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130 Marlborough wine labels / companies
Alan McCorkindale POBox29338 Chch Ph: 025-350-344 Fx: 3-351-4925 email + exports
Allan Scott Wines & Estates family owned vineyards, modern winery, restaurant, Cellar Door tastings Jacksons Rd RD3 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-9054/3 + exports
Allied Domecq Wines SH1 Riverlands Blenheim jobs 3-577-5745
Alvine Estate Gifford Road WH&R Allen see Observing Wines
Astrolabe Wines Jeff Hammond, Jeremy Hyland, Simon Waghorn Waihopai Valley POBox1152 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-579-4136/7 = Unoaked / Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir
Auntsfield Estate "Quality Handcrafted Wines, Inspired By Tradition" Graeme & Linda Cowley 270 Paynters Rd RD2 Renwick POBox9656 Newmarket Auckland Ph: 9-630-9364 Fx: 9-623-0336
Awatere Developments Nursery Rd Seddon POBox447 Blenheim 7315 resource consent 2003
Babich Wines Wakefield Downs & Cowslip Valley Vineyards + Rapaura Vintners 25% Auckland Ph/Fx: 9-833-7859/9929 & Gisborne Hawke's Bay
Ballochdale Estate Vineyard Ballochdale Rd RD Seddon
Bankhouse Vineyards Waihopai Valley George Hulbert Ph: 9-306-8161 POBox106249 Auckland Ph/Fx: 9-377-7677/727 2,685 ha = Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir
Belmont Wines Mike Veal 221 Paynters Rd RD2 POBox9 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-577-8082/72
Berakah Estate family owned 265 Hammerichs Rd Wairau RD3 Blenheim 7321 Malcolm & Jill Adams Ph/Fx: 3-570-5971 Email + info & here
Bladen Estate "A Vineyard Full of Flavours" David Macdonald & Chris Lowes Conders Bend Rd POBox68 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572-9417/217
Blenheim Point see Cape Campbell Wines
Blind River Wines Redwood Pass Vineyards, Awatere Valley RD4 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-575-7704/9 UK-dist Oddbins
Brancott Estate Marlborough Reserve vineyard see Montana + travelenvoy Brancott Tasting = Sauvignon Blanc
Brighams Wines Michael & Ivan Selak POBox536 Kumeu Ph: 9-416-4229 Wine Network NZ
Cable Station see Cape Campbell Wines
Cairnbrae "one of the first in the favoured Rapaura district.. boutique winery producing quality white wines.. neighbouring the well known Cloudy Bay & Corbans Stoneleigh vineyards" Tony Bish, Jacksons Rd RD3 POBox5024 Springlands Ph/Fx: 3-572-8018/7018 Sales & Admin Ph/Fx: 6-879-8760/4158 Sacred Hill Wines Hawke's Bay + exports
Cape Campbell Wines POBox5024 Springlands Blenheim Murray & Daphne Brown Ph/Fx: 3-574-2950/7 021-221-3837 & Blenheim Point & Cable Station exports = Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling
Capricorn Wine Estates "super premium varietal wines at affordable prices" Marlborough Wild Rock Sauvignon Blanc POBox911177 Auckland
Cellier Le Brun Mark Inglis, Terrace Road ranges POBox33 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572-8859/14 + exports = Daniel Le Brun Methode Traditionnelle
Charles Wiffen Wines Marlb grapes>Ackd Charles & Sandi Wiffen 1639 Parnassus Rd Cheviot Ph/Fx: 3-319-2826/9 025-399-720
Chateau Raphael "fine Wine, Apple & Boysenberry Nectars, Apple Cider Vinegars" Pierre Ergas 200/230 Rapaura Rd POBox5017 Springlands Blenheim Ph: 3-572-7004 Fx: 3-577-5971
Churton Wines Sam & Amanda Weaver POBox25 Renwick Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-4007 email + info
Cirrus Estate Marlborough vineyard Deborah Wardle 57 Regent St Martinborogh Ph: 025-735-604
Clayridge Vineyards Mike & Paula Just 253 Barracks Rd RD2 Blenheim Ph: 3-572-8151 = Pinot Noir
Clifford Bay Estate Eric or Beverley Bowers POBox1088 Ph/Fx: 3-572-7148/38 + exports
Clos Henri "Un Art, Une Passion, Une Tradition ..internationally recognised winemaking family of Henri Bourgeois of Sancerre, France" Upper Wairau Valley 639 SH63 West Coast Rd RD1 POBox535 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-7923/6 Sally Raats = Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc + vineyard assistant work Vitisphere Montpellier + review
Clos Marguerite Jean-Charles van Hove 671 Seaview Road RD1 Seddon Ph/Fx: 3-575-7721/9
