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Linux Support & Links
Canterbury software developers
Accent Computer Services ACS Local Government L1 506 Wairakei Rd ***
Activate Design "CD Manufacturing & Design" etc 224 Cashel St
Adrock Software BYTE Computer & Software "Borland Delphi Shareware components & custom business software solutions.. Basic, Fortran, Pascal, C, C++, Assembler, Visual Basic, Access" 132 Peterborough St
Alchemy Group "Business IT Solutions" L6 Royal & Sun Alliance House cnr Oxford Tce & Hereford St + Java
ArchEng Designs electronics hardware & embedded software design Ewen Fraser 3-355-5172
AssetNow "web-based system for cost effective publishing & maintenance of informational web sites & intranets" Orbital Ltd 555A Harewood Rd +OSS
A-Vision "Custom business software solutions" 152 Wales St Halswell +FOSS
BJ Dooley Technical Information Services "Professional writing & research for technology & business" Technical Writing, Market & Technology Research, Manuals, Reports, White Papers, Features, Case Studies, Brochures. 28A McBratneys Rd Dallington Ph/Fx: 3-385-7080 + links * * *
Bootstrap IT: MyRoster & My-Price "customer and supplier interaction" Java, 5th Floor 160 Manchester St
Cachet de Software rowing accounting.. Graeme Pettigrew POBox5578 Chch
Canterbury Software Cluster Canterbury Software Cluster Inc "Success Through Connections.. helping the sector succeed at home & worldwide" not-for-profit organisation was now Canterbury Tech Cluster of New Zealand Technology Alliance with New Zealand Technology Industry Association * * * * *
CommTest Instruments "data acquisition & analysis" 28B Moorhouse Ave & US
Communicate IT "PR & marketing for the IT industry" 87 Woodham Rd Chch was 33 Old Weka Pass Rd Waikari
Computer Consultancy Services "accounting & retail management systems" Unit 9 14 Acheron Dr Riccarton
Computing Solutions "accounting and business management" Beckenham
COMRAD COMputerised RADiology Software Innovations L10 Clir Centre 155 Worcester St
Data Architecture Services "plan, build, enhance or re-engineer" Adrian Mageanu 3-356-0365
DataCol NZ Data Collection "independent, secure.. contract meter-reading services for water, power & gas energy utilities" U7 Amuri Park 404 Barbadoes St .Net
Discover Group "operational solutions company.. Process, Systems, People, Discover" 8 affiliates Ph/Fx: 3-354-4491/2 + links
Dotlab P2P networks, EquitySoft + VXNet
Ecoholdings Media Group EMG Technology ASP .NET solutions developer U3 585 Wairakei Rd
Ecosm "Software for people" L4 ASB Bank Bldg 143 Armagh St +++OSS
EdutechKM "multimedia & Knowledge Management co specialising in the design of fully customised online learning & KM systems.. for industry" L1 16 Sheffield Cres
Eicor Resources "accounting software & qualified support" services 11D Carlyle St Sydenham
EMDA "Supply Chain Solutions" ERP CRM Frontstep/MAPICS & Symix L5 Clarendon Tower cnr Oxford Tce & Worcester St + Ackd
Enabling Technologies "eBusiness strategies" L15 Clarendon Tower 78 Worcester St + Dunedin Invercargill
Encos Global Systems "to monitor products through manufacture & production processes" L11 BNZ House 129 Hereford St
Farco Technologies "Digital imaging & surveillance innovations.. embedded software design" 200 Armagh St
Fluid Software "products &.. services that unlock the power of Microsoft Office" POBox3055 Chch Emax mail Manager + SmartAlec links
Gadgets Software & Professional Services: Netflow Exports "Internet traffic measurement & analysis" etc
Genix Systems "Web Design, S/ware Dev, Hosting" POBox29-450 Chch +OSS
GeoVector Corp "Location based services" CA Ackd & Andy Scrase MS.Net 563 Marine Parade Sth Brighton 3-382-5374
GlobalTech Solutions "CRM, Accounting, Help Desk & Call Centre software, consulting & services" 16c Leslie Hills Drv & ACCPAC International "New business building opportunities for professional accountants" +OSS
GNU/Linux Open Source Software community - InfoHelp link page + UNIX BSD etc
