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Canty shows dairying growth Livestock Improvement Corp "North Canterbury is now just 3000 behind Taranaki's 478,000 cows. Waikato has more than a quarter of the country's 4.4 million cows.. numbers in South and North Canterbury had risen 9.7 per cent a year over the past decade. Canterbury produces almost 250 million kilograms of milksolids a year, or 17.3 per cent of the country's total, worth more than $1.5 billion" The Press 9Dec10 & Low rainfall raises drought spread fears 11Dec10
Chinese dairy giant Bright Dairy's Pure Canterbury infant formula powder sales behind targets Stuff 25May15
CPW drivers: Clovernook Farms Ltd + Dairy Holdings of Timaru ubd / dexcel .pdf + Willsden Farm Grazing to lower covers cuts costs on dairy farm Country-Wide Southern Dairy 13Mar06 + Council investments - beyond their mandate? "Christchurch City Council: Through standalone investment company City Holdings (worth $1.6 billion): Orion Ltd 89%; Lyttelton Port Co 74%; Christchurch International Airport 75%; Red Bus 100%; City Care 100%; Christchurch City Networks 100%; Selwyn Plantation Board 100%" Sunday Star Times 07Oct07 + farm economics - Feed shortage forces farmers to sell stock early The Press 16/01/2013
Environment Canterbury Water management Canterbury Water Quality "State of Canterbury Region Water Resource 2006" report etc 58 Kilmore St + Clean streams & rivers are core business for councils 5Sep07 viz Canterbury water plan may cost billions The Press & Dirty dairy farms fail to comply 27Nov008 * * * * *
Exports climb in November 07 "dairy products & crude oil bolstered merchandise exports by 18.4%.. Vehicles, parts & accessories lifted imports.. by 9.4%.. to $3.9 billion.. trade deficit narrowed to $646M" NZHerald 7Jan08
Farming is back as the backbone new "Agriculture Minister David Carter.. will bring another cabinet colleague, Infrastructure Minister Bill English, to the South Island to show him 15 to 20 proposals to create storage dams" DomPost 29Nov08
Green Party: Pull plug on Canterbury water plan - Greens Nandor Tanczos MP, Environment Spokesperson 5Jun07 + Dairy farming putting water quality at risk 22Aug07 & Parliamentary Question + .. + Canterbury's Water Woes: Land Use & Climate Change J Fitzsimons MP Public Meeting Chch 5Aug07 & Dairy boom could cause water bust
Lincoln University Water Quality Becomes Top Environmental Concern Dr Ken Hughey 19Apr05 & Do we have enough water in Central Canterbury? Dr Vince Bidwell 24Jul06 + Water Science & Technology I ENGN 233, Water Science & Technology II ENGN 333, Water Resources & Hazards ENGN 366 + Eco-n "reduces nitrate leaching & nitrous oxide emissions, improving the environment & increasing pasture production. [LU] Developed.. addresses the dominant source of nitrate leaching in NZ's pastoral agriculture - the urine spot, & benefits farmers through increasing pasture production" + LessN "Nitrogen Utilisation Enhancer ..a more sustainable solution"
Mackenzie District Council News 20Feb03 $5,000 case vs ECAN of dairy vs Twizel water supply [link lost Apr05] + Opuha Dam + Meridian Energy etc
Natural Systems "New Zealand Distributed Generation" + Finding power in effluent "Landcorp Farming dairy farm in Eyrewell.. extracting methane & carbon dioxide.. biodigester technology.. using it as fuel in a co-generation plant to make electricity" 29Aug08
Opuha Dam report shows impressive results Press Release: Progressive Party 22Sep06 + Alister Hunt "..I, and many of my engineering colleagues, are extremely concerned that the lessons of the Opuha collapse have not been learnt" Retired Civil Engineer 3Sep99 + wikipedia + Google "Opuha Dam"
The Press: Canterbury water plan 'risks health' AMANDA MORRALL 13Aug07 + Water, water everywhere but now let's stop to think "A water-issue party has emerged with the stated aim of protecting Christchurch's drinking water, drawing attention to what the party suggests is the threat from CPW. Save Our Water ( is fielding several candidates for election to Environment Canterbury" JOANNA NORRIS 25Sep07 + Call for crackdown on dirty dairying 2Oct07 + Central Plains Water emphasis changed 5Oct07 + Size matters down on the farm "large dairy concerns have stepped in to bankroll a $5m shortfall of funds in the proposed community- owned Central Plains Water scheme.. 'Everyone is running faster to make the same amount of money'" 12Nov07 + Synlait set to process milk "up to 1.6 million litres [per] day" 28Jul08 Insight The Dairy Boom "the impact on the economy and environment of the massive dairy boom presently underway" 5Aug07 + Canterbury Irrigation Discussion "With Sir Kerry Burke, John Donkers & Rosalie Snoyink" Morning Report 14Nov07 Malvern Hills Protection Society, Rosalie Snoyink & news Submission Sam Mahon to ECan 18Jun06 pdf etc + In defence of their land Press 18Aug07
