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CompTIA Linux+ Certified 2003
Accessibility: Linux Accessibility Resource Site LARS Trace R & D Center "a pioneer in the field of technology & disability" CollEng UniWisconsin-Madison & Adaptive Technology Resource Centre ATRC UniToronto ; Speech Synthesis & related APIs Debian overview + Festival "Speech Synthesis System" Centre for Speech Technology Research UniEdinburgh

Backup: Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver Amanda + Arkeia "Enterprise Backup Solutions" US Aus etc & rsnapshot "filesystem snapshot utility based on rsync" + CVS homedir Linux Journal 01Sep02 + duplicity "Encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup using the rsync algorithm" & rdiff-backup rdiff of librsync + "Easy Automated Snapshot-Style Backups with Linux & Rsync" howto & rsync using --read-batch / --write-batch + SpiderOakONE cloud "Zero Knowledge, private storage" 2GB 60-day free trial & Kloak & Encryptr + Storage Mountain "free listings for all storage products.. articles, book excerpts, & FAQs" Backup Central * * * + Unison "File Synchronizer" & Unison Setup + Xdelta "delta-compressed storage & network transport"

Boot: BootManage "Solutions for PXE, Boot Rom, Diskless & Remote Boot" bootix Technology + EtherBoot Project "a software package for creating ROM images that can download code over an Ethernet network to be executed on an x86 computer" + Etherboot Project LinuxWorld Expo booth + "dynamically generates Etherboot ROM images" + Linux Diskless HOWTO boot server & diskless clients ; GRUB GNU GRand Unified Bootloader & "GRUB Error Messages" etc manual Erich Boleyn + LILO LInux LOader & Freshmeat Project page + Smart Boot Manager SBM "OS independent & full-featured" 30KB + GAG "Graphical Boot Manager" Sp + "create bootable Live USB drives for Ubuntu, Fedora, & other Linux distributions without burning a CD.. runs on Windows, Linux, & Mac OS X" + "open source tool to create bootable USB drive for ISO/WIM/IMG/VHD(x)/EFI files" PRC + Clover EFI bootloader Files "Boot macOS, Windows, & Linux on Mac or PC with UEFI or BIOS firmware" & How to install Clover Bootloader on USB from Windows and Linux Tu Nguyen Apr18

Browser etc: Mozilla Foundation & community project hosting Themes & Flashblock & see Youtube tutorials on uMatrix safety extension etc + [FF89 Jun21 struggling] Firefox "The Browser, Reloaded" slimline + Rapid release "receives major updates every four weeks & minor updates such as crash fixes & security fixes as needed during those four weeks" & Extended Support Release ESR "receives major updates on average every 42 weeks with minor updates such as crash fixes, security fixes & policy updates as needed, but at least every four weeks. In addition to different update cycles, the ESR currently has access to additional policies that are not available on rapid release : Changing search engines" & Mozilla Gecko layout engine ranking Firefox narrowly misses 28% use in Europe Jul07 & Browser War: FF2 pulls ahead of IE7 in Europe xitimonitor Jul07 & "The home of Firefox community marketing" & PortableApps + croczilla "resources for application development using Mozilla as a platform" + Next Generation Extensions GMail Notifier + LLMozLib & uBrowser "open source test mule that renders interactive web pages onto geometry using OpenGL & an embedded instance of Gecko" + "community effort Application Suite" & "Striking the perfect balance of privacy & useability" & "extremely fast, customizable, lightweight web browser based on Gecko" & Gnuzilla & IceCat "GNU version of the Mozilla suite & Firefox" ex IceWeasel + wikipedia ref & "Your browser, Your way.. forked off from Firefox/Mozilla code" 2.0 & Debian/Ubuntu packages + Basilisk "XUL-based web-browser demonstrating the Unified XUL Platform" yet Why You Shouldn't Use Firefox Forks Like Waterfox, Pale Moon, or Basilisk 22Feb18 ; Google Chrome browser & Chrome OS Linux + Chromium projects & "From pure minimalism to full-on crazy. Find your browser sweet spot.. based on Chromium, compatible with most Google Chrome extensions" but FLoC no! review Mar21 ; Xfce lightweight fast WebKit rendering GTK wikipedia ref ; Opera browser & M2 e-mail client w/spam filter, Free VPN ; Safari "Mac OS X default" ; Sitescooper "Read over 400 news websites on your Palm handheld" links + Plucker "offline Web & e-book viewer for Palm OS based handheld devices & PDAs" ; WebKit2/GTK+ v.light ; w3m "text-based web browser & pager" + Links + Lynx ; "Browse 3x faster than Chrome.. stops online surveillance, loads content faster, & uses 35% less battery" ; "Powerful Engine, blockchain technology, safe, fast & privacy focused!" freeware co Beijing PUP ; "SURF SAFER: Replace your Web Browser and enjoy the Net as it was meant to be with these revolutionary Free Web Browsers" Bonobo NSW links ; etc etc