Cloudy Bay Vineyards Kevin Judd POBox376 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-520-9140/040 + exports
Corbans Marlborough Winery Jacksons Rd RD3 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-8198/9 10am-5pm daily, free tastings, tours by arrangement at no charge, see brand Stoneleigh Vineyard & Marlborough Riesling Allied Domecq Ackd
The Crossings Awatere Valley wine estate Peter Rickards POBox3637 Richmond 7031 Ph/Fx: 3-5442005/300 + exports
De Gyffarde Wines Rod & Di Lofthouse POBox5052 Springlands Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-579-4466/9
Delegat's Wine Estate Oyster Bay Marlborough vineyards SH63 "prime central Wairau Valley on shallow stony soils over deep layers of free draining river shingle... ideal for reducing vine vigour & encouraging concentrated fruit flavours" = sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, pinot noir & Hawkes Bay Ph/Fx: 9-359-7300/59 Ackd co
The Delta Wine Co POBox381 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-579-2024/5 Fiona Buchanan
Doctors Creek Vineyard 739 New Renwick Rd RD2 Marlborough Valley see Saint Clair Estate Wines
Dog Point Vineyards Dog Point Rd POBox52 Renwick Wairau Valley Ph/Fx: 3-572-8294/040 dist: red+white = Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay
Domaine Chandon POBOX240 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-578-7159/8968
Domaine Georges Michel Winery & Restaurant, Adele Le Brun, Vintage Lane RD3 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-7230/1 + links
Drylands Wines Nobilo Wine Group, NZ's "second largest wine producer, with history & wine experience going back over 360 years in NZ & Europe.. owned by the largest wine co. in the world - Constellation Wines / Brands Inc" Hammerichs Rd RD3 POBox260 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-570 5252/72 Auckland & Gisborne Hawkes Bay + info + map = Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Dry Riesling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Merlot
Dusky Sound Wines Conders Bend Rd POBox 65 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572-9490/1 Le Grys Vineyard
Endeavour Wines Anna McCallum & Ant Moore POBox387 Abbotsford Victoria 3067 Australia Ph/Fx: 00613-8413-8350/12 Email
Eradus Wines Har Redwood Pass RD4 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-575-7565/900 or 3-578-7802 021-654-169 Michiel Eradus / Email
Fairhall Downs Estate Wines Ken Small & Stuart Smith 70 Wrekin Rd RD2 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-8356/7 + exports
Firstland Vineyards "Wairau Valley around Renwick is world-renowned for its aromatic white wines" = sauvignon blanc & Hawkes Bay, Pokeno RD1 Ackd co + exports
Forrest Estate Winery Dr John & Dr Brigid Forrest Blicks Rd Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572-9084/6 025-477-502 + exports
Foxes Island Wines John Belsham & Anne Graham POBox1039 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-7940/1 = Chardonnay, Pinot Noir + exports
Framingham Wine Co "innovation dedication commitment" Ken Rogers Conders Bend Rd POBox37 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572-8884/9884 + exports
Fromm Winery Hatsch Kalberer, Godfrey Rd RD2 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-9355/66
Gifford Road label district "supplying premium Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc & Chardonnay" Justin Papesch see Observing Wines: Alvine & Thainstone Estates
Gillan Estate Wines cellar sampling picnic area Tapas cuisine cafe Terry & Toni Gillan POBox482 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-578-8620/1094 + tizwine profile
Goldwater Estate "Wairau Valley, Sauvignon Blanc & Chardonnay are grown on 85 acres of silty clays over gravels" Waiheke Island Ph/Fx: 9-372-7493/6827 & Hawkes Bay
Gravitas St. Arnaud's Vineyard - Martyn Nicholls or Peter Kerdemelidis POBox23 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572-2731/2 027-454-9273 local info + exports
