Recognition of 'Israel'?

"Let the truth be declared. The use of the Name 'ISRAEL' by that state is a complete falsification.
The people of Israel have nothing to do with the state. Zionism and its state have no share and no part
in the true ISRAEL ..we demand that they cease to call themselves 'Israel'"

Declarations II - for, and..

Q: Is nationalist savagery in Palestine and Lebanon best opposed by non-recognition of the State of 'Israel'? A: Probably, in starting for peace..

With the late October 2006 coalition government inclusion of the right-orthodox, anti-Arab Yisrael Beytenu party - as PM Yehud "Olmert has vowed to draw Israel's final borders with the Palestinians by 2010 via quitting isolated settlements in the West Bank and enlarging bigger ones no matter if there are bilateral talks with the Palestinian side" - unilateralism grows opposition [Xinhua + Israeli PM Lets Hard-Liner in Government 23Oct06].

"Azmi Bishara, an Israeli Arab member of the parliament, said: 'Israel can't pride itself for being the sole democracy in the Middle East and take in someone so radical [as Mr Lieberman]. World governments should boycott the Israeli government over Lieberman as well as its policies against the Palestinians'" [Talks on new Israeli government 25Oct06].

But the Knesset okays Lieberman appointment as "vice premier, minister for strategic affairs.. All the cabinet ministers approved Lieberman's addition apart from Paz-Pines. MK Ahmed Tibi (United Arab List-Ta'al) said that 'Israel's No. 1 fascist' had been upgraded to deputy prime minister and minister. He said that Lieberman's appointment was a message to the entire Arab world that 'this government advocates rejectionism and the absence of a political process'", though PM has final word on Iran - "Lieberman's new role is to coordinate security, intelligence and diplomatic initiatives and to report on the issue to Olmert.. as he deals with the growing nuclear threat from Iran.. would also supervise the Nativ liaison office, which helps to facilitate the immigration of Jews from the former Soviet Union." [ + Kadima, Yisrael Beiteinu formally sign coalition deal 23Oct06]

So Paz-Pines resigns as cabinet minister "to.. run for the [Labor] party chairmanship" and Arab MKs urge world to pressure Israel: "Calling Israel Beitenu the 'embodiment of all that is racist and fascist,' a spokesman for the Balad Party said that the Arab MKs were turning to the rest of the world to help them protest the new coalition. 'The international community should pressure the Israeli government, perhaps with a boycott, in order to stop this dangerous party,' said MK Ahmed Tibi, Chairman of the Balad Party. The 11 MKs from the Balad, Rahat-Ta'al, and Hadash Parties said that they would join forces to write to parliaments throughout the world.. Lieberman has clashed with the Knesset's Arab Parties since the opening weeks of the 17th Knesset, when he likened Arab MKs who visited Syria to Nazi collaborators. During the election, Lieberman also called for transferring parts of Israel's 1.5 million Arabs a future Palestinian State.. 'This is a black day for Israeli democracy and a mark of Cain for Olmert's government, which legitimizes racism and fascism," said MK Taleb a-Sanaa (Rahat-Ta'al). 'Governments across the world should boycott the Israeli government over Lieberman as well as its policies against the Palestinians'" [ 30-31Oct06].

While inside parliament, Yisrael Beitenu MK retracts bill on expelling 'anti-Israel' MKs - "Esterina Tartman.. backed down from her intention to submit a bill that would grant the Knesset power to revoke the membership of a legislator deemed to be anti-Israeli. Under the bill, a majority of 80 lawmakers could expel MKs who oppose the existence of the State of Israel as a democracy, are found responsible for racist incitement, or support armed resistance against Israel.. During the stormy debate, MK Dov Khenin (Hadash) said 'a similar bill was passed in the 1930s by the Reichstag in Nazi Germany, where 95 Communist parliamentarians were expelled.. not directed against Arab MKs, but against anyone who goes against the state.. she would consider when would be the appropriate timing for submitting her bill before the Knesset'" [ 30Oct06].