The price of milk Sally Blundell 2Jun07
Trepidation over Canty water scheme TVNZ 5Jun07
Waterwatch Kaitaki Wai International Centre for Nature Conservation at Lincoln University, Brian Mason Scientific & Technical Trust + Lincoln seeks South Canterbury Waterwatch Coordinator "interactive school & community based educational programme designed to involve students & residents in monitoring their local rivers, streams, ponds, lakes & groundwater" 3Jun05 + srch intnl eg Waterwatch Australia "Communities caring for catchments" & Waterwatch Scotland "consumer.. voice"

ECan: "Richard Budd.. Consents portfolio. You should ask Geoff Keey about Richard Budd. Geoff's Forest and Bird [-> Wellington]. He laid a complaint about Richard's PR company taking on the position of facilitator for Central Plains Water. He had to stand aside in the end. Geoff was claiming conflict of interest.. The company was making far too much money.. He stepped aside from his portfolio.. While still drawing pay as a councillor"
-- Sam Mahon, The Water Thieves, Longacre Press, Dunedin, 2006, p.103.

Breathe in the cow dung, cockies - it'll cut your cancer risk New Scientist 28Jan08
Enteric fermentation "In Australia ruminant animals account for over half of their green house gas contribution from methane. Australia has implemented a voluntary immunization program for cattle in order to help reduce flatulence-produced CH4. Although enteric fermentation is the largest anthropogenic source of methane emissions in the United States, in 2006, methane emissions from enteric fermentation were only 1.8% of total greenhouse gases produced in the United States in teragrams of carbon dioxide equivalents (Tg CO2)" wikipedia
Expanding Uruguay venture to raise $50m "finding a way to package up NZ technology & implement it elsewhere around the world in a way that NZers can have a share in it" NZ Herald 13Nov07
Just right for the garden: a mini-cow "Miniature cattle farming is catching on with families trying to stay ahead of rising food prices" Sunday Times 17Aug08 UK
Milk wikipedia facts etc

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Wider NZ
Dairy giant told Govt of bad milk "Fonterra must be held to account for the death and illness of infants caused by milk products manufactured by its Chinese joint venture partner, the Alliance Party says.. 43% stake in Shijiazhuang Sanlu Group Co Ltd" The Press 15Sep08 & Fonterra 'trying to do the right thing' 17Sep08 & West Coast Council `soft' on dirty dairying John Henzell Greymouth - The Press 06Aug08
Dairy herd up - an extra 370 bottles of milk each "The number of dairy cattle in NZ continues to surge.., Statistics New Zealand said today. At 6.5 million, there are 1.2 million more dairy cattle in 2012 than in 2007" + Livestock statistics Ministry for Primary Industries * * * * *
Dairy prices halve, back to 2006 figures blog Alex Tarrant 24Oct08 & Commodity prices fall most in 7 years; dairy to blame "largest monthly decline in world US dollar prices in seven years, largely as the result of a 7.5% fall in international dairy prices in August.. surplus of dairy commodities fueled by increased production in Europe and North and South America" 3Sep08
Drought costs farmers $1.2b "dairy sector.. hardest hit.. $894 million, or $79,400 for the average dairy farm" The Press 20Mar08 + Drought hits Skellerup profit "rubber goods & industrial equipment maker posted a net profit of $19 million for the year to June 30, down from a record net profit of $24.7m a year earlier.. a prolonged drought, coupled with a drop in oil and gas exploration that hit demand for its vacuum pumps.. agri division bounced back after the drought with strong liner, tubing and footwear sales" Fairfax 22Aug13
