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frost protection etc for horticulture


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Amarillo Gear Drives, Wind Machine CA 0800-367-583
Aqua Design "Irrigation can be used as a method of frost/freeze protection" Gisborne
Electronic Data Aquisition & Control EDAC Electronics remote sensors 31 Leslie Hills Dr POBox 80033 Chch
Frost Alarm System Weather Stations etc Harvest Electronics Masterton
Frost Boss "Orchard Frost Protection Wind Machine" Hawkes Bay Wind Machines Ltd + Aust
Frost Forecasts MetService MetPhone FarmInfo 0900-998-25 = Waipara * *
HortPlus "Helping your horticultural operation to achieve higher profits while giving you better control & more peace of mind" diverse forecasting etc
Jaycar Electronics RF Wireless Weather Station, Thermometer Hygrometer ChAk..
La Crosse Technology WS2310 Professional Wired/Wireless Weather Station from YaHoo Store ; also ELV Elektronics Germany
1-Wire Weather Station WS-1 Dallas Semiconductor
Lazo Frostbuster "works by burning gas to provide a heated air supply" UK
Microclimate NZ MCNZ "Scientific Reports to aid in Frost Protection for vineyards, orchards, market gardeners" Beckenham & Wgtn + info * *
Monotapu Marketing "Shop online for electronics.." & Oregon Scientific WMR918N Touch Screen Weather Station $929 ["ceased operating, due to the ill-health of one of our directors" Apr05]
Novel way to fight frost threat "uses huge turbo blowers to force huge quantities of warm air through the sprinkler nozzles" + "electrically-heated cables" Wairarapa Times-Age Mar01 [lost Apr05]
Resource Consents for Wind Machines MAF: noise nuisance
Romeo Bragato Frost Workshop Wellington 2003 report pdf download
Selective Inverted Sink System SIS: NDA Engineering Hamilton + US
STIL Frost Alert etc "Tools for Environmental Monitoring" Scott Technical Instruments Chch & Hamilton
ThermoMax "previously known as Garuda Warmth Spray" BDMax "Biodynamic preperations, consulting & sprays" + distributors
Vaisala "Measuring the Environment" multi-sensors Fin
Vaporgard Anti-Transpirant "helps protect crops from Wind Chill dessication & Salt Burn, Assists with Frost Protection" Key Industries 09-483-5526
Volvo Penta Volpower Industrial Power Systems "Irrigation, Pumping & Frost Protection" engines
The Weather Desk Frost Forecasting Services Marc McNaught + "Frost damage, control & prevention" + links * * * * *
Weather Down Under WDU Online Weather Shop & Budget Weather Center 30 metres wireless A$399
Weather Wise Structures "shade systems" 13 Station St Leeston
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