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Canterbury Regional Council Environment Canterbury ECan 58 Kilmore St
Christchurch City Council Ocean Outfall project community site Henri Shustak
& Coast Care "programme.. to look after the coastal area from the Waimakariri River to Godley Head" & Target Sustainability "free support to help Chch businesses become sustainable through reducing waste & being energy & water efficient"
Godwits: Christchurch's ecological spring start is marked by return of the estuary-dwelling godwit birds, 11,000km from Alaska; Pacific Shorebird Migration Project Alaska Science Center US Govt
Pohatu Marine Reserve Pohatu Penguins & Pohatu Plunge small coastal Flea Bay across Akaroa ridge Banks Peninsula

Wider NZ
Dolphin Explorer Auckland, lists species "Dead oceans, dead planet.. Defending our oceans: Fundamental changes need to be made in the way our oceans are managed.. act to make sure that human activities are sustainable.. governments must set aside 40 percent of our oceans as marine reserves"
The Last Charitable Trust "last pristine open-ocean marine ecosystem on earth.. to raise awareness of the Ross Sea & promote the establishment of a Ross Sea marine protected area" & "information education conservation" Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust * * * * *
Penguin Awareness Day & World Penguin Day Jan20 & Apr25
Problems with oceans multiplying, severely worsening "A panel of experts says the world's oceans are being damaged in so many ways that the situation is far more dire than they originally thought. Scientists will present a new report on the oceans to the United Nations today. They say the troubles are from global warming and other man-made problems. Those include dead zones from farm run-off, overfishing, an increase in acidity from too much carbon dioxide, habitat destruction and melting sea ice. The report is from the International Programme on the State of the Ocean. The combination of damaging effects on the seas suggest there is a brewing worldwide die-off of species that would rival past mass extinctions." 21Jun11
Project Jonah NZ "Caring for whales, dolphins & seals" "development of directory & database to link people, community groups & organisations with an interest & concern for the marine environment" sponsors incl "umbrella group of environment & conservation organisations in NZ"
Seaweek "One Ocean - It starts with me: Kotahi Moana - Ka Timata Mai I Ahau" + NZ Sea Lion Trust "protection, conservation, education"
Stop deep sea oil "defending the spectacular East Cape from deep sea oil drilling" Te Whanau-a-Apanui Greenpeace et al

Water link pages: Dairy dilemma ; Water bibles historical context ;
Project Waiora cleanup of rivers, estuaries & lagoons ~ Wakapai Kaa Awa
Antarctic & Southern Ocean Coalition "member groups Pew, WWF, & Greenpeace" etc intnl
Clean Ocean Foundation npo "environmental organisation dedicated to the closure of all ocean outfalls, especially Gunnamatta" Australia + Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority + Whales Revenge petition & game
Deep Sea Conservation Coalition + links * * * * * * * * * *
Oceanographer Sylvia Earle: everything in the oceans at risk "in grave peril.. flow of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that is warming the planet and changing the chemistry of the ocean and everything is at risk" 19Mar11 & "blue world bank - vast but vulnerable system that governs the way the world works" to
The End of The Line "Imagine a world without fish ..the end of most seafood by 2048 ..Overfishing was recognised as one of the world's greatest and most immediate environmental problems in 2002, when it was first demonstrated that global catches of wild fish had peaked around 1989 and have since been in decline" film & global campaign UK 2009 * * * * *
Explosion in jellyfish numbers may lead to ecological disaster, warn scientists "swarms could damage the marine food chain.. producing more carbon than the oceans can cope with.. devour huge quantities of plankton, thus depriving small fish of the food they need" The Observer 12Jun11
Kill The Lionfish "Atlantic Ocean Lionfish Invasion Awareness" US
Mass Extinction "International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO).. multiple ocean stresses threaten globally significant marine extinction" Al's Journal 2Jul11
The US & 10 Things You Can Do to Save the Ocean * * * * *
The Ocean Project "helps its global network of zoos, aquariums, & museums (ZAMs) effectively educate their millions of visitors about how they can help protect & conserve our ocean planet" US & + Seas The Day! .com Watersports
Pacific Tsunami Warning Center of the US National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration in Hawaii: the top global source on current Pacific tsunami threats
Return of the Dead Zone "lost their oxygen.. cannot sustain marine life. Fish, plants, & anything other than marine mammals, who.. breath[e] on the surface, are suffocated" Jonathan Gitlin, Ars Technica 7Aug06
The Right Blue .com "Recounting a lifetime of ocean devotion" dive etc blog
Save the Albatross 2003-4 Voyage John Ridgway BBC UK
Save our Oceans "UK government public consultation on whether or not to create the world's largest Marine Protected Area around the Chagos Islands" petition
Sea Around Project "Fisheries, Ecosystems & Biodiversity" Convention On Biological Diversity Rio Conventions UN + 2010 International Year of Biodiversity
Southern Ocean natural history UK, offers 'Penguin Website Award' * * *
Surfers Against Sewage "Not just Surfers, Not just Sewage" UK "Its Time To Watch Their Welfare" UK
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