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The End Of Suburbia movie, etc
A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash gilscrinefilms link
Assn for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas ASPO "Making Sweden an OIL-FREE Society" & ASPO-NZ etc
Beyond Peak "Prepare for Peak Oil & Economic Collapse - A Guide to Self-Sufficiency & Sustainable Living"
End of an era Jim Motavalli Apr06 "clearinghouse for current info regarding the peak in global energy supply" + Peak Oil primer & links*** "Independent News & Commentary on the Energy Sector" to buy
Global Public Media GPM "Public Service Broadcasting For A Post Carbon World" of Post Carbon Institute PCI "Reduce/Produce: Reduce consumption. Produce Locally.. think, action & education tank offering research, project tools, education & information to implement proactive strategies to adapt to an energy constrained world" MetaFoundation incl J.Darley "get busy helping us organize the transition to the inevitable green economy" + Richard Heinberg MuseLetter etc & The Oil Depletion Protocol + The Party's Over: Oil, War, & the Fate of Industrial Societies review & 2005 + Powerdown: Options & Actions for a Post-Carbon World
International Energy Agency OECD/IEA report that Demand for oil predicted to outstrip supply within 5 years "current oil supplies simply will not be able to satisfy demand from a world economy expanding by nearly 5 percent a year when production starts to tails off from 2010.. If oil goes up, food goes up everything in society goes up" 13Jul07 & Oil experts see supply crisis in five years 10Jul07 *
James Howard Kunstler Daily Grunt & Clusterfuck Nation blogs + bks The Long Emergency: Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-First Century + Geography of Nowhere: The Rise & Decline of America's Man-Made Landscape + Home from Nowhere: Remaking our Everyday World for the 21st Century + interview with Robert Birnbaum "remorselessly less energy.. chaos that will rattle our society" GPM 24Aug05 ...
Julian Darley High Noon for Natural Gas: The New Energy Crisis
Kenneth S Deffeyes Beyond Oil: The View from Hubbert's Peak LATOC "Deal With Reality or Reality Will Deal With You" & simple machines Forum * * * * *
Matthew R Simmons Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock & the World Economy + Telecoms Tech
Michael T Klare Resource Wars: The New Landscape of Global Conflict + Blood and Oil: The Dangers & Consequences of America's Growing Dependency on Imported Petroleum (The American Empire Project) + The Geopolitics of War article 18Oct01
Michael C Ruppert Crossing The Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil / America's descent into fascism at the end of the age of oil From The Wilderness "Info on Peak Oil, Sustainablility, & the events surrounding 9/11" "Peak Oil News & Discussion" * * * * * & Interesting Times "Peak Oil meets Climate Change" Dr Peter Lloyd RIP DVD "a political map to understand Peak Oil"
The Oil Age Poster "Geologic Realities & Social Ramifications of the Modern World's Most Prized Resource" GPM & PCI US
Peak Oil NZ Greens Campaign page
Peak Oil? 4 Corners Broadband Jul06
Running On Empty: "A Handbook for Understanding & Surviving the Energy Crisis" Phillip Greene US
Terry Tamminen "Author, lecturer & strategist on energy & the environment ..presidential platform calls for clean air & no war" + California Coastal Coalition bio From pool guy to the halls of power 6Nov04 + "interview with.. Schwarzenegger's top enviro official" Terry Firma 19Aug04 & One Nation, Under Terry 04Jan07 + radionz Feature
Peter Tertzakian A Thousand Barrels a Second: The Coming Oil Break Point & the Challenges Facing an Energy Dependent World
World Energy Outlook 2007: "Everything is Getting Worse" IEA report Allianz Knowledge

Pollution effects etc
Climate Change local + global, action etc - InfoHelp link page "A whole new way of life? Will peak oil and global warming completely change the priorities for transport investment? Without the revenue from the petrol tax how should transport be funded?" Christchurch & + Quieter Please! Ruapuna Raceway
Hands Across the Sand 4Aug12 "has been a global success with thousands of events in all 50 states & over 40 countries worldwide, from New Zealand to Hawaii. Joining hands is a powerful way to say NO to offshore drilling & YES to clean energy!" Dave Rauschkolb US

