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Programs & Languages
Amaya "W3C's Editor/Browser" Annotea Project "enhances collaboration via shared metadata based Web annotations, bookmarks, & their combinations" + Nvu "Web Authoring System.. based on the Mozilla & Gecko" + Quanta Plus "web development tool" KDE + see GNU/Linux Software Web Content section
Anjuta Integrated Development Environment IDE C/++ GTK PHP
Bugzilla "Bug Tracking System.. server software designed to help you manage software development"
C Programming FAQs Usenet comp.lang.c Steve Summit bk + InFAQs Peter Seebach + Trivial Introduction to C Rute bk + C++FAQ + Bjarne Stroustrup's FAQ "designer & original implementer of C++" + miscellaneous items @ Machine Intelligence Laboratory DeptEngr UniCambridge + Ivor Horton's Beginning C++ bk + Tiny C Compiler Fabrice Bellard & links + C Language Book Material "The New C Standard: An Economic & Cultural Commentary" Knowledge Software
D Programming Language "a successor to C & C++" Digital Mars
Desktop for KDE GNOME ... see GNU/Linux software Desktop
Eclipse "universal tool platform.. open extensible IDE" IBM + Together Borland + Java
The Fast Light Toolkit FLTK 'fulltick' "cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit" + Beginner FLTK Tutorial + Guile-fltk binding + Designing parallel applications with FLTK Ru
FOX Toolkit multi-platform C++ GUI
Gambas Almost Means Basic Gambas "free development environment based on a Basic interpreter with object extensions" + sourceforge
GNU Compiler Collection GCC on which Free Not-Unix now rests + Kylin C Compiler KCC "based on the Open64 compiler suite.. for Intel's XScale architecture.. cross compiler that runs on a Linux platform & generates code for the XScale platform" securing China's networks, reports CCTV Dec06 * * * * *
GNU Emacs "extensible, customizable, self-documenting + real-time display editor" + manual + EMacro Additional Resources "The very unofficial .emacs home" + XEmacs "The Next Generation of Emacs" + Guile "Project GNU's extension language" + GDB "The GNU Project Debugger" + links + An HTML-mode for Emacs May97
GNUstep "object-oriented application framework & tool set.. based on the original OpenStep specification created by NeXT, Inc. (now Apple)" + GNUstep Wiki + Community website + SimplyGNUstep "user-friendly version of UNIX for the PC" Prometheus + GNUstep Live CD + GNUstepWeb logic extension library + tools etc
GTK+ "The GIMP Toolkit ..multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces" + Gtk# "the Free .Net GUI ..binding for the gtk+ toolkit & assorted GNOME libraries" sourceforge + gtkmm "official C++ interface" + PHP-GTK "extension for the PHP programming language that implements language bindings for GTK+" ...
Horde Project "PHP-based.. Application Framework" Turba contact management + Kronolith calendar etc
Java Technology "many different kinds of systems & devices" + Java Tutorial d/l + Java Development Kit Lnx Howto & links + Eclipse "open platform for connecting plugins to one application" links & tips + RetroGuard Java Obfuscator Retrologic Systems Can + Konfabulator "Speed, stability, pure driving joy.. JavaScript runtime engine for Win & MacOSX that lets you run.. Widgets" + Marty Hall "training courses" + Asynchronous JavaScript and XML AJAX + .NET 2.0 vs. Java 1.5 Shootout bentuser 4Nov05
Kylix "Rapid e-business Development" ANSI/ISO C++ Borland
Lisp: official GNU Common Lisp GCL "Maxima computer algebra system" etc + GNU CLISP "ANSI Common Lisp Implementation" packages & links + Lisp Plus Plus Lpp "library of Lisp like functions & macros usable in C++ programs" + Vanilla Lisp Shell VLS + CLiki "the common lisp wiki.. resources for free software implemented.. on Unix-like systems" + Assn of Lisp Users ex Symbolics Lisp User Group + "development resources.. starting point for new programmers" + Intro & Tutorial for Common Lisp Marty Hall + Franz Consulting Allegro CL® "dynamic object-oriented development environment for Common Lisp" & Tech Corner + International Lisp Conference Jun05 Stanford Uni #1=Aug80 Symbolic Systems Program SSP + The Common Lisp Cookbook "collaborative project" sourceforge + Common Lisp the Language 2.Ed "complete text" Guy Steele 90 + Practical Common Lisp bk Peter Seibel 05 + ANSI Common Lisp Paul Graham 95 & On Lisp 93 & Lisp writings code & "Arc: A New Dialect of Lisp" *** ... etc etc
Mono "provides the necessary software to develop & run .NET client & server applications on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows, & Unix. Sponsored by Novell" + Using Mono for .NET Linux Development Builder AU 24Jun04 + Open Source .NET Development: Programming with NAnt, NUnit, NDoc, & More Brian Nantz bk informIT + Mono Kick Start Hans-Jucrgen Schonig & Ewald Geschwinde, Safari ; / Project "GNU Freedom for the Net.. webservices & for C# programs" + DotGNU Wiki
nMicrocoder "ncurses EDA tool to write microcode"
The nouse distribution "virtual machine consists of a ring of bytes and a stack of bytes" - The Esoteric Programming Languages Ring
Open Watcom "development community to maintain & enhance the Sybase Watcom C/C++ & Fortran compiler products" + OS/2 - ECS OpenWatcom links + Intel "free Linux tools for non-commercial software development" C++ Fortran
OSLib "low level functions.. to help program.. system software" + OSKit UoUtah 2002 + Exokernel MIT 1998 + DJGPP "32-bit C/C++ development system for Intel 80386+ PCs running DOS" Delorie
The Perl Directory + "The Source for Perl" development conferences O'Reilly & Learning Perl bk 97 + Perl Training Israel "best language to be used for System Administration tasks on the M'S Windows operating systems" etc
Pike "The Language with Character ..dynamic programming language with a syntax similar to Java & C" + Pike Camp 2004 Oct Essen & "home of the pike community"
Pyrex "a Language for Writing Python Extension Modules" C + guide & Psyco "extension module which can massively speed up the execution of any Python code" + Python GUI Programming tutorial + How to Think Like a Computer Scientist Learning with Python & Java Version & Logo & C++: Open Book Project + C Programming: A Modern Approach KN King + The eric3 Python IDE + Boa Constructor "cross platform Python IDE & wxPython GUI Builder" + Python Tutorial * + wxPython "blending of the wxWidgets C++ class library" toolkit + Python Tutorial + DrPython "for developing programs" + Dive Into Python "Python from novice to pro" dl & links + Marty's Instant Python Reader for Programmers IFSA * * * * *
Programmers Heaven "It's all here! Over 27121 files, links & articles to explore" UK
Qt Designer "full-fledged GUI builder" Trolltech "Creators of Qt - The multi-platform C++ GUI/API" Qtopia etc + KDE
REALbasic "powerful, easy-to-use tool for creating your own software" Lnx Win Mac & Network Users Group Archives *
Revision Control Systems Quick Reference Guide
Ruby "Programmers' Best Friend" pure object oriented esp Japan + Ruby Central "a growing web resource" & Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide + Ruby Garden News Wiki Links etc + FXRuby "extension module that provides an interface to the FOX GUI library" + Ruby/FLTK binding + Ruby-GNOME2 Project + Ruby Application Archive RAA + eg DbTalk "talk to your database servers" + Getting Started with Ruby linuxjournal 28Jul05
Scintilla "free source code editing component for Win32 and GTK+" + SciTE "SCIntilla based Text Editor"
SlickEdit "development environment with the most advanced code editor available" + Eclipse
Smalltalk.Org "The Pure Object Environment & Programming Language" + Smalltalk/X ST/X eXept Software De + Cincom Smalltalk "state-of-the-art environment for software developers who need to build applications quickly & efficiently" & Squeak Apple Comp' License from Viewpoints Research: "helping children learn to think better & deeper than most adults can" thru Squeakland * * *
Tcl Developer Xchange Tool Command Language & Tk Toolkit
ubiqx "a set of clean, small, re-usable code modules" SMB CIFS hist etc
Valgrind "for debugging & profiling x86-Linux programs"
WWWebwork InfoHelp link page HTML CSS CGI PHP XML etc
wxWidgets "Cross-Platform GUI Library.. C++ GUI framework" TT-Solutions Anthemion UK