Community: "The world needs a better way to make decisions together.. free and open source software for anyone, anywhere, to participate in decisions that affect them" NZ ; OpenStrategy "liberating collective wisdom ..facilitated process of meetings & off-line communications between stakeholders within a community, supported by a web-based software tool" NZ/UK eg Norfolk Every Child Matters ; "Free & Open Source Disaster Management system.. web based collaboration tool.. addresses the common coordination problems during a disaster from finding missing people, managing aid, managing volunteers, tracking camps effectively between Government groups, the civil society (NGOs) & the victims themselves" Sri Lanka & world

Desktop GUI etc: Bitstream "Fonts & Font Technology" & Vera Fonts for GNOME + FontForge "outline font editor" PfaEdit + Free UCS Outline Fonts + Linguist's Software "foreign language fonts" ; Beryl "OpenGL accelerated desktop.. reflects the wishes of the users"; Blackbox "fast, light window manager" + FluxBox "windowmanager for X" ; Deepin Desktop Environment Wuhan 2011 ; Enlightenment "Beauty at your fingertips" ; "a free software project to work on interoperability & shared technology for desktop environments for the X Window System" incl GStreamer "open source multimedia framework" & Compiz "compositing window manager.. 3D graphics acceleration via OpenGL" etc + Fontconfig "library for configuring & customizing font access" ; FVWM "extremely powerful ICCCM-compliant multiple virtual desktop window manager" ; GNOME "computing made easy: complete, free & easy-to-use desktop environment" + GNOME Support + FootNotes "GNOME Desktop News" + GNOME Development Site + GnomeFiles "GNOME/GTK+ Software Repository" OSNews *** + Planet GNOME "window into the world, work & lives of GNOME hackers & contributors" blog + GNOME Hacks + + desktop customisation etc + Glade "interface builder for GTK+ & GNOME" + Foresight Desktop Linux + GnomeMeeting "Open Source Telephony" VoIP Messenger + Pan "A newsreader for GNOME" + Muine "music player for GNOME." + Rhythmbox "The music management application for GNOME" + gLabels "for creating labels & business cards" + F-Spot "personal photo management" + GNOME Do "allows you to quickly search for many items present on your desktop or the web, & perform useful actions on those items.. inspired by Quicksilver & GNOME Launch Box" + The GNOME commentary "Random madness.. GNOME & Linux" + Looking at the New Gnome 2.6 review OSNews + Pantheon ElementaryOS + ... ; Chrome OS Linux "Cr OS Linux - Chrome Plated OS not related to Google" ; i3 tiling window manager ; IceWM "window manager.. speed, simplicity, & not getting in the user's way" + Menu Editor ; Joe's Window Manager JWM lite on Puppy distro ; K Desktop Environment KDE "a powerful Open Source graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations" + + KDE Extra Gear + Integrated KDevelop Environment IDE + KDE 3.2 - A User's Perspective + ... ; Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment "energy saving & extremely fast & performing desktop solution. It works well with computers on the low end of the performance spectrum such as new generation netbooks & other small mobile computers" ; MATE "The traditional desktop environment" ex-GNOME 2 ; OpenGEM "Graphical Environment Manager.. works with all versions of DOS after 3.3" Shane Land ; Project Looking Glass "Sun Microsystems: Open Platform to Explore Innovative 3D User Interface" & LG3D LiveCD ; ROX "fast, user friendly desktop which makes extensive use of drag-&-drop" ; theme depot desktop customisation ; Linux Super VGA Library svgalib console graphics ; Window Maker "Your Next Window Manager" & ; XFce "lightweight desktop environment" ; XFree86 Project "freely redistributable open-source implementation of the X Window System" + Xnest "nested X server" & client + Keith Packard "Papers & Talks" etc Keithp.Com ; Ximian Desktop 2 XD2 ; Xsnow w/Santa + xfishtank ; Xtart desktop select ; Another Modeline Calculator X config help