Tartman's bill was "delayed.. due to the intervention of Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik.. 'It is very unclear why it was delayed, but it seems clear that Itzik didn't want the bill making headlines on the same day as the new coalition,' said a Balad Spokesman. 'She knew that the bill represented the racist and fascist nature of the new government, but by delaying it she has not hidden the truth... The government has added a party that hopes to eliminate Arabs from the Knesset.' A spokesman for Itzik said that she had delayed the issue for scheduling reasons alone, and denied that her intervention had been politically motivated.. Tartman's bill is believed to be aimed at Arab MKs who give critical speeches on Israel.. 'I had a majority to pass this bill in the committee this morning, but I agreed to delay only because I respect Itzik," said Tartman. "I believe that anti-Zionist lawmakers have been allowed to go too far, and the time has come for us to stand against this type of behavior'" ['Racist' bill delayed in Knesset 31Oct06].

Eventually, "Relations between Jewish and Arab Knesset members reached an all-time low Tuesday when an Arab MK was ejected from a committee meeting after hurling a profanity at a fellow MK.. [- the] Knesset Law and Constitution Committee as MKs discussed a bill proposed by MK Zevulun Orlev (NU-NRP) to nullify the Israeli citizenship of any MK who rejects Israel's right to exist as a democratic country or who encourages terrorism.. 'These [Arab MKs] have gotten out of control'.. the bill was rejected by an 11-5 majority." [Bishara flings obscenities at Erdan 5Dec06].

This means war "various Israeli-Arab organizations for a fundamental change in the relationship between the Jewish majority and the Arab minority.. This week, the leaders of the Arab minority in Israel declared war in their own way on the Jewish national state in the Land of Israel.. outrageous calls for granting veto power to the Arab minority on decisions of national import, and for separate representation at international institutions, and more in that vein. There are also calls for changing the flag and the national anthem, for a return to abandoned villages and equality in immigration rights to Israel.. something that would alter Israel's demography, create hundreds of new friction points and foster ongoing internal intra-ethnic conflict even after the external conflict is resolved. Changing the flag and the national anthem, to make them express the national uniqueness of the Arab minority, would abolish - on the symbolic level - Israel as the Jewish national state; the next stage would have to be changing the name of the state.. to ensure that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians does not abate even after peace agreements are signed and an independent Palestinian state arises alongside the State of Israel.. the leaders of the Arabs in Israel are trying to show that their loyalty is not given to the State of Israel in its present incarnation, but only to a binational Jewish-Arab state on the territory of Israel, or to a Palestinian state on all the territory of the Land of Israel" 8Dec06

Nation Of Israel + The Nation Of Israel "Insiders of the Conspiracy" Robert L Pierce Studies in Reformed Theology Tenn + Charles H Spurgeon & the Nation of Israel "A Non-Dispensational Perspective on a Literal National Restoration" 2K Dennis M Swanson, The Master's Seminary, Spurgeon Archive + One Nation Under Israel bk "historically documented expose of the hijacking of the American Congress" + Is there no such thing as the Israeli nation? "A nation? What nation?" Uri Avnery, Gush Shalom 25Sep04 + Jewish State or Israeli Nation? bk Boas Evron, Indiana Uni Press + Acquisition of Israeli Nationality The State of Israel, Ministry of Foreign Affairs + New Israeli Opera history + "Palestinians" Don't Exist ... but neither do "Israelis" "'Israelis' don't live in the Land of Israel -- Jews do! Each and every grain of that holy land was promised to YOU ... a member of the Jewish Nation" Shmuel Sackett, International Director, Manhigut Yehudit May05 + Studies: Jews in Israel & the U.S. are no longer seen as a single nation "challenge the customary perception that Jews living in Israel & the United States, which make up 80 percent of the world's Jewry - belong to the same nation" & Nobel winner doubts Israel's survival "Too many Jews don't understand why they are here" Oct06

The Recognition of the State of Israel: Background Truman Library US & 50th Anniversary 1948-1998 + Why did the United States immediately recognize the State of Israel? Palestine Facts

Anti-CAIR "Defending America from The Council on American-Islamic Relations ..In Defense of the Constitution"

Obama to Israel: Status quo failing "how we're going to arrive at what I think everybody wants, which is two states living side by side in peace and security" 24Apr07

Iran's Israel denial "Iranian conference illustrates the linkage between Holocaust denial and Israel denial. In addition, it should serve as an opportunity to debunk the claim that the historical, legal and moral basis of Israel's existence is solely, or even mainly, born of European atonement for the Holocaust.. historian Michael Oren's new book, Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present exhaustively documents, for centuries, long before the word 'Zionism' was coined, leaders such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln believed in 'restorationism' - the idea that the Jewish people should be restored to a state in their land" 11Dec06 [italics added; 'America's Crusade'?].