Go-fx "Visual communications" web print apps etc 174 Rangiora Woodend Rd Kaiapoi
GroupSense "enables knowledge-sharing & collaboration in organisations & education settings.. KM & eLearning consulting" S409 Kenton Chambers cnr Hereford & Liverpool St + links +OSS
Hairy Lemon Web Solutions "developers with zest.. Fast Fruition.. Content Management tools.. SMS platforms.." UoC CCE VuW ECan etc F1 BNZ Bldg 81 Riccarton Rd
Heurisko "Learning Technolgy Specialists.. Web services & technology solutions for the education sector" 5 Durham St +OSS
Hakaroa Global Solutions "E-Commerce & Web Solutions.. Custom Software Development" etc Hamish Smith 109 Bamfords Rd RD1 Lyttleton
Ibis Business Intelligence Solutions IBIS "Improving Business Performance" EziJobz etc POBox18877 Chch
Idris Solutions developers resellers e-commerce etc 399 Montreal St
Image Engineers "balanced mix of computer animation engineers & land development professionals" POBox8898 Riccarton
Integrated Mapping "Geographic Information Systems GIS.. software development, integration & consulting" F3 69 Cambridge Tce
IQWorks MenuMateTM restaurant order taking system etc 2b Michelle Rd Sockburn
Jade Software Corp "IT R&D" 19 Sheffield Cres + Sydney UK USA
Kea Tech "Knowledge Experience Acumen, IT System Provider" 26A Waipapa Ave Diamond Harbour
KeyGhost Hardware Keylogger "Interface Security" 109 Montreal St
Mackenzie Foy J2ME wireless app dev SUN Motorola etc 3-685-8448
Macromedia Flash User Group
MailWasher "powerful email checker with effective spam elimination" L2 Strategy Bldg 394 Montreal St Chch free download
MakeTXT Profiler Games SMS L12 BNZ House 129 Hereford St
My Office "Accounts, Payroll, Answer Service" L3 State Bldng 88 Division St Riccarton
Niche Technology MyoPace Advanced BioFeedback muscle tension monitor POBox21-363 Chch
Nightside Test Design "we're working while you're not" L2 Spark House 5 Durham St
Nimble Creations 14 Yeoville Pl & 128 Grimsys Rd Redwood?
NZKiosk "touchscreen information kiosks" 31 Massey Cres +OSS
NZ Performance Recording Services "specialised software & hardware for South Island farms" Ken Moore Computing 128 Grimsys Rd Redwood
PC Gum Server, Java programming
Production Software "Providing solutions longterm.. software development house" 30 Sheffield Cres .Net
Register Direct domain names etc, Unit 2 Amuri Park 404 Barbadoes St
Search Learn Improve SLI Systems "The Learning Search"TM Eurekster L6 155 Worcester St
Seradigm "business consultancy that specialises in KM.. to help businesses harness the power of their knowledge & draw strategic advantage from the human & technological environments in which they operate" L4 Kenton Chambers + links +OSS
SMS International "surface mount electronic manufacturing applications" Spark House 5 Durham St
SoftMetaWare "strategic technology management.. tools & techniques required for the economical implementation of high quality software systems" ERP CASE OMG etc 3-980-8305 & Ackd Sydney + links +OSS
Solution Architects "focussed on the Information System needs of small to medium sized businesses" incl theatre Patron Booking System POBox21335 Chch
South Pacific Information Services SPIS smart software TurboPress "Web automation system for online periodicals" eg SciTechDaily Review web apps TurboNote+ etc WebCentre Ltd 39E Waterman Pl 3-384-5137
Swirling World "C++, Visual Basic & .NET.. GPS utilities mapping" web apps etc U6 245 Blenheim Rd
Synergy Software Solutions Datasouth Centre 514 Wairakei Rd Harewood
TechWriter Services "Website design, Technical writing & consultancy" David Armstrong 411 Port Hills Rd
TeknowledgyTM InfoHelp link page - Electronics Trade "Zope & Plone CMS Website development & hosting Co. specialists ..since 1999" 03-9806213 POBox4260 Christchurch 8140
Web programming specialist index - InfoHelp link page
Steven Wild Software "Chreos 3 - When Balance is Important.. accounting software" etc L1 93 Manchester St
Zebra Software Java programming MS & RedHat support +OSS

