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CompTIA Linux+ Certified 2003
CGram Software "Complete Business Management Software.. CRM, Payroll & Accounts, Customer Service, Production, Stock Control.."
FreeMercator "Java Point of Sale terminal & back-office"
Freemoney Project "Customer handling, Order Entry, Products, Accounts Receivables & General Ledger"
GnuCash "to track bank accounts, stocks, income & expenses"
Gnumeric spreadsheet GNOME
GtkPizza "Linux PointOfSale Deliveries Reporting WebIntegration"
Konto "Reciept printing program written in Python.. customer & products database"
Ledger "Free General Ledger & Cashbook" Responsive Software ChchNZ "Linux in Retail Industry" news KBarcode links etc
Moneydance® "Personal Finance Manager for Mac, Windows, & Linux"
osCommerce "online shop e-commerce solution" Apache PHP on MySQL database
Quasar "full function, stand-alone business accounting package" point of sale Linux Canada
Semaphore Corp "FREE Internet Resources" Pick etc

CiviCRM "Open Source Solution for the Civic Sector.. constituent relationship management solution" + fuzion "strategic, creative & advocacy skills to help businesses, organisations & communities be more effective in their communications, campaigns & projects" Wgtn
SugarCRM "Commercial Open Source Customer Relationship Management" + Sugar Net "gateway for all things Sugar"

Are open source databases for real? Simon Sharwood 17Jun04 Builder AU ***
IBM Cloudscape open-source DB * * *
DataparkSearch Engine "to organize search within a web-site, group of web-sites, intranet or local system" GPL + htdig + Nutch
dBforums "Database design, development & administration"
LAMP "The Open Source Web Platform" + O'Reilly 26Jan01
Metakit "efficient embedded database library" + here
Mini SQL mSQL "light weight relational database management system.. rapid access to your data with very little overhead" + Ember "embedded scripting language suitable for stand-alone, web based, or embedded scripting apps" Hughes Technologies Aus * * * *
MySQL "the world's most popular open source database" server & Documentation & Developer Zone & MySQL Control Center MySQLCC "platform-independent GUI administration client" [defunct] + PHP/MySQL Tutorial + Writing MySQL Scripts with Python DB-API [defunct] * * * *
Oracle Corp "The Information Company" & Grid Computing & Novell/RedHat Linux + Oracle and Linux win over NZX NZ Herald 13Jul04 + Oracle Backs Linux with File System Release eweek 11Aug05 ...
Pick/BASIC: A Programmer's Guide Jon' Sisk + B-tree source code Semaphore Corp + MaVerick "Multivalue Database Management System" + Advanced Revelation "application development tools" US UK Aus & OpenInsight + EXPORTR "Advanced Revelation & Revelation G Data Export Software" Financial Solutions
PostgreSQL "the worlds most advanced Open Source database software" PostgreSQL Global Development Group + Command Prompt Inc "PostgreSQL Support" * * * * *
AI Weka Machine Learning Project "computer program to automatically analyse a large body of data & decide what information is most relevant" Uni Waikato GPL + links

Enterprise Resource Planner - ERP
Compiere "Streamline your order processing & Point-of-Sales (POS) customer commerce & care, manage your inventory, automate accounting, provide customer service, manage distribution networks & more" + sourceforge "ERP + CRM"
Fisterra "Open Source ERP" GNOME PostgreSQL Sp
GNU Enterprise GNUe "goal is to develop enterprise-class data-aware applications as Free software"
webERP "multi-currency accounts receivable & payable, multi-location inventory.. bank accounts & general accounting" PHP Logic Works Wgtn-NZ + sourceforge ***

eGroupWare "Enterprise Collaboration" & Sourceforge Project of the Month May04
phpGroupWare "Web-based calendar, todo-list, addressbook, email, news headlines, & a file manager" was Webdistro
Kolab Project "E-Mail, Calendaring, Tasks, Notes & Contacts.. stored on the Kolab server" & Kroupware Project
Open-Xchange "for Red Hat Enterprise 4 (RHEL 4) und for SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 (SLES 9)" + SuSE speeds knowledge-worker interaction with Openexchange review 25Jan03 [page lost?] re Open-eXCHANGE "Shared Knowledge, Shared Power" + unrelated Open Exchange "Healthy Living & Learning Resources with Events Calendar for the San Francisco Bay Area ..since 1974" mag Berkeley
Structuring Information in Teams open sTeam "environment for creating virtual knowledge spaces" Uni Paderborn De [defunct?]
pdfTeX "Distribution" + Dvips "DVI-to-PostScript Translator" for TeX docs Radical Eye Software Tom Rokicki & TeX Users Group TUG "typography & font design.. TeX typesetting system invented by Donald Knuth" + flpsed "pseudo PostScript editor" converter (needs FLTK) Johannes Hofmann + pdf2ps & pdftops/xpdf + "the print button for e-business.. content-rich PDF output" & pdf PageCatcher

Coccinella "free & open-source cross-platform chat client with a built-in whiteboard for improved collaboration with other people"
FreeMind "Java mind mapping tool" sourceforge
Gantt charts freshmeat listings + GanttProject "plan projects using Gantt charts.. XML file format & can export PNG/JPG images, HTML web pages or PDF documents" sourceforge Fr freshmeat
MrProject "project management app" GNOME Office & here CodeFactory [defunct?]
GNOME Planner "tool for planning, scheduling & tracking projects" Imendio project [defunct?]

Agata Report & EIS Tool "cross-platform database reporting tool with graph generation & a query tool like Crystal Reports" SOLIS Brasil
Data Architect "professional database modelling tool" [defunct?]
Filetab "extremely powerful data retrieval & report writing tool" National Computing Centre UK & CentreLink [defunct?] "Toolkit, documentation & lots more" + PageCatcher

Applixware Product Review linuxgazette Apr97 + Review: Applixware Office 5.0 for Linux CNN Jun00 + linuxcentral + Run Your Office with Applixware Office for Linux manual & FreeBSD [articles defunct]
CodeWeavers CrossOver Office "Bringing Windows to Linux" "Microsoft Word to Open Standards"
GNOME Office "Best in class productivity. GO forward ..meta-project.. to coordinate productivity applications" AbiWord WP, Gnumeric SS, Gnome-DB
KOffice "Integrated Office Suite.. for KDE" & KWord, KSpread, KPresenter .. OOo "multi-platform office productivity suite compatible with all major file formats" + Office Productivity Suite Novell + Extensions development basic wiki + Moving to OpenOffice: Batch Converting Legacy Documents Jan06 + Iannz page macros & docs Ian Laurenson NZ + International Grades in Office Technology INGOTs NZ Graham Lauder + Getting rid of the OpenOffice splash screen howto + NeoOffice "for Mac OS X.. OOo" * * * * *
StarOffice "the world's leading office productivity suite on Linux & the Solaris OS, & the leading alternative office suite on Windows"

Word process
AbiWord "free word processing program similar to Microsoft Word"
ajaxWrite "The look, feel, & functionality of Microsoft Word, in a completely web-based AJAX platform"
Antiword "MS Word reader for Linux" etc & wvWare was mswordview "highly customizable Open Source online editor providing collaborative editing in really real-time" Apache
KDE KWord was "a FrameMaker-like word-processing & desktop publishing app" [defunct?]
SoftMaker "TextMaker for Linux etc"
Word Processors index Todd VerBeek

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LINUX® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in several countries.
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