Hemp wikipedia faq
Hemp - Beyond Peak Oil "a remarkable plant.. food, medicine, transportation, clothing, industrial or any of a number of other categories" + links * * * * * + Cannabis Hemp Rex Research US
Scientists say it is high time for hemp-based biofuel "University of Connecticut reveals plan to build biofuel research plant capable of turning hemp into biodiesel ..may also be able to burn effectively at lower temperatures than other biodiesel products" 11Oct10 UK + Motive Industries reveals hemp electric car plan "Consortium of Canadian firms prepare to launch electric car made from a bio-fibre-based composite by 2012" 21Sep10
Hemp: A New Crop with New Uses for North America Small & Marcus + "Eco products ..the answer to many of the problems facing our world today" + "paper, textiles, building materials, food, medicine, paint, detergent, varnish, oil, ink, & fuel. Unlike many crops, hemp can be grown in most locations & climates with only moderate water & fertilizer requirements" + Australia: Sowing The Seeds For Hemp's Future "new licensing scheme.. commercial growing of hemp, bringing NSW into line with other Australian states now developing an industrial hemp industry" The Daily Cannabinoid blog 18Apr08 + Hemp is the far bigger economic issue hiding behind legal marijuana "Hemp is currently legal in Canada, Germany, Holland, Rumania, Japan and China, among many other countries. It is illegal here largely because of marijuana prohibition.. Hemp may be the real reason marijuana is illegal. In the 1930s, the Hearst family set out to protect their vast timber holdings, much of which were being used to make paper.. But hemp produces five times as much paper per acre as do trees. Hemp paper is stronger and easier to make far more durable than cotton and ecologically benign compared to virtually any other industrial crop. Hemp needs no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers, and can grow well without much water.. Henry Ford produced an entire automobile made from hemp fiber stiffened with resin. Like the original diesel engine, it was designed to run on hemp fuel" alternet US 19Oct10 + Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance + Hemp Industries Assn HIA & "Industrial Hemp Info & Advocacy" US + USA Hemp Museum + GlobalHemp portal & shop/info + "natural skin care products.. We grow our own crops in the Far North Queensland" & Hemp Building Materials etc
Hemp Plastic: Not Just For Sandals Anymore TreeHugger / Clean Technology 16Aug05 + The house that hemp built Calgary Herald 23Jun07 + Ontario co secures funds to produce industrial hemp 21Jan09 Can + Hemp Is Not Pot "It's the Economic Stimulus & Green Jobs Solution We Need" AlterNet 26Mar09
Journal of Industrial Hemp "production, processing, & products.. official journal of the International Hemp Assn" Rennes Fr & Hemp Production in Aotearoa 2003 pp.105 - 115 "Abstract: Hemp is new to Aotearoa, the indigenous name of New Zealand (NZ). The NZ government approved the experimental cultivation of hemp in 2001. Eleven cultivars have been cultivated to date, 'Anka', 'Carmen', 'Fasamo', 'Felina', 'Finola', 'Futura 77', 'Kompolti', 'Uniko B', 'USO 14', 'USO 31', and 'Zola'. Crops have been planted at 19 sites the past two seasons, in a wide range of latitudes, climates and soil types. NZ's fragile soil necessitates careful management of its fertility. Hemp fits into the paradigm of sustainable stewardship, organic soil fertilization, and responsible crop rotation. It can be rotated with existing fodder crops and vegetable crops. Hemp's well-known ability to suppress weeds makes its rotation with pasture an attractive way to clean soil banks of weed seeds. Hemp cultivated for seed produced maximal yields of 2800 kg ha-1; and fiber crops yielded stalk biomass (dry matter) as high as 13,900 kg ha-1. These yields are consistent with or greater than reports from the European literature. Several pests new to hemp were discovered in NZ, but none required pesticides. Birds caused problems in seed crops, requiring control with repellents and bird netting. Future prospects look promising for this new crop."