Main entrance to Temple Mount said in danger of collapse "The Islamic Movement's Northern Branch issued several warnings against carrying out archaeological work in the collapsed hill of the Mugrabi ramp. The movement said it saw the planned excavations as an attempt to damage the al Aqsa Mosque, and its leaders called on Arab states and Muslims in the world to object to it.. Barclay's Gate is one of the original Temple Mount portals, dating from the period of the Second Temple. In the 1970s the Religious Affairs Ministry and archaeologists wished to expose it, but rabbis and the Waqf objected. The gate, named after the 19th-century American consul who first identified it, will therefore remain covered." [ 15Dec06].

United Jewish Communities of North America "Keeping Israel safe, strong and prosperous.. represents and serves 155 Jewish federations and 400 independent Jewish communities across North America. It reflects the values of social justice and human rights that define the Jewish people. The values of caring that transform lives and perform miracles.." UJC Washington & UJC Israel branches & 75th UJC General Assembly 06 LA & links + wikipedia

Union for Traditional Judaism UTJ "trans-denominational education & outreach organization dedicated to promoting the principles of traditional Judaism.. Redemption (Ge'ulah) We share the age-old dreams for messianic deliverance and trust that ultimate redemption will come when God sees fit. We see in History the unfolding of this divine promise & regard the establishment and development of the State of Israel as a step toward its fulfillment (reishit tzmihat ge'ulateinu)" Declaration of Principles NJ US

Kadima "Progressive Reconstructionist Community integrating celebration, study, and work for social justice. Founded in 1978.. the (U.S.) Northwest's oldest progressive Jewish community & has been a trailblazer on many fronts. In accordance with the Jewish teachings of tikkun olam - the obligation to repair and unite the world - our founding principles promote: A commitment to social, economic, gender, and racial justice; The eradication of anti-Semitism and the right of all Jews to cultural, religious and political freedom; The survival of Israel as a Jewish nation based on its pursuit of democracy, pluralism, civil rights, equality and a peaceful co-existence for all; Peace in the Middle East that includes the co-existence of an Israeli state and a Palestinian state" & Middle East Peace Camp for Children

Kadima party ex-Likud 'Forward' National Responsibility 05 Action Plan: "The Jewish people have a national and historic right to the Land of Israel in its entirety; The overall objective - a sovereign Jewish and democratic state that is a secure national home for the Jewish people - is the maintenance of a solid Jewish majority within the State of Israel; The balance between allowing Jews to fulfill their historic right to live anywhere in the Land of Israel and maintaining the continued existence of Israel as the national Jewish home necessitates a choice that requires territorial compromise; Conceding parts of the Land of Israel is not an ideological concession but a realization of the ideology guaranteeing the existence of the Jewish and democratic state in the Land of Israel; Determination of the State of Israel's permanent borders within a peace agreement will ensure the country's national and security interests.. Security Fence"

Manhigut Yehudit "The Jewish Leadership Movement - Authentic Jewish Leadership For Israel - Turning the State of Jews into the Jewish State" within Likud

Jews for Jesus "Messiah of Israel, and the Savior of the whole world"

Labor Zionism "ironically associated within Israeli society as representing the country's ruling class and political elite" wikipedia

Meretz-Yachad "Social-Democratic Israel.. will be integrated into the region in which it is situated and will no longer be regarded as alien to it.. strive to build a model society" Tel Aviv & Meretz USA "for Israeli Civil Rights.. negotiated land-for-peace solution" + Wikipedia

Jeffrey Goldberg New Yorker reporter bk Prisoners: A Muslim & A Jew Across the Middle East Divide & "Israel is, in so many ways, the salvation of the Jewish people. It is not a coincidence that, for the first time in nearly 2,000 years, there are no captive Jewish communities on the face of the planet (Iran being a small, partial exception). The reason that Jews are free is simple: There is a Jewish homeland that has taken in oppressed Jews, second-class Jews, refugee Jews. It bothers me when people ask the question: Is Israel still necessary? They can only ask that question because Israel is a victim of its own success. Israel has achieved one of its core missions, to be a refuge, a rescuer, and a protector of persecuted Jews ..centrality of Israel in Jewish history. Israel's Jewish population is always growing; you can't say that about any other country's Jewish population, including America's.." haaretz blogview Oct06