East Coast drought hits region hard & costs nation $588M "rain came too late for pastures to recover before winter" NZ Herald 22Nov07
Examine all milk pricing points, urges Dalziel "parliamentary inquiry into the price of milk.. report back to the public before the election, says commerce select committee chairwoman Lianne Dalziel.. focus is likely to be on: Whether the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act 2001 and its raw milk regulations ensure New Zealanders receive the benefits of a contestable domestic market. How the farmgate milk price is set by dairy company Fonterra and what the downstream implications are for the consumer. The effects of changes to the regulations in 2008 on the cost of milk in the domestic milk markets" 10Aug11 + Scope of milk inquiry discussed & Fonterra farmers blame retailers "fed up with being blamed for high milk prices" 11Aug11
Fonterra Living Water "Working together for a better tomorrow" + Fonterra: When your name is mud "How much damage did Fonterra's bungled handling of this week's botulism scandal cause to New Zealand Inc? Time to come clean. Is New Zealand's 100 per cent pure marketing brand at least 99 per cent ruined?.." The Press 12Aug13
'Very tough times' ahead for dairy farmers as Fonterra cuts milk payout forecast to $3.90 a kilo Fonterra cuts payout to farmers to $3.90 edit "Hopes from dairy farmers that Fonterra would hold its forecast following the recent lift in the GlobalDairyTrade have been dashed after the co-operative dropped its forecast milk price from $4.15/kg milk solids to $3.90 for the 2015-16 season. Difficult conditions in the globally traded dairy market" 8Mar16
Milk payout turns sour 'Fonterra lowered the expected 2011-12 milk price payout part to $6.05. Previous opening milk-price forecasts per kg: 2011-12: $6.75; 2010-11 $6.60; 2009-10 $4.10; 2008-09 $6.65; 2007-08 $5.33; 2006-07 $3.60' The Press 23May12 * * * * *
NZ Dairy Cruelty "The Dark Side of the NZ Dairy Industry" * * * "Centre of Excellence in Farm Business Management" Lincoln & Massey uni's DairyNZ
Price of milk too high, says Northland PHO "Manaia Health, a primary health organisation in Northland, says the high cost of milk is hurting poor families and damaging children's health. Chief executive Chris Farrelly says the cheapest milk in a Whangarei supermarket is now $NZ3.65 for two litres, while families in Australia pay $A2. Mr Farrelly says a New Zealand children's nutrition survey shows milk consumption has dropped by a third since the 1980s, replaced by cheaper soft drinks. He says an increase in childhood obesity and diabetes is hardly surprising, with families are swapping milk for fizzy drinks. Mr Farrelly says only a third of New Zealand children now drink milk daily" radionz 15Feb11 & Fonterra says milk prices are set to rise 3new & Milk prices set to get higher - Fonterra "High milk prices are the new 'normal' - and they are about to get higher as emerging markets drive up global commodity demand" NZPA/TV1 16Feb11 * * * * * *
Row over $40m to plough into SI farms "crony capitalism, pandering to the desires of these owners of the leasehold interest rather than forcing contractual rights the Crown has, and the Government is guardian of, on behalf of New Zealanders" The Press 9Jun13
Wairarapa farming family continues to abuse environment cows in streams Campbell Live TV3 04Feb09

Interview with May Wang, UBNZ Assets Holdings Ltd "Natural Dairy NZ Holdings announced on 23 March to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that it plans to buy farms, livestock and milk powder plants worth up to $1.5 billion. These bold plans by Natural Dairy to expand into the NZ dairy industry are getting mixed reactions. You released a press statement on 7 April 2010 on behalf of UBNZ Assets Holdings Ltd and Natural Dairy (NZ) Ltd challenging the critics and providing some perspective to the deal plus correcting false assertions made in recent news stories.
Q: When the story first hit the headlines, Deputy Prime Minister Bill English said that there had been an overreaction to Natural Dairy's plans, given the limited information available. Is there any real need for concern by the NZ public, NZ farmers or the NZ Government regarding Natural Dairy's potential $1.5b investment into the NZ economy?
