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Remembering Charles and Emma Martin, cartman and wife - a virtual visit

Emma Martin

Emma Martin at home in Haast Street mourning Charles in 1924?


Charles and Emma's son Thomas weds Ellen
Whittington, with brother Bill at his side, c1900.

Annie Elizabeth

Emma and Charles's daughter Annie Elizabeth,
with her daughter Mavis and eldest son Jack, 1940.

Thomas & Ellen

Thomas and Ellen Martin (right), c1950.

Avonside Drive

Locating their local church: Avonside Drive entrance, Christchurch NZ.

Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Avonside, carpark off Stanmore Road.

East carpark

East end of grounds, straight ahead from here to the fenceline..


..View south-west.


View north-west.


Commemorative inscription.

12 Haast Street

14 and 12 Haast Street today.

10 Haast Street

12 and 10 Haast Street today.

More pix and detail about Christchurch drivers are available here.
The Martins owned 10 and 12 Haast Street (1893 & 1882, to 1937).


The Martins are quite easily traced back to north London, and Emma nee Paine before that to Brighton, England.

The children of Charles and Emma Martin:
Emma b.1873 m.Loveless
Susan b.c.1876 m.Bert Berg
William 'Bill' - publican Oxford, brickie Chch, will executor for C&E
Charles Henry b.21Oct1878 c.1882
Thomas 1880-1958 m.Ellen Whittington
Eliza Mary m.Harrison
Frederick - clerk, will executor for C&E
Annie Elizabeth b.02Nov1887 m.Bill Bartley
Clarice Matilda m.Bob Hamilton

Biography of Charles and Emma Martin.
Vogel Scheme migrants. Pre-mechanised urban transport industry, Christchurch NZ.

(Before that - ...) Charles met Emma in service, & the lords threw their wedding. Married 03 July 1870, Curate: Andrew Hunter Dunn, Parish of St Mark, Notting Hill, County Middlesex. Then they shared a home with several others, across the raod from Emma's family (in no.48): 51 Denmark Rd, Kilburn town, Willesden Parish, Trinity Ecclesiastic District (1871 UK census).

The Martins were assisted immigrants, arriving in Lyttelton from London on the Stonehouse, 29 June 1874, with baby Emma. Aged 25, 22, and 1, the family paid £36-0-5 towards their fare. Charles was an imported "laborer", who was making his own work as a "carter" from their suburban home by 1882.

History indicates that Charles Martin and John Bartley would have met as equals, doing much the same work carting on Christchurch streets, and probably became friends. This would explain why their children, Annie and Bill, married. Or these two may have met at the nearby Christchurch East School, after age 12. The Martins had £175 worth of Haast St in Linwood by 1882, to which they added an adjoining property in 1893 - two land plots at estate liquidation in 1937. It's the typical small business dream lived out on both sides, though motor vehicles came to transform horse-and-cart occupations and any further need for grassed land.

The Press had no Charles Martin obituary in November? 1924.? No GR Macdonald index entry for Charles Martin was made (Canterbury Museum library, 1964)?

To be continued.
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