'We're back on track,' says New Zealand's new envoy "Regarding New Zealand's policy on the Middle East conflict, 'we will be critical, but not in [a] way that is unbalanced and always in a way which we hope will be constructive, said [Hamish] Cooper. 'We uphold Israel's right to exist within secure and recognized borders and we also support the Palestinians' aspirations to their own state.' ..exports ..tourism" Oct06

Most Jews ever set to enter Congress "unparalleled positions of power they will hold on committees related to Israel.. much of the Democratic leadership is considered strong on Israel" Jerusalem Post Jan07 & Hillary Clinton amongst a few in Congress now in favour of moving the US consulate from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, to force the two-state issue.

Time to admit failure "..the present period is among the worst in the history of the conflict in this land. The violent struggle between Fatah and Hamas is not good for Israel.. 'a war of organizations'.. on one subject there is no difference of opinion among the rival Palestinian groups: They all agree that the State of Israel does not want peace.. We should agree, first of all.. that a Palestinian capital will be established in East Jerusalem.. We have to agree on the end of the process, in which a Palestinian state will be established within amended borders of the 1967 cease-fire lines, with its capital in East Jerusalem. Without that there will be nothing" & Prime Minister: Unilateralism policy has been a failure "under the existing circumstances, it would be more practical to achieve a two-state solution through negotiations rather than [unilateral] withdrawal" Jan07 (so why should anyone else respect UN guidelines?)
Olmert ignoring calls from Barak, Livni for immediate Gaza truce "delaying a meeting with senior ministers in an effort to allow the military operations in Gaza to continue" 14Jan09 & US may cut $1b in loan guarantees to Israel over West Bank settlements "construction of the various bypass roads in the West Bank (allowing Jewish settlers to avoid Palestinian populations)" + Gaza conflict delays Israel's integration in EU Single Market 15Jan09 + Lieberman: Gov't keeping IDF from finishing the job, toppling Hamas "Israel Beiteinu chair Avigdor Lieberman opposed a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip" 17Jan09
Attack on Jerusalem graves unnerves Christians "a string of relentless attacks on church properties and religious sites - most recently the desecration of a historic Protestant cemetery where vandals toppled stone crosses from graves and bludgeoned them to pieces. The attack in the Protestant Cemetery of Mount Zion, one of Jerusalem's most important historic graveyards, has struck a particularly sensitive nerve because some of the damaged graves belong to famous figures from the 19th and 20th centuries, a key period in Jerusalem's history" 9Oct13

Declarations III - ..against

Neturei Karta International "Aramaic term for 'Guardians of the City'.. opposed the establishment of, and retain all opposition to the existence of, the so-called 'State of Israel'.. not because it operates secularly, but because the entire concept of a sovereign Jewish state is contrary to Jewish Law.. dedicated to the propagation & clarification of Torah Judaism ..The true Jews are against dispossessing the Arabs of their land & homes. According to the Torah, the land should be returned to them" Orthodox Jews United Against Zionism + Jews Not Zionists "unadulterated Torah position that any form of Zionism is heresy & that the existence of the so-called 'State of Israel' is illegitimate ..peaceful dismantlement ..that Jewish-Muslim brotherhood be restored as prior to the arrival of the Zionist scheme on the global scene"

International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network IJAN "Through political education, we are working to build a framework for a shared understanding of imperialism, colonialism, and Zionism, and locate our work within different political ideologies, tendencies, and movements, and within a history of anti-Zionist and anti-imperialist struggle and strategy. We will use study to inform our campaigns and tactics and assess our context, conditions, and strategic role. We hope that through this process we will build relationships within the network, and deepen our strategy and practice as we support our personal transformation and emotional divestment from Zionism" & True Torah Jews Against Zionism NY

On The Jewish Problem "..there can be no doubt that the material conditions for the existence of Jewry as an independent nation could be brought about only by the proletarian revolution. There is no such a thing on our planet as the idea that one has more claim to land than another. The establishment of a territorial base for Jewry in Palestine or any other country is conceivable only with the migrations of large human masses. Only a triumphant Socialism can take upon itself such tasks. It can be foreseen that it may take place either on the basis of a mutual understanding, or with the aid of a kind of international proletarian tribunal which should take up this question and solve it. The blind-alley in which German Jewry finds itself as well as the blind-alley in which Zionism finds itself is inseparably bound up with the blind-alley of world capitalism, as a whole. Only when the Jewish workers clearly see this inter-relationship will they be fore-warned against pessimism & despair." L D Bronstein 1934 + Thermidor and Anti-Semitism 1938 + Why Marxists oppose Individual Terrorism "The revolvers of individual heroes instead of the people's cudgels and pitchforks; bombs instead of barricades - that is the real formula of terrorism" 1909