Catlins grower continues to promote hemp growth "Mac McIntosh, of Tawanui, has spent the last few years developing his Aotearoa1 hemp crop, fighting to get it legalised and recognised by officials as a legitimate crop for farmers and others wanting to diversify their land use" 8Aug09 & norml NZ Hemp
Government opposition to Hemp short-sighted, narrow minded Rod Donald 11Feb99
Government 'killing hemp' "potential to be a broad-acre food crop and a major job spinner.. budding industry still had to overcome some stigma attached to the plant but more importantly the associated political intransigence.. first commercial hemp crop, after a decade of trials and lobbying.. hemp industries were well established in Canada, China, France and New Zealand but Tasmania's was withering because of a Federal and State Government over-reaction.. a harmless, drug-free plant shouldn't require state licences to grow, transport, store and process. And the Federal Government has banned hemp-based food for human consumption but most other nations, including NZ, have approved it. In Australia, the seed and its oil is mostly used in food for pets and livestock or in cosmetics for humans" 31Dec10
Hemp - An Environmental Super Crop? "I'm going to make it my aim to get hemp a greater level of support from the public and politicians" 7Aug12
Industrial hemp returns to America: "Colorado to plant first new major crop on US soil in 60 years" 2Jun13

Related? Drug reform - education + decriminalisation:
How do we discourage unsafe use, while allowing for safe use?
Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia "providing a national voice for people working to reduce the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs" AOD
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party ALCP "Tick the Leaf" & NORML + The Daktory "NZ's First Cannabis Club" bus tours Cannabis Peace The Armistice Tour etc
Drug Policy Project King County Bar Assn "professionals in Washington to find more effective ways to reduce the harm & costs of drug abuse, & of the 'War on Drugs' itself" US
Educators For Sensible Drug Policy "brings the credibility, influence, & training of the teaching profession to drug law debate & reform.. international organization.. Australia, Canada, Jamaica, Japan, New Zealand, USA"
Key's delicate ears spared young critic's plea to 'legalise the green' 3Nov11
Marijuana Policy Project MPP US
Medical marijuana: the reality The Why Files Apr10 US
Pure Energy Systems (PES) Network Directory:Cannabis Hemp as a Global Warming Solution Sterling D Allan CEO + Open Source Free Energy Tech US
Seattle Hempfest "held the third weekend in August.. Wins 2008 NORML Outstanding Cannabis Advocate Award" 15-16Aug09

Plastic Recycling
Precious "Boost Plastic Recycling - Let people in every corner of the world know they can start their own local plastic workshop" Dave Hakkens
Recycling Plastic Is Surprisingly Complex. Here's What Happens After the Bin GOOD Magazine 1Dec15 + Why Do We Throw Out 70 Percent of Our Plastic Waste? 29Feb16

Other world
Cow Power "System Could Let Cows Produce Milk AND Electricity" Texas Cooperative Extension
W2 Energy to Submit Tech to Dept of Energy Clean Coal Power Initiative 12Aug08
GM VOLT & Chevy-Volt hoax "By General Motors, which Killed the Electric Car" mov US
Nanosolar Price Barrier Breakthrough Makes Solar Electricity Cheaper Than Coal 7Jun08
Red tape strangles Whitehall's plans to boost green energy "'Dire' bureaucratic delays & foot-dragging dog the PM's aims for more renewable power in the UK" Independent /green-living 14Dec08
AotearoaNZ: Alcohol - it's a gas! "join a co-operative to produce cheap, cleaner fuel locally" 11Sep08 + David Blume & 2008
Biofuels Speech Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum Conference, Sue Kedgley MP Green Party 21Jan08
Bioenergy Assn of NZ BANZ + Bioenergy Knowledge Centre Forest Industries Development Agenda FIDA + Scion Research BKC Tools &; "Local Renewable Clean" canola biodiesel Rangiora ; Biodiesel Trial on four Metro buses run by Environment Canterbury ; Macdiesel "Fueling our Future ..Maori initiative evolved in response to rising fuel costs due to worldwide instability & related fuel price fluctuations" & GoBiodiesel! info "NZ Biofuellers general chit chat" Forum + links