Grove Mill Wine Co "10 dedicated contract growers" Vineyards: Avenelle; Bedford Rd & Home; Dowling - Hammerichs Rd; Seventeen Valley - Redwood Pass Rd; Bay - Foxes Island Rd; Hammond - West Coast Rd; Goulter - Hawkesbury Rd; Heirtage Estate - Godfrey Road; Jones - Jones Rd Lower Wairau; Omaka River Terraces; Straitsgaarde - de Zwart, Alabama Road; Francis - Thomsons Ford; Vicarage Lane - Gray, Conders Bend Road; see The NZ Wine Co Ltd + Innovator was Winemaker's Reserve & Sanctuary Wines
Hawkesbridge Wines & Estate see Willowbank Vineyard "Four wines are currently produced: Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Sophie's Vineyard Marlborough Chardonnay, Sophie's Vineyard Reserve Chardonnay & Hawkesbridge Cabernet Sauvignon" (Google) Michael & Judy Veal Omaka River 83 Hawkesbury Rd POBox9 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572 8024/9489 Beringer Blass Wine Estates Aus + tizwine profile + exports UK review
Hawksbury Vineyard Christopher & Marilyn Hagen POBox43 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572-8964
Herzog's Winery & Luxury Restaurant "a hideaway in the middle of Marlborough's vineyards" Herzog Wine Collection Ltd, Hans Herzog 81 Jeffries Rd RD3 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-8770/30 + exports
Highfield Estate Alistair Soper & David Direen, Brookby Rd RD2 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-9244 3-572-9246/57 + exports
Huia Vineyards "boutique-sized.. committed to the production of premium & classical Marlborough wines" Claire Allan, Boyces Rd POBox92 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572-8326/31 + exports
Hunter's Wines & restaurant Jane Hunter, Rapaura Road POBox839 Ph/Fx: 3-572-8489/57 0800-486-837 + exports + links
Isabel Estate Vineyard Michael & Robyn Tiller 72 Hawkesbury Rd POBox29 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572-8300/83 + exports
Jackson Estate John Stichbury & David Williams Jacksons Rd POBox102 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572-8287/9500 + exports + screwcaps
Johanneshof Cellars Edel Everling & Warwick Foley RD3 Koromiko Ph/Fx: 3-573-7035/4
Johnson Estate see Spy Valley Wines
Kaikoura Wine Company "Marlborough's Southernmost Winery & Vineyard with Spectacular Views" 140 State Highway 1 Kaikoura 3-319-7966
Kaituna Valley "winery owns a second vineyard located in the Awatere Valley of Marlborough just across the valley from Wairau" see Canterbury Wine
Kathy Lynskey Wines "boutique.. 4500 cases of limited release, hand-crafted wines annually" cnr Godfrey & Middle Renwick Roads nr airport POBox874 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-7180/1 021-608-554 + email = 7 varieties
Kerner Estate Wines Bruce & Joanne Kerner c/- 4505 Carpenter Ave, North Hollywood, California 01607 USA
Kindale Wines Falveys Rd Omaka Valley RD2 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-8272 email
Konrad & Conrad Wines Konrad & Sigrun Hengstler 706 Waihopai Valley Rd POBox96 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572-4110/3 email + tizwine & novusvinum profiles
Kotare Riversleigh Wine Estate Bruce Stapleton 219 Conders Blend Rd POBox97 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572 9401/18 021-138-0940 = Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris
Koura Bay Estate Wines Geoff & Diane Smith 7 Nursery Rd Seddon POBox447 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-578-3882/771 email = Barney's Rock Riesling, Mt Fyffe / Marlborough Chardonnay, Blue Duck Pinot Noir, Sharkstooth Pinot Gris, Whalesback Sauvignon Blanc
Lake Chalice Wines Christopher Gambitsis & Philip Binnie 93 Vintage Lane POBox66 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-5729327 + exports
Lawson's Dry Hills Wines Ross & Barbara Lawson, Alabama Rd POBox4020 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-578-7674/03 + review + exports
Le Grys Wines "Family-owned winery" 16 Liverpool St Riverlands Estate Ph/Fx: 3-578-5070/1 John & Jennifer Joslin, Conders Bend Rd POBox65 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572-9490/91 & Waterfall Lodge Cottage B&B / Vineyard Stay + info = Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Merlot