A: No, there shouldn't be any concerns once people understand the benefits. Firstly, $1.5 billion will only add value to the NZ economy; secondly, NZ farmers will enjoy the fair market value for their farms to reduce their financial pressure and thirdly the majority of milk that comes from NZ farms is exported. In New Zealand we have the right governance in place to make sure that we can operate the farms and make milk products. Natural Dairy also needs to apply to the Overseas Investment Office (OIO) for approval and they have a rigorous process.
Q: I think there is the fear from some sectors that foreign ownership will mean that benefits would be lost overseas. Do you think that this notion is misplaced?
A: I think this fear it is totally misplaced. This investment will deliver huge long term benefits to the NZ economy. As Federated Farmers president Don Nicolson rightly said 'The land can not be taken away' and that 'the person that owns the land, works the land, abides by New Zealand laws, pays taxes in New Zealand, employs New Zealand people ... that's surely a good thing'. I totally agree with him on this and we are committed to a long term plan that will see the farms and animal welfare improve plus sell the exported product at a higher value than Fonterra currently does.
Q: Even though Fonterra was associated with the melamine scandal, it has successfully taken advantage of the China market following the New Zealand Free Trade Agreement with China and recently signed a Dairy Agreement there. Don't you think that it is only fair that Chinese related investment has a right to put vitally needed capital into New Zealand in return under this two-way Free Trade Agreement?
A Totally, as we all know Fonterra has invested into China Dairy farming and shipped thousands of cows there to move into the China Dairy industry. As part of a two way free trade operation, a Hong Kong public listed company which represents the public interest should also have an opportunity to invest into the NZ dairy business. Mind you, the initial farm investment is very very small. Natural Dairy is buying 24 dairy farms; currently over 1,000 are for sale in NZ.
Q: I understand that apart from just acquiring dairy farm assets, Natural Dairy's aim is to provide New Zealand's first truly vertically integrated company covering farm production and marketing. Can you expand on this and explain what it means in terms of employment opportunities for New Zealanders?
A Yes, Natural Dairy's goal is to build or establish a completely integrated full value production chain in New Zealand to process the finished milk products in New Zealand and then market them into China/Asian markets. Natural Dairy has a China distribution company and this is where we are different to other NZ dairy producer. As we stated recently, Natural Dairy will only employ skilled dairy farmers and managers in New Zealand and pay the NZ standard wage rates according to NZ labor law. There is no intention to bring in cheap Chinese labour as some media have suggested. It will also benefit related business or dairy farming servicing businesses and create employment opportunities.
Q: There has been some question as to the expertise that Natural Dairy brings to the table to actually improve the management and production on these farms. What would you say to that?
A: Of course like any corporate business, Natural Dairy will seek the most experienced local dairy farming experts to join the team for the future operation. This will mean more professionals will be engaged that a usual NZ farmer requires as Natural Dairy wants to ensure the business runs smoothly after the settlements.
Q: Your main export market will be China with milk products with a 'Made in New Zealand' branding. Do you see any concerns with the 'New Zealand' label given Fonterra NZ's related company in China's melamine scandal?
A: Although Fonterra invested in Sanlu, it doesn't mean that NZ produced the bad quality dairy products; quite the opposite, New Zealand has always been recognized as the 'clean & green' paradise, that gives confidence to the world about New Zealand food quality standards. Recently, the demand for imported dairy products increased rapidly in China. People would rather pay a premium for 'safe and high quality' dairy products. Structure of the Investment.
Q: It appears that there is a complex structure in place for this investment. Can you give a brief overview of the company structure and shareholding of UBNZ Assets Holdings Ltd and Natural Dairy (NZ) Ltd?
A Natural Dairy currently holds 20% of UBNZ Assets Holdings Limited (this company will own farms and produce the dairy product). It also has an option to purchase 80% of the company but only after the OIO approval of the investment.
Q: Assuming the OIO gives the green light, are you confident that Natural Dairy will be able to raise the necessary capital?
A: Given the shortage of safe and good quality dairy products in China, I would say definitely yes. This is one of the best investments for overseas investors and we are already confident that the next round of fund raising will be successful.