Lincoln Uni Professor Stephen Wratten Bio-Protection & Ecology Division Lincoln & Chevron join in research "partner.. for biodiesel plant crop.. National Centre for Advanced Bio-Protection Technologies aims to identify alternative feedstocks, particularly those that utilise low-value plant species which can be grown on marginal land, thereby not competing with food crops or grazing" MR 13Apr07 + Keith Woodford, Prof of Farm Management & Agribusiness Food Prices Driven by Biofuels 15Oct07 + Canola-seed cost lifting biodiesel price "Biodiesel NZ ~90%-owned by state coal miner Solid Energy.. trialling the growing of canola in the South Island for the setting up of a local biodiesel industry over the next three years.. aims to have about 20,000 hectares in production by then.. price was linked to diesel at the pump.. spring sowing last September about 40 farmers had been contracted" The Press 8Jan08
Mighty River Power "integrated energy generation, trading, retailing & metering business.. the country's most active biomass generation programme" SOE
Keep your motor running "NZ's first Standard for biodiesel" StandardsNZ 4Apr05
Biodiesel Fuels (NZ) Ltd "Oil Security: Submissions on the Final Report: No. 14" 03Feb05
Big British plans for bio-diesel in NZ 14Nov05
NZ firm makes bio-diesel from sewage in world first "Marlborough-based Aquaflow Bionomic" 12May06 & World's First Sample Of Bio-Diesel From Algae "Press Release: Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation" 11May06 + Aquaflow seeks to commercialise algal biofuel "prospectus to raise $20 million to fund commercialisation.. chairman Barrie Leay.. September.. world's first sample of green-crude oil.. proprietary process.. Memorandum of Understanding with US refinery UOP to work together to commercialise algal biofuel technology and to sequester carbon dioxide from power plants.. remediation process can turn a waste water discharge into clean water. Aquaflow sources its wild algae from the local waste treatment oxidation ponds. The process does not conflict with land use or with the production of food crops. And it has the added benefit of potentially being able to unlock a huge source of re-usable clean water" 13Nov08 + SolRay Chch..
On the road with biofuels "The Biofuels Sales Obligation.. PM Helen Clark.. 13Feb07, sets clear targets for renewable energy in the sale of fuel - by 2012 biofuels will make up 3.4 percent of the energy content of all diesel & petrol sold in NZ" EnergyWise News #100 Apr07 EECA Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority "protecting the environment by supporting the use of renewable sources of energy"
Biodiesel NZ Solid Energy enters biodiesel market "acquisition of.. Canterbury Biodiesel" 9May07
Willows & biofuels "Interview with Dr Jim Watson, scientist & head of BioJoule project to turn the Salix willow into biofuel, plastics & sweeteners" radionz 25Jul07 "one of Australasia's largest publicly listed biotechnology companies" + Bioenergy Options * * * * *
Biofuel finally available in NZ "NZ's smallest oil company has teamed up with dairy giant Fonterra to bring motorists their first tank of commercially- available biofuel. Gull.. Force 10.. a petrol blended with ethanol made from milk" 1Aug07
Aussie: Govt Biofuels Initiatives "taskforce to examine the latest scientific evidence on the impact of ethanol & other biofuel use on human health, environmental outcomes & automotive operations" Dept Industry, Tourism & Resources + datalinx; Australian Farmers Fuel SAFF "#1 biofuels retailer"; Fill your car with biofuels, says BP "with plausible technology developments, biofuels (ethanol) could supply some 30 per cent of global demand" The Advertiser 28Jan06; Mustard 'gas' in use around Adelaide "public transport network to.. possibly pave the way for a local biofuel industry" ECOS mag; Beginners Guide to BIOGAS Paul Harris Uni Adelaide; Renewable Energy & Sustanability Database + Biofuels Network WebRing links + Odysen Oceania Bio "Odyssey of sustainability, energy, & the environment.. renewable energy portal"