Edit: Docbook "provides a system for writing structured documents using SGML or XML" ; Edt "Text Editor" Lockheed Martin ATL ; GNU Emacs "extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor" Lisp + "Resources.. Wiki.. vast resource of knowledge" + XEmacs "The next generation of Emacs" ; JOE "Joe's own editor.. world-famous Wordstar like text editor" ; koha "the first open source integrated library system" by Katipo Communications Wgtn ; sed FAQ stream editor ; Tape/Text Editor & COrector TECO & Teco Editor Wiki ; TeX Users Group TUG "founded in 1980 for educational & scientific purposes, to provide an organization for those who have an interest in typography & font design, & are users of the TeX typesetting system invented by Donald Knuth" + LaTeX "A document preparation system" + LyX "The first WYSIWYM Document Processor" ; Tux Typing "an educational typing tutor for children" ; Vi Lovers Home Page 'pronounce: "vee eye"' Thomer M. Gil + Mastering the VI editor Paul Sussex (was University of Hawaii, College of Engineering link & other Tutorial offerings) + Vigor "vi with the addition of the Vigor Assistant" + Vim Online "Highly configurable text editor"

Education: "open access environment designed for the sharing of ideas, research outcomes, open content & open source software for education" NZ project & Koha "Open Source Integrated Library System ..the first.. full-featured ILS including OPAC, circulation, cataloguing & administration components" Katipo Communications, Horowhenua Library Trust, Catalist + Georgia Public Library Service + iVia "Open Source Internet Portal & Virtual Library Software" UniCA + OpenBiblio "a library system that's free.. easy to use, automated library system written in PHP containing OPAC, circulation, cataloging, & staff administration functionality"

Email InfoHelp GNU/Linux software link page

File: Endeavour Mark II "File Manager, Image Browser, Archiver, Recycled Objects system, & .. file & disk management utility programs" ; Evidence "GTK2 / enlightenment file-manager" SourceForge ; Favorite minimalist file managers Ion & Pwm etc LinuxWorld ; Konqueror "Web Browser, File Manager - & more!" KDE ; Krusader "advanced twin-panel (commander-style) file-manager for KDE 3.x" ; GNU Midnight Commander "a file manager for free operating systems" ; Nautilus "official file manager for.. GNOME" ; ROX-Filer "fast & powerful graphical file manager" ; Worker filemanager De ; XFtree file manager for XFce ; X WinCommander xwc "Layout similar to Windows Explorer" @ sourceforge discontinued + X File Explorer Xfe "aims to be the file manager of choice for all the Unix addicts"

FTP etc: eDonkey2000 & Overnet "The most sophisticated file sharing technology available" + FileDonkey "edonkey search engine" ; gFTP "free multithreaded ftp client" GTK+ + IglooFTP PRO "easy to use & intuitive.. powerful & fully configurable" GTK+ + ftp NcFTP links lynx wget curl & lftp on command line + lukemftp "Enhanced ftp client from NetBSD" + Nautilus + Konquerer ; Kermit Project "communications software for nearly every computer & operating system on the planet" Columbia Uni NYC eg Bootstrapping + MSBAAA.HLP

Games & Novelty InfoHelp GNU/Linux software link page

GPS map etc: Free & Open Source Software for Geospatial FOSS4G annual conference ; GPSd "Put your GPS on the net!" & pygps "a Python GPS" + X Amateur Station Tracking & Information Reporting Xastir "for receiving & plotting APRS(tm) position packets" + GPS World online mag Advanstar US + Navman "advanced, affordable GPS navigation, communications & marine electronics for business & recreation" OEM Solutions was L3 BNZ Bldg 129 Hereford St worldwide, sold & GPS FAQ * ; Chart Plotter Navigation on Win Mac Linux & Raspberry Pi ; + see Network Wireless section

