delivery system" w/ fruit crop pollination Bay of Plenty
Beehive controls are workable article Trevor Bryant "spokesperson for the Kiwifruit Pollination Association" The Orchardist Nov2000 + many more
Bee Industry Group BIG Federated Farmers of NZ ex-NBA news + links
BeeZone Adventures "Quad Rides & Bee Tours" 67PoporangiRd RD1Hastings
Buzzwords "The 'hum' of the NZ beekeeping industry..." Nick Wallingford was NZ Beekeeping news + tips + dir + links * * * * *
Carricell "Queen cell portable incubator" Beeline Poporangi Rd RD1 Hastings + queens + info * * *
Ceracell Beekeeping Supplies "Quality Beekeeping Equipment" Ackd + links
Feasibility of Apiculture in the Pacific study NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade 1998 The Secretariat of the Pacific Community SPC
x The Honey Hive "Natural products from the hive - royal jelly, propolis, pollen, honey mead & fruit wines.. Bee Educated" Kapiti shop [lost? Apr05]
Honey NZ "NZs largest producer of high quality honey-bee products" Te Awamutu
Honey Research Unit University of Waikato bulk consumer info
HortResearch SOE biosecurity work
MAF biosecurity [Bees Summary link/funding lost] + news + Varroa Mite in Bees + Map of Distribution 6Jun03 + year 2000 Apiculture & Financial Factors report + 2003 + Kiwifruit Pollination Assn * * * *
National Beekeepers Assn NBA "Better Beekeeping/Marketing" NZ Beekeeper mag
Notes on Varroa destructor (Acari: Varroidae) parasitic on honeybees in NZ Zhi-Qiang Zhang, Landcare Research, Private Bag 92170 Ackd 2000 + Acarology News * * * * * "We pack & post worldwide" Ackd
NZ Package Bees "NZ's largest exporters of package bees and queens": Apiflora "suppliers of quality beehives" Tauranga & Kintail Honey Takapau
Organic Honey & Bee Products OrganicsNZ links
Pipers list 36 * * *
"Polli" direct application pollination
RD1 "Partner to Rural NZ" articles - search on "bees"
SummerGlow Apiaries "The original Manuka Honey website" 131 Richards Rd RD8 Hamilton
Sunrise Apiaries Ackd
Wellington Beekeepers Assn info etc
Wrightson articles - search on "bees"
Xen-Apiary etc "hand-held computer.. application"s for MS, Xenacom 82 Alpha St POBox327 Cambridge

MAF Accepts Defeat In Varroa Movement Control HortNews 22Sep03
Studies show GM plants may be safe for bees Rural News 17Sep03
Beekeepers Agree To Let Varroa-Treated Hives Into Hawke's Bay HortNews 10Sep03
Beekeepers want help to fight mite w/food-grade mineral oil NZ Herald 28Jul03, yet Bee industry stung as research abandoned 05Aug03
Varroa bee mite must be stopped "Varroa Planning Group (VPG) has outlined its recommendations on how best to protect the South Island" Rural News 22May03
National Beekeepers Assn Special Meeting split >BIG Scoop 20Dec02
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