Brazil!: world's #1 - sugarcane & ethanol independence c40% - Bioenergy is not the cause of hunger "only 2% of arable land worldwide is used for biofuel development, while 30% of arable land, crucial for growing food crops, lies fallow" 13Nov08 + Biofuel production: A threat to livelihoods "Rapid industrial development around the Amazon forest poses a significant threat to the native population" etc 21Aug11
US: ; Permaculture & Alcohol Can Be A Gas Dave Blume etc International Institute for Ecological Agriculture IIEA Santa Cruz CA ; BioWillie Willie Nelson Bio-diesel & "Family farmers growing fuel for America & for the world!" ; + B100 Fuel "living on BioDiesel" portal ; Will You Join Us "To deliver the world's energy, we first need yours" Chevron ; Zorner, Dr Paul, Diversa Corporation CA Senior director, renewable energy guru - fuels business programme Kim Hill RadioNZ 9Dec06
The Energy & Resources Institute, North America TERI-NA "has focused on a set of activities that have helped establish its credentials, resilience, & financial sustainability.. to sensitize the decision-makers in North America to developing countries' concern about energy & environment.. sustainable development in a globalised yet extensively poor world.. solar power.. TERI & BP have joined hands for India's largest integrated biofuel project" Washington 1990 Dr RK Pachauri IPCC + bk Biofuels: towards a greener & secure energy future & "clean, energy-efficient biomass gasifier systems for heat applications" etc + TERI India & Lighting a Billion Lives LaBL
Other: Secret report: biofuel caused food crisis "Internal World Bank study delivers blow to plant energy drive ..forced global food prices up by 75%" 4Jul08
Africa mulls biofuels as land grab fears grow "Addax Bioenergy ~50,000 hectares / 123,600 acres ethanol sugarcane" "works to raise awareness of the negative impacts of industrial biofuels & bioenergy on biodiversity, human rights, food sovereignty & climate change.. UK & US.. with national & international partners to expose & oppose the social & environmental damages resulting from bioenergy-driven increased demand for industrial agriculture & forestry monocultures" Global Forest Coalition
Pyrolysis "thermochemical decomposition of organic material at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen.. to convert biomass into syngas, to turn waste into safely disposable substances, and for transforming medium-weight hydrocarbons from oil into lighter ones like gasoline. These specialized uses of pyrolysis may be called various names, such as dry distillation, destructive distillation, or cracking.. assumed to take place during catagenesis, the conversion of buried organic matter to fossil fuels.. decomposition of organic material in the presence of superheated water or steam (hydrous pyrolysis), for example, in the steam cracking of oil" wikipedia
Game changer in alternative energy "Virginia Tech researchers.. way to extract large quantities of hydrogen from any plant.. using xylose, the most abundant simple plant sugar, to produce a large quantity of hydrogen that previously was attainable only in theory" 5Apr13 * * * * *

Other NZ
LanzaTech "proprietary platform for producing lowest-cost fuel ethanol in any industrialized geography, at a much larger scale than is currently being envisioned elsewhere. Specifically, our plan is to develop an ethanol production process that can be retrofitted to industrial facilities to generate ethanol from the carbon monoxide component of waste flue gases" Ackd + LanzaTech ethanol from carbon gets funding 24Apr07
Rural Energy "Farmers Energy Advocate.. NZ has lost the advantage of low cost & reliable energy supply.. dairy energy efficiency, or increase production?" Bioenergy Biogas - Anaerobic Digestion, HydroVenturi Natural Systems Wgtn

10 benefits of plasma gasification springsblogger 11May09
"ECO Manufacturing's first facility will convert approximately two hundred tons per day of containerized waste, some of which is regulated as hazardous waste, into building materials & synthesis gas (a renewable alternative to natural gas). This green conversion is made possible through plasma gasification, a process perfected by Westinghouse Plasma, now a division of Alter NRG ..Changing the Way the World Thinks About Waste" Cambridge MA US