Lofthouse Wines see De Gyffarde Wines
Mahi Wines Brian Bicknell 78 Hawkesbury Rd RD2 Blenheim Ph: 3-572-7141
Maison Esquilat Pierre Esquilat 19 Tancred St Hokitika Ph/Fx: 3-755-8933/5035 021-558-933 Email
Marlborough Valley Cellars Riverlands Estate Jules Taylor POBox726 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-579-3908
Marlborough Vintners Jim & Viv Murray and Rod & Di Lofthouse, Fiona O'Boyle, Justin Papesch 309 Rapaura Rd RD3 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-7270/69 021-704-331 email Marlborough Wines = 6 varieties
Matua Valley Wines Shingle Peak etc label Auckland Ph/Fx: 9-411-8301/7982 & Gisborne Hawke's Bay "Beringer Blass's NZ winery" see Ponder = Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir.. + exports UK
Merlin Estate POBox8 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572-9151/751
Montana Wines Marlborough Vineyards incl Brancott Estate "the largest vineyard in NZ" Gerry Gregg POBox331 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-578-2099/0463 + Deutz Marlborough Cuvee wines
Monkey Bay "Seriously Good Wine" Rarangi Vineyard Wairau Valley, Nobilo Wine Group POBox471 Kumeu Auckland = Sauvignon Blanc
Mount Riley Wines Ltd Steve Hotchin/John Buchanan POBox33315 Takapuna Auckland Ph: 9-486-0286 9-489-1042 Fx: 9-486-0643 9-489-4502
Mud House Wine Co John & Jennifer Joslin, Conders Bend Rd POBox65 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572-9490/1 + exports
Nautilus Estate of Marlborough Renwick Awatere Opawa vineyards 12 Rapaura Rd POBox107 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572-9364/74 + exports
No 1 Family Estate Daniel & Adele Le Brun, Vintage Lane, Rapaura Rd RD3 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-5729876/5 021-539-338 email Le Brun Family Estate were of Cellier Le Brun + profile = Methodes Champenoise
The NZ Wine Co Ltd "formerly Grove Mill Wine Co Ltd.. listed on the NZAX" Waihopai Valley Rd POBox67 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572-8200/11 + exports
Observing Wines Ltd OWL Gifford Road label Alvine & Thainstone Estates 83 Vintage Lane RD3 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-9275/1 + profile
Old Road Wines Peter Jackson Wynvale RD2 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-8450/9185
Omaka Springs Estates "Vineyard, Winery & Olive Grove.. family business" Geoffrey & Robina Jensen, Ian Marchant POBox39 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572-9933/4 = Sauvignon Blanc + exports
Orlando Wyndham NZ Ltd Paul Treacher POBox91743 Ackd Ph/Fx: 9-300-6444/222 see Jacobs Creek Aus
Oyster Bay Wines "Sometimes the world really is your oyster" Delegat's Wine Estate POBox91681 Auckland = Hawkes Bay Merlot, "wines of great character - distinctive, assertive, cool-climate" chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir
Pleiades Vineyard Winston Oliver RD6 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-4841/2
Ponder Estate Wines vineyard Mike & Diane Ponder, New Renwick Rd POBox215 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-8642/9034 info? + & tizwine review "Shed Gallery opened in 1994 for art, wine, olive oil & nursery sales, & offers a unique attraction for visitors to Marlborough" bought 2002 NZ$11.1/US$5.5M by Beringer Blass USA in Foster's Group Aus report + export = Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling
Provincial Vineyards Catherine Scott 556D Jacksons Road RD3 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-8943/9053
Putangitangi Wines PO Box 381 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-577-5982/4 Neil Charles-Jones
Ra Nui Wines Vineyard Accommodation Riverlands Cob Cottage Rd Blenheim Ph/Fx: 9-486-7154/1 = Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir & Gris, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Viogner, Syrah, Rose
Rapaura Vintners "one of Marlb's largest wineries" Jacksons Rd POBox19 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-5728393/472 Nigel Taylor
Ravenhall Wine Co Alan Rutherford 47 Sylvia Rd St Heliers Ackd Ph/Fx: 9-575-1551/2 021-839-777