The Jews in Palestine 1938 "Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French. It is wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the Arabs. What is going on in Palestine today cannot be justified by any moral code of conduct. The mandates have no sanction but that of the last war. Surely it would be a crime against humanity to reduce the proud Arabs so that Palestine can be restored to the Jews partly or wholly as their national home." Mahatma Gandhi, Harija, 26Nov38 - Israeli-Palestinian top10

Israel Shamir "Championing Democracy for Israel & Palestine.. Working toward Peace through Education & Information ..leading Russian Israeli writer, is a champion of the 'One Man, One Vote, One State' solution seeking to unite Palestine & Israel in one democratic state" + 'Paradise Now ..Kingdom of Canaan' movie comment 2015 + What's In a Name "question of a name we may use for the Jewish State in Palestine.. Zionists pirated the best promoted (by Christians & Muslims) brand, Israel&Jerusalem, on the planet" Bob Finch + Military Resistance & Arab & Muslim Liberation Caise D Hassan + The Marxists & the Lobby Part I & Part II "In short, Churchill believed that Jewish control of Palestine would be far safer for Europeans than its likely alternative - Bolshevism"

Matzpen "The Socialist Organization in Israel" Arie Bober et al 1972 bk The Other Israel: The Radical Case Against Zionism Conclusion "Democracy in the national question implies the right of national self-determination for non-Arab nationalities in the region - including the Israeli Jews - so far as the exercise of this right is consistent with defense of the socialist revolution in the Arab East" Israeli Socialist Organization & movie Matzpen "Anti Zionist Israelis" + wikipedia

We Hold These Truths "Our mission is to rescue followers of Christ from the apostasy called Christian-Zionism. We reach out to the 'lost sheep' inside our churches who do not know they are lost. They will remain lost if they listen only to their apostate religious leaders. Our purpose is to point the ancient way to the 'Strait Gate.'* Christian-Zionism, by whatever name, is not that path and is purely a political movement. We would turn Christ followers to Peacemakers, away from the evil of warring on behalf of Israel, or for any other foreign state. We humbly believe God must see Christian-Zionism as the vilest apostasy in the 2000 year history of Christianity. Its sly forerunner goes by the name of Judeo-Christianity, also an oxymoron. *Strait Gate: Matthew 7:13 ..The hope is in the horror.. because the disease is so obviously wrong it cannot stand the slightest light. Our 'mission' is directed not to destroy Judeo-Christianity, for the evil of its mercenary Christian-Zionist leadership will be its own destruction. Our weapons are educational articles that we distribute by mass internet communications and Christ-like confrontations with church leaders and elders to change their thinking. We believe it should be a serious matter for them. We note that Jesus directly confronted the corrupted religious orders of his day" Strait Gate Ministries & Project Strait Gate "Stand For Life" AZ US

Recognition as a Jewish State "One of the least understood aspects of this conflict revolves around Israel's major bone of contention - recognition as a Jewish State. Palestinians cannot accept this for three reasons. The first is because they were not the only party to reject partition.. Secondly, Israel has never recognized Palestine.. Thirdly, a condition of recognition insisted upon by Israel is the abandonment of all claims arising out of the expulsion of the indigenous people in 1948.. This makes all the territory disputed.." /BoycottIsraeliGoods /conflict-101 citing blogspot Ackd

Zionism & Anti-Semitism "The Birth of Israel Took Place Against the Palestinians' Wishes.. For all peoples, there is no way out of the present situation except to overthrow the imperialist system, to demolish its ridiculous borders, which are relics of another age, and to establish an economy which works rationally worldwide.. criticism of Zionism casts doubts on Israel and its right to exist as a Jewish state.. If this state truly respects each person who lives there, it will, of course, no longer be a Jewish state.. does this make anti-Semites of anti-Zionists? Of course not!.. anti-racist" Class Struggle Mag US Apr05 + Israel-Palestine "A Prison for Both Peoples" Feb05

