InfoHelp home InfoHelp Community Trust (Inc. August 2000) is a non-profit community organisation, helping low-income people keep pace with technological change (specifically in techniques of information retrieval, delivery and exchange) in a relaxed rural environment. [Disestablished 2004]

Why InfoHelp?

The world mind breathes Information, and needs Help. Communication technology acts to widen the gulf between rich and poor. Digitised media confront us ever more immediately with the numbing consequences - homicide and war. Our collective conscience yearns for reconciliation while the world economy and environment edge towards collapse. What's missing is individual comprehension and real choice.

On the principle "think globally, act locally", InfoHelp is here to help cohere the social and technological networks necessary to transcend the deepening crisis. Our practical focus is what needs to be done to keep the information flowing, for collective development, here and now. To Optimise Communication.

Why an InfoHelp Trust?


InfoHelp's specialty is development of opportunities for self-employment in the information industry and its offshoots.
Our Web Team can introduce you to E-business and IT self-sufficiency.
Similarly, we offer economical support for some older information technologies.


Fields of expertise

Services available


Feel free to contact us if you require assistance in any of these fields.

We are keen to hear from anyone wishing to complement our skillbase by initiating their own related projects.


Rural sector, northern Christchurch, Aotearoa-New Zealand


Low impact recreation, including: reinvent technology from recyclables, build your own PC, gardening, horse-riding, feed Gruff the goat, chop firewood, country air walk, friendly chat, relax, think, have fun! etc...

Donations of raw materials warmly received.

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