Previous Business Dealings May, there has been a lot of interest in the media about you as an individual, your 'colourful past' involving failed businesses, litigious creditors and alleged infringements of the Companies Act. Over the last two years, from the time when an article first surfaced in the NZ Herald (15 Nov 2008, 'SFO looks at Dream Maker nightmare'), you have remained silent and have not countered any of these allegations. To many people, these allegations would appear to be the truth. I'd like to offer you the opportunity to correct any misunderstandings the public may have about you as an individual, your character and your previous failed businesses.
Q: Firstly, I understand that you are due to appear in court this month on charges brought by the Companies Office in relation to records of your previous business Dynasty Group, which is now in liquidation. Can you provide any details as to what led to the collapse of Dynasty Group Ltd?
A: The Global recession and the collapse of the NZ finance market directly resulted in the failure of Dynasty Group Limited. However, the company was let down by my business partner Rob Reece.
Q: In the 15 Nov 2008 NZ Herald article, it refers to two investors that claimed to be victims of yourself, and the trust they placed in you because you were a Buddhist. The article also refers to complaints to the SFO alleging that you used 'fraudulent' and 'deceitful' methods that included arranging for mortgages using unwitting investors' names. What are you comments to such allegations?
A: The allegations are without any substance. They are not true. Because of that Article, the public has been given a misleading view of me as person. Unfortunately I was overseas during that time and not in a position to address what I saw as the misleading and damaging remarks in that Article. My silence on it to date should not be taken as my agreeing with the contents. I am having my professional advisors look into this matter for me. There is lots I could say about Dynasty Group and my experience with the Company and my fellow directors but the focus here is on the future and the plans Natural Dairy have for investment in New Zealand. I will say this one thing: since the other director in Dynasty Group walked away from the Business and declared bankruptcy, I have been the only one left responsible for all the companies' debts and all the Personal Guarantees. All the debts/creditors which have been discussed by the media recently were the Dynasty companies' debts or the loans I had advanced through my personal rental properties. I believe that I am a responsible business person and I am trying to make my own living as well try to make some repayments to the Dynasty businesses debts. I am doing this by way of a creditor's compromise that treats all the creditors fairly. Given all that, it hurts me to be accused of being 'deceitful'.
Q: The article also established that following the collapse of Dynasty Group in early October 2009, you purchased a one-way ticket to Hong Kong on October 10, and failed to attend the liquidator's office for a formal examination on October 13. Did you purchase this one-way ticket, and if so, were you escaping the situation and leaving all your debts behind?
A: Once again the article is misleading. I never intended to 'run away' from New Zealand or my responsibilities. When the Dynasty businesses stopped, I had to start again. To get back on my feet, the first thing I thought was the link between NZ and China. In late 2007, I had started looking at the NZ Dairy industry because I understood the huge growing demanding of dairy products in China for the future. When I had the opportunity to look at Crafars' farms, I approached the NZ Chinese Business Round table council and to discuss the potentials. Then I began travelling between NZ and Asia quite a lot during 2008. In Oct 2008, I had a very successful initial meeting about the dairy venture, and decided to return to NZ for a few days prior to the next discussion. I didn't know anything about the liquidation until the day that Mr. Dennis Wood came to the property which I have rented (I had asked the tenants to let me back a small room for all the Dynasty files which were then taken by the liquidator). Because I had already made arrangements for further discussions of the dairy project, I had instructed my solicitor/Martelli McKegg to write to the liquidator with an apology that I was unable to attend the meeting that was set for 13 Oct 2008, and offered to do a conference call(s) if they need to discuss the Dynasty business.
About the one way ticket, I had bought an earlier return ticket through Air New Zealand and it was from Auckland to Shanghai and return to Auckland. It was valid until August 2009. When I had the initial meeting in Hong Kong on 1 Oct 2008, I didn't want to fly back to Shanghai then return to NZ, instead I used my Asian mileages card of Cathy Pacific and got a free ticket return to NZ. When I left NZ again I didn't need a return ticket because I had already got one back from Shanghai. So I simply purchased a one way ticket when I departed New Zealand. But it was never my intention to go for good. I am a New Zealand citizen. This is my home. Unfortunately the liquidator was told that I went on a one way ticket and he took what he thought was the right action against me. I have since met with the liquidator and I understand he has accepted my point of view. As I said earlier, I never ran away from my responsibilities. I am still working on a creditor's proposal now to address the Dynasty debts.