Hamas (notes page): Sunni "Islamic Resistance Movement" - proximitous, indefatigable opponent of Israel within the Palestinian Authority + see Liberation Movements, Terrorist Organizations, Substance Cartels, & Other Para-State Entities list Intelligence Resource Program, Federation of American Scientists WashDC, on Hamas, Fatah, Hizballah etc + Hamas & Hezbollah "'party of God'.. Shi'a Islamist militant and political organization based in Lebanon.. the complete destruction of the State of Israel and the establishment of Islamic rule over Jerusalem is an expressed goal" Wikipedia + book review Hamas through rose-colored glasses Hamas: A Beginner's Guide by Khaled Hroub 2006 Jan07

Fatah: "No to guarding the Zionist illusions, Yes to guarding the Palestinian dream.. No to negotiations if they mean dictating to us or stalling.. The Palestinian National Authority rejects and condemns all Israeli attempts to turn Palestinian security forces into a collaborating army similar to the South Lebanese army.." + Wikipedia + Why condemning Israel and the Zionist lobby is so important "Democratic, just and peaceful responses to the Big Questions that face Americans, Europeans, Muslims, Jews and other peoples of the world passes through the defeat and dismantlement of the Israeli-directed Zionist Power Configuration in America. Nothing less will allow us to engage in an open debate on the alternatives to repression at home and imperialism abroad" Palestine Press Agency 25Dec06 ex blog

"There can be no erasing of the historical truth that the existence of Israel is predicated, indeed imposed upon, the obliteration of another society and people." Edward Said

Gulf region: Iran, Saudis, etc. (notes page)

Libya: Muammar Gaddafi's Green Book Green Charter Movement "Human Rights for the Third Millennium" @ Mathaba news agency & forums = Media Active To Help All Become Aware + GNU

Pakistan: Recognition of Israel Not on the Cards: Musharraf "President Pervez Musharraf.. categorically stated that recognition of Israel by Pakistan is neither on the cards nor is such an eventuality likely to take place in the near future" The News Jul03 YaleGlobal / Is Pakistan Selling Out?: General Musharraf & the Recognition of Israel CounterPunch Sep05 + Al-Qaeda scare jolts Pakistan into action "planned al-Qaeda-backed coup against Musharraf's regime, which included men in uniform associated with sensitive strategic institutions" & Another deadly blow for Pakistan "pre-dawn attack on a madrassa.. any development that is perceived as an intervention against religion will have a serious impact, as Islam is specifically the soul of the Pakistani army, thanks to the rule of the late dictator General Zia ul-Haq and his Islamification program" Asia Times Online Oct06

UN: Annan: Arab-Israel conflict not regional "UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan ..any effort to stop growing violence between Islamic and Western societies must include an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict.. the central causes of the rift are not religion or history, but recent political developments, notably the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.. 'We may wish to think of the Arab-Israeli conflict as just one regional conflict amongst many.. It is not. No other conflict carries such a powerful symbolic and emotional charge among people far removed from the battlefield'" Jerusalem Post Nov06

No religion & an end to war: how thinkers see the future Alok Jha science correspondent The Guardian Jan07

"I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world." -- Richard Dawkins

In too many partisan fora, opposition to 'Israel' is propagandistically reinterpreted as a wish for Israel's destruction. This is largely slanted misinterpretation, sowing fear as means for popular manipulation. Peace begins by dispelling such fear. It is possible, nay, principled, to oppose 'Israel' without wish of any destruction - rather, to end the interminable, internecine destruction.

Q: Is nationalist conflict apparently 'around all Islam' best opposed by derecognition of the State of 'Israel'? A: Probably, in starting for peace..

Is not the most important message of today to expose creationist ideology, and its private property system, as defunct - immorally culture-specific and antisocial from start to finish? Let us proceed:

Certainly the Torah reads as land entitlement mythologised, and documents early conquest genocides in Canaan (Palestine). Should we hold this against Judaism, for having reported honestly? (in the Bible; whereas the honesty of Israel's current policies and reporting are often questioned.) - Not usefully, although yes: to carefully abstract the destructive subjectivity of creedism from its as yet unconscious, and therefore innocent, adherents - the truth- and justice-seeking Jewish peoples united by faith as a 'nation'.