Redwood Pass Vineyards Barry & Dianne Feickert, Redwood Pass, Awatere Valley RD4 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-575-7704/9 025-472-777 + Blind River Wines
The Richmond Brook Wine Co David Cosgrove 148D Wither Rd Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-578-2953/8865 see Marlborough Wine Market
Richmond Range Estate Thomas & Nola Hurford 209 Redwood St Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-578-1937
Riverbrook Vineyard William Hoare POBox90 Renwick Ph: 021-421-410
Riverby Estate Brian Pickering 23 Phillip St Balmain Sydney NSW 2041 Australia
Riversleigh Estate POBox97 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572-9401/18 Bruce Stapleton & Geoffrey Sprot email = Kotare Wines
Ryland Estate & Cherry Cottage Paul's Rd RD3 Blenheim + links
Saint Clair Estate Wines Cellar-Door & Cafe + Traditional Country Preserves + Attic Gallery, Neal & Judy Ibbotson 156 New Renwick Rd RD2 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-578-8695/6 Vineyards: Doctors Creek, Awatere Valley, Rapaura, Omaka, Ben Morven = Pinot Noir, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc + exports
Sentinel Vineyard "family owned" email = sauvignon blanc + SWNZ
Seresin Estate Brian Bicknell POBox859 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-5729408/850 + exports
Shingle Peak see Matua Valley Wines
Sirius Wines old label > Observing Wines Gifford Rd 83 Vintage Lane RD3 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-9275/1
Sowman Estate see Tindall Vineyard
Spy Valley Wines Johnson Estate, Blair Gibbs, Waihopai Valley Rd RD6 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-5729840/30 + exports
St Lukes Estate Wines cnr Mills & Ford Rd Graeme Giles or Graeme McLean Ph: 3-570-5470/069 Fx: 3-570-5480 Annies Orchard "the home of whole foods for health.. organic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc sells out each year at Sainsburys in the UK" Annies Health & Nutrition SH1 RD3 Blenheim
Staete Landt Vineyards Ruud Maasdam Dorien Vermaas POBox258 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-9886/7 + exports
Stoneleigh Vineyards "easily identified from Jacksons Road by the abundance of stones that line the land beneath each vine.. available to sample & purchase from.. Montana Brancott Visitor Centre, just south of Blenheim on SH1" + map + links + Drink in moderation Corbans = Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling
Stopbank Pinot Noir Vidal Wines Estate POBox48 Hastings Ph/Fx: 6-876-8105/5312
Summerhouse Wines Wairau Valley Heather Davies 74 Fareham Lane RD1 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-9446 = Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
Terrace Heights Estate THE Terrace Wine Co Bedford Rd 279 West Coast Rd RD1 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-8777/7002 027-249-7772 Murray Elaine & Steve Hammond + tizwine info
TerraVin Wines Mike & Jo Eaton 367 Brookby Rd Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-9890 = Pinot Noir
Terra Vitae Vineyards Keltern, Twyford Gravels & Taylors Pass Vineyards "Hawkes Bay & Marlborough, under contract to Villa Maria Estate" + maps
Thainstone Estate Winery & homestay Jim & Vivienne Murray Giffords Rd RD3 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-8823/623
Thornbury Wines Rapaura, Gifford & Shandon Road vineyards + online store
Tindall Vineyard "family owned 22 hectare single estate.. owners Terry & Lynley Sowman, sons Clyde & Nigel, grandsons of Henry Tindall whose name honours the label.. acclaimed winemaker Dr John Forrest" Sowman Estate & here exports = sauvignon blanc, chardonnay & pinot noir
Tohu Wines "Quality NZ wines from Marlborough & Gisborne" Lower Hutt 0800 tohuwines / 864-894 Ph/Fx: 4-566-3446/7 sales 3-566-8259 021-439-566 + exports
Triplebank Awatere Valley = Pinot Noir
Valley East Estate Rob & Lynne Kennedy Watsons Rd Spring Creek Wairau Valley = Sauvignon blanc
Vavasour Wines Glenn Thomas POBox72 Seddon Ph/Fx: 3-575-7481/240 9-375-3100/1 + exports
Villa Maria Marlborough Winery POBox848 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-577-9530/85 George Geris?