Version Control
Darcs "revision control system.. decentralized, based on a 'theory of patches' with roots in quantum mechanics" David Roundy w/ Haskell GPL
Subversion "version control system.. replacement for CVS" "CVS Wiki" news etc GFDL Mediawiki + links

Csh Programming Considered Harmful Tom Christiansen
Dr. Dobb's Journal "Software Tools for the Professional Programmer"
Lambda the Ultimate "Programming Languages Weblog"
Mantis "php/MySQL/web based bugtracking system" & Victor Boctor's Blog ".NET, FxCop, PHP, Mantis Bugtracker & more" + Request Tracker RT "open-source issue- and ticket-tracking system, providing enterprise-grade quality and reliability" & RT FAQ Manager "knowledge management tool" Best Practical Solutions
Programming Language Examples Alike Cookbook PLEAC "suite of common programming problems" perl python ruby etc sourceforge + 99 Bottles of Beer "programmed in [628] different programming languages"
Raspberry Pi .org "An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25. Take a byte!" blog + wikipedia
ScrollKeeper Open Documentation Cataloging Project
Software Reliability Engineering Program Uni Maryland MD & Survey
Static Linking Considered Harmful "Never use static linking!" Ulrich Drepper "programming on Linux: C library, POSIX, threads, internationalization, optimizations, tools, etc..."

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