Florida Syngas GlidArc® Technology for Waste to Energy "Unlike energy-negative plasma torches, which literally vaporize all material (including dangerous metals, glass and minerals) and requires immense energy input, GlidArc® needs only mlliamps to break apart the carbon/hydrogen/oxygen molecular bonds, passing them across a self-renewing, self-regenerating catalyst bed instantaneously forming Syngas. Once Syngas is formed, many things can be done. Electricity can be produced using the clean, hydrogen rich gas as fuel for gas generators. Methanol can be produced using commercially ready Fischer-Tropsch Systems, as can other highly valuable chemical compounds. The ability to make Urea (fertilizer) in a carbon-neutral manner is now achievable, reducing nitrogen and carbon dioxides, vastly reducing fertilizer runoff and water pollution. Syngas can also be used to manufacture ultra-clean synthetic gasoline, diesel and jet fuels too; without sulfur, and in a carbon-neutral process" + Process in big-screen plasma TVs can produce ultra-clean fuel American Chemical Society report 22Mar10 & : Winning the War on Terror by Breaking Free of Oil book Robert Zubrin aerospace engineer US & Open Fuel Standard Act
Island of Aruba Chooses Wastaway Technology to Solve Trash Problem "converts unsorted household waste into a pathogen-free environmentally safe medium called Fluff, which has a variety of uses" US
Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuel Reforming Studies Office of Fossil Energy Fuel Cell Program US Dept of Energy
Peterborough Renewable Energy EnergyPark biomass gasification Plasma Vitrification
PGV - Plasma Gas Technology "Plasma gasification is the gasification of matter in an oxygen-starved environment to decompose waste material into its basic molecular structure. Fairwood & ADPLATECH (Caltex), Korea, have an exclusive agreement for plasma gasification technology based projects in India & Middle East. Application in several fields including destruction of all types of waste including hazardous waste and energy production. ADPLATECH has also done the world's first production of H2 from syn-gas from plasma gasification technology. Project Details - By-products: Power/Hydrogen/other downstream products for industrial usage, Vitrified Slag. Project Status: Worldwide designed in varying plant sizes form 10 TPD to 3000 TPD of MSW. Started in Japan & successfully operating since 2002 for waste to energy projects" Fairwood Consultants
Plasco Energy Group Conversion System "facility will process up to 85 tonnes per day of unsorted municipal solid waste & generate electricity to power the entire process & approximately 3600 Ottawa households.. clean, safe & critical in our fight against climate change" & Municipal solid waste into green power & other valuable products Plasco blog Feb 07
Plasma Gasification: A Solution to the Waste Disposal Dilemma? "Waste not, Want not?" 8Jul09
Proving out plasma gasification Koochiching County "The simple answer is timing, public acceptance, technology & economics" 21Oct08
US's First Plasma Gasification Waste-to-Energy Plant Online by 2011 11Nov08 + AdaptiveArc opponents "mobilizes community power to win victories that change government & corporate policies & practices to protect health & to promote environmental justice" & Global Anti-Incinerator Alliance GAIA Zero Waste CA Argentina Philippines etc
Waste2Tricity "Green Energy from Municipal Waste.. venture.. implementing a unique combination of new generation alkaline fuel cells with plasma gasification & other existing proven technologies" UK & Waste-to-electricity is viable & offers significant benefits for the environment PR 16Jan09
Waste-to-Energy Demo Planned With Ballard Fuel Cells & Hydrogen From Waste Processing Ballard Power Systems "partnered with subsidiary of GS Caltex, one of South Korea's largest petroleum refiners demonstrate waste-to-energy power generation using zero-emission fuel cells & hydrogen produced from processing of municipal solid waste" 15Mar11 + $5.75 million agreement provides Moltoni with the exclusive rights to use Alter NRG's Westinghouse Plasma gasification technology in Australia & New Zealand Can 23Mar11?
Microwave-induced plasma gasification technology makes headway 17Feb11 + Microwave Plasma Gasification Heats Up in the U.S. + Grid Injection from Plasma Gasification of Wastes 22Feb12
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