Mission of Peace

Faith in the God of Abram, Jesus and Muhammad is not enough. One must know Her + "Him".

Praise be unto silence
From whence we came
Into which we are born
That bears all voices as one
Which connects us
And to the universe
To wit we return
Honour without name
Of silence

To engage with and travel unto Palestine and Arabia, there to reconcile the Semitic families of Abraham and Muhammad. That is, to rejoin in lasting harmony the communities of Israel, Islam, and Christ:

Verily, none can deny that this be the work and the word of Allah-God-Yahweh

Clarify human purpose by priority explication of texts shaping life experience, and making world society via history
Positions vacant
Koran scholar -- Classical scholar
Bible scholar --- Bhuddist scholar
Torah scholar -- Taoist scholar

Mission of Peace

World Peace Plan begun
Monday, September 13th, 2004

Jesus died trying to say it, so the direct quotes are Thomas Edison:
"All Bibles are man-made" and "Religion is all bunk".

Yet "God is [not] dead" (Nietzsche), as 'He' never lived - unlike His patriarchal creators. Power, superstition and ignorance destroy, amongst the weaker natural forces:

Know thy Yin-Yang Universe

Aoraki Green feedback mail 21 August 2006

"We greet you as an Israeli peace group. Our aim: integrating Israel within its pre-'67 border, as a good neighbor - not an occupier - among the states surrounding it. Only with a determined international community will this be achieved." Gush Shalom, Tel-Aviv, August 2006

Hoping all success for this initiative, and wishing it were that simple, however if hostilities between neighbors continue we do ask why:

The challenge before us is one of local and global history, by which the competition for, and devastation of, remaining natural resources gets ever more intense. We cannot be 'Green' without working hard to solve these questions, equitably for all.

The problem in Palestine is that no one - except on paper and by force of defended traditions - 'owns' any piece of Mother Earth at all. Peace in Palestine - as in Aotearoa New Zealand and the rest of the world - can only arrive through social ownership and inter-cultural negotiation of how and where people might live. This is a radical change from the current situation, and one for which we must rationally strive.

At the Middle East powder keg, philosophically all is revealed. An ancient book has shaped and bound the inter-connected modern world to look like the more diverse and conflicted old world. That is, 'holy ordinance' invoked for special privilege feeds an order of pecking - over land - to this day. But this is wrong, as all peoples have the same simple need of secure livelihood from which to raise family, that is not being realised under the current, fallacious system. The economic, geo-political system must change.

Two thousand years ago the specific problem was identified - that spiritual governance through dogma (Israel) was contradicted by actual temporal power on the ground (the Romans then, now Anglo-USA). The person who spoke against such material attachment, through the concepts current at that time, was crucified. But carrying the Christian message through to realisation today means saying the very same thing: the Old Testament territorial right is peremptory and bogus, in need of cautioning and review.

The means for salving everyone's struggle are - by collective conscience, and electronically - finally in our hands. Let us use them for Good.

To RadioNZ Afternoons 14 August 2006 after Firooz Zadeh

Surely the Middle East conflict is not quite so complicated. The Old Testament is property claim, recording mythological history to assert it. Support or oppose Israel or Palestine in their dispute, both sides are 'anti-Semitic'. Sunni and Shiite are equally divided. The future stands outside these family contests, in order to resolve them. Equitable land property use and means to seek justice are the unifying themes.
Letters on Lebanon that The Press would not publish

06 August 2006

Sir's weekend editorial searched civilisation's soul (5/8). Anti-Semitism is heinous, retrograde and deplorable, yet still a dominant force.

The mote in our eye is racism, obscuring ancient familial rivalry to allow anti-Arab, anti-Semitic colonisation. Acquisitive dehumanising built Old and New World prosperity, on new lands for stock, privileging elites.

Defending unequivocally Israel's right to exist as an organised people, morally inadequate are written mythology and sheer force of arms for deciding where. With Judeo-Christian capital attacking Islam's Middle East frontier - inevitably of economic history - awful conquest has propagandising owners. Which identifies evolutionary failure to yet build a humane, cooperative world, of egalitarian moral justice.

Light midst this subject is rare, given bloodline passions involved, but seek light we must. Prophecy's darkest hour awaits otherwise, as conflict spreads. Peaceful renegotiation of habitation's security is all that we need. False spiritual merit of material culture lays bare.

26 July 2006

Wanton destruction of United Nations observers in Lebanon proves a little known fact. Since the Great Depression of the 1930s a single political system has been available for the management of industrial economies, through representative parliaments - national socialism built on expropriated land. The Second World War decided which cultural version of national socialism would dominate our world, but now we see its gruesome death throes. This brutal combine has never been morally supportable, and never will be. The question is, how do we move beyond it?

Anglo-America's escalation of a Third World War seems unstoppable, preserving oil monopoly lifeblood. Absolute destructive capacity holds sway. We can only appeal to reason, over mad fundamentalism. The radical redirection of human history - that combines compassion, shared security, environmental protection and conscious science, by shifting production's motive from crude profit to the mutual meeting of need - offers our only course to universal peace and salvation.

For a generation's term of seventy-five years, selfish barbarism has extended his gory rule on Earth. And now we confront him again.

Ref: "Israel was founded by secularists inspired by nationalist and socialist goals, not religious ones... [- a] modern democratic polity" - Daniel Pipes Imperial Israel: The Nile-to-Euphrates Calumny Middle East Quarterly, March 1994, http://www.danielpipes.org/article/247

"What a man's mind can create, man's character can control."
-- Thomas A. Edison

Freedom of religion? - Yes!
Freedom to mess up the world through superstition? - No More!
All religious public influence is vocally contested,
in the interests of human-ecological universal spirit,
as per holy whole.

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