Grafix: GNU a2ps "an Any to PostScript filter" + here Fr + A2Ps for Windows Sourceforge ; Art of Illusion "3D modelling & rendering studio" Java ; Blender "3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation & playback" ; Cenon "a graphical tool of a special kind" DTP Vector CAM etc ; CinePaint "painting & image retouching program designed to work best with 35mm film & other high resolution high dynamic range images" + pantone color library updates ; some fonts Sp ; Deepin Image Viewer "fashion & smooth, supports multiple image formats, user can view any kind of image" ; GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program + Tutorials + + "Learn the GIMP - Tutorials & Resources" & Grokking the GIMP Carey Bunks + Gimp-Print Printer Drivers *** ; Graphics Lab experiments Anthony Thyssen ; Heaven Benchmark "Extreme performance & stability test for PC hardware: video card, power supply, cooling system" ; ImageMagick "read, write, & manipulate.. over 89 major formats" + Description Yale Uni + man page + Examples of ImageMagick Usage + utilities: display + convert + mogrify + animate + composite etc ; montage + ppmquant ; Inkscape "Scalable Vector Graphics Editor" + Tutorial ; Karbon14 "the vector drawing application in KDE" (was KIllustrator, Kontour) + Krita ; Netpbm "package of graphics software" sourceforge + matlab + Octave ; Persistence of Vision Raytracer POV-Ray "free tool for creating stunning three-dimensional graphics" ; SciTech Software "Better Ideas, Open Solutions" + SNAP SDK "the total graphics device solution for the embedded/industrial systems developer" ; Skencil "a vector drawing program for Unix" was Sketch ; Sodipodi "vector-based drawing program" Gtk+ ; Sticker Book "place images on a background scene" 4kids

Industrial: Altera "FPGA, CPLD, & Structured ASIC Devices.. Programmable Logic" + Cadence Design Systems "PCB Tools" + VistaSource RealTime "cross-platform high availability application development tools Applixware & Builder are used by Defense services around the world, as well as Research centers, Financial data centers, Trade floors, Aerospace, Agriculture, & much more. For UNIX, Windows & Linux" spreadsheets & + "Burn. Better. Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives, safely & easily" by "brings the benefits of Linux containers to the IoT. Develop iteratively, deploy safely, & manage at scale" Seattle WA & Eu UK

MultiMedia InfoHelp GNU/Linux software link page

Network InfoHelp GNU/Linux software link page

Office InfoHelp GNU/Linux software link page

Photo: Album html generator by Marginal Hacks David Ljung Madison + Album & Album Prints "online digital prints service" of Album Ltd POBox579 Chch 8140 ; feh "fast, lightweight image viewer that uses imlib2" @cli ; Flickr "almost certainly the best online photo management & sharing application in the world" Yahoo ; Gallery "a slick web based photo album written using PHP" ; gPhoto2 "set of digital camera software apps" + libgphoto2 gtkam ; Grafix image tools - section this page ; gthumb "image viewer & browser for GNOME" Debian & F-Spot "personal photo management.. GNOME desktop" ; hugin "Panorama Tools GUI" panotools ; iGal "online Image GALlery generator" Perl Eric Pop ; iOta "The Image Organization Tool & Archiver - Digital Photography & Camera Software" GPL + tips ; JAlbum "Free web photo album generator" ; Kalbum part of KDE + digikam ; KimDaba "K Image Database" ; LinuxLinks tool index ; MJPEG Tools "recording of videos & playback, simple cut-&-paste editing & the MPEG compression of audio & video" + MJPEG HOWTO "An introduction to the MJPEG-tools" Praschinger Bernhard sourceforge ; MonAlbum MyAlbum "PHP/MySql based.. to manage a photo album on the Web" Fr ; MyEasyGallery [defunct] photo album generator browser by Liz & ; Original "set of scripts to get your digital photos on the web.. simple" GPL2 Cz ; Photo Album Source Code script Robert Kesterson + etc ; PhotoSeek ; Photo Gallery Generator Tomas Brunclik GPL Cz ; Singapore "free fast simple multilingual template-driven PHP image gallery" *** ; TKAlbum "Tcl/Tk GUI for Photo Album Generation"