Wairau River Wines Phil & Chris Rose, Giffords Rd RD3 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-9800/85 + exports
Te Whare Ra Wines Christine Smith 56 Anglesea St Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572-8581/856
Whitehaven Wine Co Greg White, Blicks Rd Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572-7588/9
Willowbank Vineyard & Wine Co see Hawkesbridge Wines Michael & Judy Veal 221 Paynters Rd RD2 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-577-8082/72 021-689-641
Wither Hills Vineyards Marlborough 211 Renwick Rd Blenheim Lesley Beckett labour Ph: 027-277-7174 Brent Marris 89a Seaview Rd Remuera Ackd Ph/Fx: 3-578-4036/7 9-522-9684 025-778-244 + exports
Woodbourne Estate POBox1120 Ph/Fx: 3-572-7133/4 was Rob & Ann Myers 2 Messines Rd Karori Wgtn Ph/Fx: 4-476-4842/3 [sold up 2001?]

Marlborough wine-related
Air New Zealand Wine Awards 2005 list many * * * * *
Ajit Vine Services labour POBox5099 Springlands Blenheim Ph: 027-499-6686 Amrik
Ake ake@tizwine 1 Imported Wines "Vicarage Lane group.. 2002.. UK based director John Kennard" 131 Hammerichs Rd RD2 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-578-2700 021-849-949
Alexander Hayward Ltd valuation service Valgroup Network Blenheim
Andrew Arbuckle labour "Specialists in providing quality viticulture services in Marlborough Nelson Wairapa, North Canterbury" Blenheim + Marlborough Vineyard Contractors Group spokesman
Bayleys NZ "Viticulture is now the dominant player in the Marlborough rural market" Properties Blenheim
BK Horticulture labour 15 McKenzie St Blenheim 3-579-4611 021-432-755 025-207-5977 Ajay K Gaur, 021-314-733 Vaneet, 025-608-5492 Pardeep
Catalina Sounds Marlborough red+white agency
County Marlborough Fruit Hammond Rd Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-9155/276 Cherry Wines
Fore-Vintage labour POBox828 Blenheim Ph: 3-578-8888 Garry Maxwell-Smith
Glenavy Vineyard Homestay 1046 SH63 RD1 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-9562/7
Indevin "NZ's largest independent contract winemaking facility" 17-19 Winfair Cls Cloudy Bay Business Park SH1 Blenheim
Kiwi-Oeno Ltd 65 Dillons Point Rd Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-579-2024/5 021-428-589 Matt Thomson
Marlborough Wine Institute info + list 77 + indiv winery export agents * * * *
Marlborough District Council environmental monitoring Rainfall Data etc rainmap + Climate Update Report * * * * *
Marlborough Grape Processors Christopher & Marilyn Hagen POBox43 Renwick Ph/Fx: 3-572-8964
Marlborough Horticulture labour 120 High St Blenheim Ph: 3-578-6227 Joy Turner
Marlborough Vineyards Stephen Hotchin POBox331656 Auckland Ph/Fx: 9-486-7151/3750
Marlborough Wine Market Richmond Brook Wine Co POBox74 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-579-2168/86 + tastings + links [lost 05]
Marlborough Wine Research Centre of Excellence MWRC "provides scientific leadership, authorative info & innovative technological development for the grape & wine industry, both in Marlborough & throughout NZ" 85 Budge St Blenheim, chair: Damian Martin Aug02
The Marlborough Wine Tour Marlborough Travel list 27
Marlborough Wine Tours "Marlborough's Leading Wine Specialist" Ph/Fx: 3-578-9515 025-248-1231
Marlborough Wine & Food NZ Infocus wineries list 6 + info
Marlborough Wine Valley "NZ's wine capital" mbrs list 10 + info + online store + links * * *
Marlborough Wine & Wineries list 58 Pipers [lost = search :-/]
Marlborough Wines & Wineries list "70" recmndd 24 + info
Marlborough Wineries tizwine list 84 Producers * * * * *
Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology NMIT Viticulture & Wine Science Programmes incl Bachelor of Viticulture & Oenology awarded by Lincoln University Chris Young POBox643 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-578-0215/6
NZ Grape Vine Improvement Group NZGVIG POBox1032 Blenheim