Was massacre/genocide not common practise in Biblical times - where population and religious absorption, and enslavement, were - or is it the result of ideological innovation: for liberation against slavery and for family pastoralism? The monotheistic 'national' popular coalition idea of 'Israel' was perhaps not the first to conquer land and other assets by genocide; it sadly and certainly was not the last.

'Israel' 'owns' Palestine now, by force majeure, with which arguing seems fruitless. However, most Palestinians reject Hebrew land title and enforcement means explicitly; so who are we to contradict them?

While being a strong community sector in Palestine, on and off, for around four millenia, direct Jewish domination of the territory has stood approximately 800 of those years, and for 58 currently (i.e. for just 20% of the time). An historic anomaly, therefore, 'Israel' is still a new small state, whose very existence has been forged through military and religious argument - now minority dictate. The Torah set out pure ideology of conquest, that is unjust. National debate is ongoing around 'Israel', like nowhere else on Earth. With an active policy that is attracting an all-time migration high, up against the fact that world Judaic religious adherence is declining by 100 persons per day, Israel's long-term viability is no more guaranteed than it ever was. It will take much more than 3,300-year-old propaganda, backed by sheer force of arms, to secure the Israelites in perpetuity.

The route to peaceful Semite coexistence is yet to be found - except for creation of a Socialist International. Material disparity has created a highly oppressed colonised underdog in the Palestians, who require, at least, the same level of international support enjoyed by 'Israel'. Justice therefore questions 'Israel' as a legitimately constituted state entity. Ideologically and at base, this is the same question posed for all colonial and post-colonial states. Development of WW1 Jewish Legion forces "to participate in the British military effort to conquer Palestine from the Ottoman Empire" set foundations for alliances and events of WW2 that resonate unfortunately. [Wikipedia]

The moral jury is therefore out on 'Recognition of the State of Israel', and thus on the global Judaeo-Christian state system in toto. History must soon be remade - over energy supply and resource conservation for sustainable production - and more democratically than ever before seen.

'Salam-Israel' (Peace-Upright_with_God) is what we most need to anticipate for the United State of Palestine. This is a highly achieveable historic goal. It may simply require the logical (Hellenic) inversion of Hamas's thereotical position: shifting non-recognition of 'Israel' from de jure objective to an abstracted one deconstructing the conceptual framework so far insistent on a self-defined 'Israel'; because no such absolute right exists - justly or otherwise.

Thesis: The industrial capitalist commodification of freed-slave religious spirit - built upon feudal foundations the same, and known to the world as the country-state, expropriating the culture, of 'Israel' - must be transcended, in every sense (or opposed, discredited, reversed and re-formed), for human liberation to eventuate in a complete and lasting way.

Opposition to anti-semitism, and to all forms of racialism, is essential to universal justice. For this reason we lift its mask off dispossession of Arab communities - no less than we do from the historical oppression of Jews. Both Arab and Jew are Semites and family, so our goal - in peace - can only be the fair settlement of their age-old property dispute. Which means finding the way to set the ledger back to zero for both parties, and working forward in harmony from there.

Achieving complete peace is a relatively simple task - rational application, comprehensively for the first time. That is, 'God' and 'Israel' etc are exposed as historic hoax impeding evolution - whereas they did once help progress it.

The end-time - 'the Kingdom of Heaven' - is finally upon us. It grows as the cause and the practise of democratic harmony - the denationalisation of the 'Israel/Palestine' conflict and all others - through pooled assets and secularised, egalitarian well-being. The United Peoples of the World is eliminating division by country, and what caused this - through renewal of light, love, and hope. With vegetarian protein and iron sources, no drugs :-)

Be One: inherit the Earth. Know 'God': by doctrine of Mammon. Know god all: without as within, belonging. Nil begat all: from the alpha to the omega.

One could say that 'the sooner a job description for messiah is notified, the sooner Middle East and world peace will start taking shape'. [ref.2 The Jewish Messiah, Jews for Judaism FAQ]. But that would be to buy into a feudal illusion of supernatural deliverance - unhelpful, at best. There can be no 'chosen people' at the peace table of equals. It is up to 'Israel' to move, now, for a future we all can share. Spiritual practise yes, religious difference no.

Religion is the political ideology of vestigial feudalism - neither has any progressive role to play. Wo/man has graduated to creator, of ecological destiny, of our own culminating and collective history. Unity of purpose.

Good 'god' is within us all, as much as without. Connect, unmediated.
-- Lao Tse, and Jesus Christ - messiah or not.

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