Programming InfoHelp GNU/Linux software link page

Science: DigiTemp "Temperature Sensors" ; OpenCFD "Experts in flow simulation.. aerospace automotive energy, heavy & processing industries.." UK + OpenFOAM

Security InfoHelp GNU/Linux software link page

Server: see Network InfoHelp GNU/Linux software link page

Tools & utilities InfoHelp GNU/Linux Support link page section

Web Content: Amphetadesk "free, cross platform, open-sourced, syndicated news aggregator" + Atom "Client Software & services.. a simple way to read & write information on the web, allowing you to easily keep track of more sites in less time, & to seamlessly share your words & ideas by publishing to the web" news RSS Aggregator, weblog feeds etc Alliance + Blam Liferea Straw .. ; DansGuardian "True Web Content Filtering for All" ; Drupal "platform & content management system for building dynamic web sites" + Etomite "Content Management Simplified" *** + Everything Development Engine "Another Dumb Perl-MySQL Web Content-Management System.. unified object model rendered in a database & XML" + eZ publish "Content Management System" Norway + Invision Power Board PHP "Forum Software Free to Use" + Joomla! "because open source matters.. one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet" + Mambo "power in simplicity" CMS & Mamboportal & MamboForge Project Info & Mambo Templates + Objectis Community "Free setup & hosting of your Zope & Plone sites" Pilot Systems & Bluedynamics + PHP-Nuke "Professional Portal System" Content Management + Plone "user friendly & powerful Content Management System" + Roxen CMS "multiple-awarded product supplier of Web Content Management products" + Scoop "The swiss army chainsaw of Content Management" + Zope Community "application server for building content managements, intranets, portals, & custom applications.. written in Python" ; NeoStats Software "group of Developers that concentrate their time on Open Source IRC applications. We currently have 2 Main applications that we have developed, those being the NeoStats Services & NeoIRCd, a full featured and rich IRCd that works very nicely with NeoStats. We also develop 'Modules' for NeoStats, and currently have 1 module, opsb, that scans users when they connect to IRC for open Proxies. We are also working on a number of other modules for NeoStats currently. For more information about the projects that we develop, use the menu bar to the left, and select projects" & freshmeat "UnrealIRCd, UltimateIRCD, Hybrid7, Bahamut, IRCu, MysticIRCd, QuantumIRCd, LiquidIRCd, ViagraIRCd, & NeoIRCd, with more IRCD support being developed" + png2ico "PNG to icon converter (Linux, Unix, GNU, Windows, ...)" + favicon.ico & howto ; Thatware "Slash lookalike.. Web-based news publishing & discussion backend written in PHP that can handle threaded discussions with a minimum of configuration & day-to-day management" & project home ; Open Source Web Design OSWD "download free web designs and share yours with others. We help make the internet a prettier place" ; Symfony "open-source PHP web framework" & easy ajax tutorial etc ; XOOPS "extensible, Object Oriented, easy to use dynamic web content management system written in PHP.. ideal tool for developing small to large dynamic community websites, intra company portals, corporate portals, weblogs & much more" & planetxoops

MediaWiki "Because ideas want to be free" sourceforge Wikimedia Foundation, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, Wikisource, Wikipedia "the free encyclopedia" copyleft GFDL & Wikibooks "Think free. Learn free." + Wiki Front Page + UseMod "Home of UseModWiki & MeatballWiki.. implementation of the original Wiki concept" + PhpWiki Sourceforge & PmWiki Php Patrick Michaud + MoinMoin "nice & easy WikiEngine with advanced features" + TWiki "A Web Based Collaboration Platform" was JosWiki + Trac Project "enhanced wiki & issue tracking system for software development projects" Edgewall Software & Trac Wiki Engine "IRC Bot Workbench - Integrated SCM & Project Management" + Doxygen "documentation system for C++, C, Java, Objective-C, Python, IDL (Corba & Microsoft flavors) & to some extent PHP, C#, & D" + Quickiwiki, Swiki, Twiki, Zwiki & the Plone Wars "Wiki as a PIM & Collaborative Content Tool" infotoday Apr03 + Which Open Source Wiki Works For You? Shlomi Fish 04Nov04 ONLamp + WikkaWiki "flexible, standards-compliant & lightweight wiki engine written in PHP.. uses MySQL to store pages. Forked from WakkaWiki. Designed for speed, extensibility, & security" GPL + Cunningham & Cunningham "object-oriented programming" Wiki * * * * *