NZ Vineyard Estates labour 575 SH63 WCoast Rd Blenheim Ph: 3-572-7087 Peter Clark
NZ Viticultural Solutions labour 13 Mills St Seddon Ph: 027-423-1210 Wayne Buxton
Ormond Nurseries (03)577-9741 Blenheim + Suggested Rootstocks NZ Vineyards "Wine Grape Clones & Varieties For Future Propagation & Evaluation" 1999 booklet
Other World Adventure Co wine & scenic tours Wgtn
Pacific Rim Oenology Services c/o HortResearch Marlborough Research Centre SH1 Grovetown Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-577-9000/1 = The Wine Lab "technical seminars & workshops in various winegrowing regions around the USA, NZ, Australia & South America" + Feb02 article = Gusmer Enterprises Jun2003 + TechInfo "products & processes" * * *
Prenzel Distilling Riverlands Estate Blenheim
Property & Land Management Services PALMS "solutions for Resource Managers, Planners & Developers" POBox751 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-578-1733/97
Provine labour Blenheim Ph: 3-578-4150 Ken Prouting
Quality Wines of Marlborough 39 Pauls Rd Rapaura RD3 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-7588/9238 David Day + info
SAI Viticulture "You Grow - We Manage ..quality vineyard management services" labour 1 Boyce St Springlands Ph: 027-270-9602 Ram
Seasonal Work NZ "links employers & workers on the great NZ Harvest Trail"
SLN Contractors Fruit Picking labour 2 Churchill St Blenheim 3-579-2366 Sola Ngamano
The Sounds Connection "From Wineries to Waterways" tour transport 10 London Quay Picton + links *
Southern Wilderness NZ's Guided Wine Walks POBox748 Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-578-4531/3 0800-266-266
Taylormade NZ "Stainless Equipment.. exclusive manufacturers of the Tipping Bin & Tipping Tank.. also.. Rotary Fermenters, Wine Tanks, Bin Lifters, MACVAC lids, Stainless Drains & Sumps, & Other Equipment" 47 Grove Rd Blenheim
Travel Envoy's Wine Guide Marlborough Wineries *
Truform Stainless "supplying custom built storage, collection & processing equipment to the wine & food industries" Taylor Pass Rd POBox797 Blenheim
Vinepower labour POBox5072 Springlands Blenheim Ph: 3-579-5005
Vinote "To promote effective wine cellar management & wine inventory control through the use of VinoteTags, effective wine cellar software & other recording systems & to provide education in the use of such systems" 2721 Queen Charlotte Drive Picton + "The Green Shed, Kaikaniti scenic holiday home" + links * * *
Vin-tag "for vineyards & orchards.. durable, all weather resistant"
The Vintners Retreat "Villas amongst the vines" 55 Rapaura Rd Blenheim Ph/Fx: 3-572-7420/1 0800-4Vintners + good map *
Viticulture NZ "Viticulture Management Services" POBox232 Blenheim Ph: 3-578-4333 027-221-0740 Fx: 3-577-9972
Viticulture & Wine Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology courses
Vitis "Suppliers of Specialist Equipment to the Viticulture & Horticulture Industries.. including the olive, brewing & food industries" 52 Grove Rd POBox959 Blenheim
Waka Whenua Tours "flexible itinerary wine tours" Ph/Fx: 3-573-7877 Picton
Wine Marlborough "NZ's Premier.. largest & fastest growing wine & vineyard region.. 52% of NZ's total wine production [2002].. joint venture initiative of the Marlborough Grapegrowers & Marlborough Winemakers" news jobs etc list 94 wineries directory + map * * * * *
BMW Wine Marlborough Festival 2006 "Let your senses take flight" Brancott Estate Blenheim 10-12Feb
Wine Reach Services "For your vineyard contracting" labour 90 McLaughlan St Springlands Blenheim Ph: 3-577-6936 Nanda
Wine Tours By Bike hire Blenheim ex Rotorua + map

Funding cut a setback for wine researchers sustainable development NMIT & Lincoln Uni joint venture Stuff 08Sep03 [lost]
Police help clean up vineyard employment practices tenone Dec04

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