Q: In a National Business Review article on 24 March 2009 ('Would the real UBS please stand up'), it covers the story about how your company UBS Funds Management NZ was being sued by the Swiss-owned bank, UBS AG, for breach of the Fair Trading Act, and had court proceedings to get its name back. Was the UBS Funds Management NZ naming a coincident, and has a final decision on this case been made?
A: It was a business discussion I had with UBS Asian division earlier to seek an opportunity to do businesses together. Prior to that UBS Funds Management Limited was registered. However, it didn't come to anything. When I was away, UBS NZ lawyers contacted me and request that I stop using their clients' business name. I immediately changed the company's names to UBNZ instead. I have never promoted myself as having an association with UBS and never had any intention to do so. Then they tried stopping me using UBNZ which I disagreed as I was already thinking of using that company for the dairy project. They took to the court which decided that UBS could not be used but UBNZ is able to be used.
Q: Are there any other failed businesses of yours where creditors are still on your tail for monies owed, and what are you doing about it?
Personal Background and Values
Q: May, I'd like to understand what drives you as a person, and the personal core values you live by?
A: I was born in China. I have 3 elder brothers in China and I was the only girl of the family. My father worked for the Chinese government and died (as did my mother) quite young because they went through a very difficult period through the Cultural Revolution in China. I was brought up by my older brothers when I was a young girl. I always believed in relying on myself and working hard to achieve the best in my life. I didn't do anything in business to try and become someone important or famous. I have worked hard all my life for everything that I have gained (and lost). People asked me why didn't I just do the exactly the same as my fellow director at Dynasty and declare bankruptcy? One of Dynasty (Dynasty Methven Limited) lenders even tried to bankrupt me and some others as well. I have been and I'm still trying to make the arrangements with them. I don't think that is the way to avoid your debts or responsibilities. You may be able to get away with it in this life time, but it will stay with you the next which means that no one could or should get away from what they owe to the others.
Q: Other than business activities, what other interests do you have?
A: I am a Volunteer/devotee of Fo Guang Shan temple since 2005. I enjoy spending my time there and working with other Volunteers who devote a lot of their time and money to the community. At the same time, I want to learn more about Buddhism and its practice as well. During the year, I was busy running my own business and spent almost all my limited spare time to the temple which I feel really good about it. I will continue to do so.
Q: Why did you choose NZ as a country to live and when did you arrive?
A: New Zealand was the first country that I landed in after China. I liked NZ because of the people I met soon after I arrived. Everyone treated me really well and taught me English as well as the culture. I applied for school in 1998 and came here soon after my visa was granted. Then I became a NZ citizen. I was employed in NZ to work for a Japanese trading company in the early 1990's for almost 7 years. Then I traveled and worked in USA, Australia, Hong Kong. In late 2002, I decided to return back to NZ for good and tried to start my own business here.
Q: Do you still believe in this country and what it stands for after all the challenges you've been through?
A: Why should I hate New Zealand? I am a kiwi myself. This is my home and the country that I am working in. I don't think the majority of kiwis would agree what has been in the media lately about me once they understand the whole issue. I have many very good New Zealand friends here who believe in me and what I am doing. The criticisms are not really against me as a person, but they're using me as their tool to stop what I am doing. I am confident and believe in what I am doing. Trying to introduce about $2 billion investment into our country is good for the economy of New Zealand. It also helps many local farmers to reduce or get rid of their financial pressures, plus have them back on farms working for the same industry again! There are many more benefits to the NZ economy, you name it. I am proud about this, the same as my friends are proud of it.
Q: At the end of the day, should May Wang be given a second chance?
A: Yes, she should.
May Wang, thank you for being so upfront and honest in this interview. I know that it is not an easy thing to open up your personal and professional life to the public and I thank you for sharing that with me today. I wish you the very best outcome with your investment venture.
(Angela Xu is a freelance journalist writing special feature articles. Recent feature articles which have been published include interviews with politicians, mayors and business entrepreneurs.)" United Chinese Press May10
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