Windows support InfoHelp GNU/Linux software link page

Andrea Benazzo "Binary Search Tree" easy Lists, algorithms etc It
BeOS & BeBits "The Best Source of BeOS Software!" + "to define & promote.. Open Standards BeOS-compatible Operating System (OSBOS) platform"
Benjamin Meyer "Communal Source" etc
Bitmechanic "We write free software" 98-02
CubeSoft Comms "open-source, BSD-licensed & highly portable software with an emphasis on correct design & well written code" Quebec +LPF
Delorie software "Making it harder to hate computers" Free Software Productions: FreeJ vision mixer etc Rasta Software
Fabrice Bellard's Project Page + QEMU CPU Emulator Win98 & 3.1 etc
Filelight "creates an interactive map of concentric segmented-rings that helps visualise disk usage on your computer" codeine "simple video-player for KDE" etc
FlashTux "Boost your penguin.. Free projects for Linux & free OS"
FreeMind "a premier free mind-mapping software written in Java"
Geeklog "The Ultimate Weblog System.. powered by PHP & MySQL"
GNUsense "dedicated to open source dental software" Mark Preston UK + Health informatics Europe etc
HTMLPerlSETI "HTML wrapper for SETI@home stats" Andrea Whitlock "Linux Software"
The *ix Pages "Essays & freeware for Unix & Linux" Tangentsoft
Jabber Software Foundation "Open Instant Messaging & a Whole Lot More, Powered by XMPP"
Joerg Schilling progs FhG FOKUS Berlin + BSD
Jorgen Scheibengruber misc
Launchpad "collection of services for projects in the open source universe" + Rosetta Translations "you'll find some stuff here that nobody wants!" emacs evening commander etc
Linuxberg Tucows Downloads
Linux Software "aim is to build a comprehensive list divided into categories with full-text search" Czech feed to Distrowatch 2355+.. * * * * *
Linux Software Directory
Moodle "course management system (CMS) - a software package designed to help educators create quality online courses. Such e-learning systems are sometimes also called Learning Management Systems (LMS) or Virtual Learning Environments (VLE).. social constructionist pedagogy" + Moodle Service Network + "classroom teachers & technology coordinators"
New Breed Software Bill Kendrick games educ utils etc
Omnis Studio & components Raining Data
Open Source Directory "Stable Open Source Apps.. Software, Reviews & News" O'Reilly * * * * *
open sTeam (Structuring Information in Teams) "cooperative learning.. open-source environment for creating virtual knowledge spaces"
PackMan Marc Schiffbauer De * * * * *
pal "command-line calendar" + cal + gcal + calendar 4 BSD Linux etc dls
Protocol for SYnchronous Conferencing PSYC "A New Philosophy Of Chatting" post-IRC + Multi-User Virtual Environment psycMUVE
Roland's software page "programs, scripts, libraries etc"
Savannah "a central point for development, distribution & maintenance of Free Software that runs on free operating systems" FSF-GNU & non-GNU + FSF/UNESCO Free Software Directory * * * * *
SciTech Software "Better Ideas, Open Solutions ..a leading developer of multi-OS device drivers & associated development tools for industrial, embedded & enterprise systems" SNAP Graphics CA "The open-source web hosting control panel" ZPanel fork
SkaLinks "Free Link's Exchange Directory Script" Skalfa e-Commerce IL
Softpedia "Latest Linux Downloads" + news * * *
Software facilities "download online" misc X
Source Code Corner "The place to find source code" eg Setting up VNC on Linux "the largest repository of Open Source code & applications available on the Internet" OSDN + Trove Software Map * * * * * "a new era of messaging.. native app for every platform"
Twibright Labs Links etc GPL Prague
Various bits of software SpamOracle Cryptokit OCamlAgrep CamlJava CamlZip OCamlMPI
xMule "P2P Client derived from eMule" & here + "Official eMule Site, Downloads Help Docu News.." + debian + srch-dir + sourceforge project + freshmeat + Zeropaid Network + eDonkey2000
Yahoo prog listings news etc * *

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