Peace and Compassion

Sunday, September 5th, 2004 -
in response to the Beslan massacre of innocents.

Peace and compassion will proliferate on Earth, once grasped as the product of active human consciousness.

That is, good does not manifest supernaturally. Concepts of supernatural causation - anthropomorphised as 'God' and parallel terms for omniscience - are prescientific superstition: dividing humanity and stunting human development today are all such myths and desires for divine intervention and benediction. It is up to humanity - in organisational isolation - to resolve its problems, differences, and clash with our environment, to establish the quality of life on Earth to which we all aspire. This is a concrete and constructively conscious task.

Historically religion preceded science - as testable causation theory - and had its place offering sense and shape to the world we once knew. Its great promise was the articulation of human hope. But religion is foremost the reflection and reinforcement of earthly social hierarchy - the management of resource distribution through the monopoly of force. This hierarchy of disproportionate consumption both created and justified conditions of relative scarcity. Thereby, the poorer mass base of the social hierarchy are forced to work for an illusory prosperity in heaven, while tolerating the merciless hell created by their exploiters. It is a life of insecurity and drudgery for the poor of the world, and privileged longevity for their oppressors.

'God' the imaginary patron of mystical divine right is political propaganda - inflicted in the interests of powerless ignorance and material wealth. The Western world must own up to its contradictory misleadership of humanity on this point. Only then will it neutralise the threat it places upon its populaces by the purveyance of confusion, from countervailing man-made God-causation lies. Jehoweh, God and Allah are one and the same myth - all equally destructive of human unity and progress, at our current point of evolution. The merging of these conflicted religious societies into a scientific whole of scarcity-banishing human causation draws near - an historic leap in human consciousness. Hope is thus made real.

Casting out the religious fallacy of extra-terrestrial causation is the first step to mutual respect and liberation amongst the diversity of peoples. We must forge a contemporary course of enlightenment for realising this goal - a new and broad church eschewing all hierarchy, with material objectives of benefit to everyone equally. True morality of spirit comes from material self-denial done consciously, to expose the unconscious dogma of materialist religion. Complete eradication of scarcity, poverty and war will be our effect, from these means.

This egalitarian material goal is not only possible but essential, for the creation - by humanity - of peace and compassion on Earth. The next age - of intercultural harmony, prosperity, and love - awaits. It is our choice, and ours alone. What's more, this message is two thousand years old, at least.

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