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Canterbury Linux Users Group - 11 July 2006

Volker Kuhlmann - Photo handling with Linux: part 1

View from the back

digiKam demo, Shirley Community Centre, audience attentive.

Volker directing

"Now shut up and listen", Volker grins to Zane - not the worst offender.

Volker headscratching

Don's 83rd question: Am I able to do that in Windows?

Volker moving on

Ah, yes. Again it's called Maximise.

View from the front

Strong backlight glare made viewing as difficult as hearing, with a poor surface and angle on the screening wall. A brighter projector needed?

Zane & Chris

You will always find me in the kitchen at parties.

Club link + Volker's slides

Photographer - Rik Tindall

Camera - Nokia 6265 2-megapixel CDMA cellphone, flash not used

Pix scaling - 4:1 using GIMP - 1600x1200s available upon request, c550MB each

Content license - GFDL, no invariant sections

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