Wider NZ
Alius "a division of Tech Pacific" MS solutions Ackd "Master the Art of Online Selling" Ackd
BioinfoTools "Your path from data to knowledge" sequencing Dunedin
IBIS Technology reservations software for the tourism industry POBox1379 Queenstown
Information Services Otago "Info consultants, IT consultancy & Executive Relief" 37 Sunbury St Andersons Bay Dunedin
NZ Game Developers Assn NZGDA + links
New Zealand Software Assn NZSA "Support, promote & facilitate the growth of NZ's software industry" 1991 Ackd

Games "pre-loved Video Games.. experience Nostalgia.. PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 & other platforms" Chch

Crime Catcher free s/w UK
CUseeMe pay s/w
A Free World: LibLand "Linux kernel webcams Driver GSPCA / SPCA5xx.. Up to 225 Webcams supported, thanks Linux :).. Spcaview is able to stream, record & play video & sound in MJPG I420 RGB.." etc
Meeting by Wire "providing information, tips & rumors about products that support distance meetings & conferences with emphasis on Microsoft's NetMeeting & XP's Windows Messenger"
Spotlife free s/w tools etc
WebCam NZ =2001 & NIWA Cam-Era "video-monitoring NZ's environment" to see what the weather is doing etc trial/pay s/w +Linux
Willing Webcam "Online Help - How to"

Leschardes Conferencing "Video & Web Conferencing" UK "Easy scheduling" + "Find a meeting time the easy way" + World Clock Meeting Planner "Find best time across Time Zones" etc

Ear Spy Eavesdropper Listening Device = "mSpy is the software for tracking & monitoring smartphones & tablets" UK US

[page under construction]
Acronis "Partition manager, boot manager, backup software, hard drive, disk & operating system tools & utilities"
Adobe Systems Inc "creative platform.. Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, GoLive, & Acrobat Professional.. Version Cue file-management features" Asia-Pacific + "Tips, Tricks & Techniques FREE Roadshow" Jul-Aug04 **** misc UK?
Implementing CIFS Common Internet File System book MS/SMB
CollabNet "Leading Collaborative Software Development"
EDA Industry Working Groups "support, open exchange & dissemination of in-development standards.. Electronic Design Automation EDA & Electronic Computer-Aided Design ECAD one-stop resource" links +++OSS
eGlobal "software from top quality companies in North America & Europe" > LincolnUni Ackd
FastFox Text Expander Software "Speed typing with instant word expander software for Windows or Mac" "Home of the Web's Best Freebies" ***
Forte Agent Newsreader & Premium Newsgroups client & info UK
GetDataBack "Do-it-yourself Data Recovery Software" FAT & NTFS
Gibson Research Corp "Astounding Mass Storage Data Recovery & Maintenance" SpinRite etc
GitHub "The world's leading software.. development platform inspired by the way you work. From open source to business, you can host & review code, manage projects, & build software alongside millions of other developers" global * * * * * * * * * *
Grokker "Knowledge management, data mining & info mapping"
Groove Networks "secure virtual office" US
Marco van Meegen SlimeUML Java C++ etc
Memtest86+ "memory failures detection" GPL Fr * * * * * * * *
Microsoft NZ Ackd + TechNet developer support + Office Web Apps "Access & share Office documents with browser-based versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, & OneNote" + InfoHelp GNU/Linux® Windows® Support page
Net Snippets "suite of personal & collaborative solutions for managing online research"
Open Text Corp "The market leader in providing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions" Livelink Web Content Server etc +OSS
PartitionMagic for Windows Symantec PowerQuest "Automatically update your address book - Connect with friends & business contacts - Sync & access contacts, calendar, tasks, & notes on the Web" web/Outlook "Where Work Happens ..collaboration hub that moves work forward" virtual platform & snap install
SnagIt screen capture TechSmith Corp
Software602 Inc "FREE Alternative to MS Office compatible with Word/Excel files" etc downloads
Synergium Solutions "custom software development services" XML Java WML (Wireless Markup Language) etc info US Aus..
Systat "Software, Services, Solutions for the Statistics, Scientific Community" SigmaPlot etc CA Statistical Solutions "Enhancing Research Productivity through Statistical Software Innovation" Ire + Stonehill Corp MA
Texturizer "powerful editor" Boingos Productions
TheoLogic Systems "solutions for Orthodox Christian churches & computer users" US
Tucows Downloads "freeware & shareware" 'NZ mirror' page + Aussie mirror Pacific Internet ***
WinBatch "Means Business.. macro scripting language that provides batch automation for every Windows system" WIL lang Wilson WindowWare
Windowmaker "The world's leading software for windows & doors" MS partner
WinGuides Network for Windows "Technical resources & support to tweak, manage & secure" + TuneUp Utilities etc
WorldMerge "Simply the best e-mail merge application for the money" + InBox Organizer + WebPosition etc ColoradoSoft
ZettaWorks system integrators USA Canada Korea Australia soon NZ

Eric Levenez Unix, Windows & other computer languages
Mac OS History table-all Jpn + UNIX History html / pdf table * * * * *
Operating System Sucks-Rules-O-Meter AltaVista search-based
Server Operating System Technical Comparison "neutral technical evaluation, comparing & contrasting Rhapsody"
Softpanorama "(slightly skeptical) Open Source Software Educational Society" Dr Nikolai Bezroukov + Bookshelf *****
The History of Solaris UnixEd pdf c2001

AntiVir free download
Antivirus Online "Be Up To Date!" downloads Auerbach Foundation "There is no freedom without security" + AntiVir "PersonalEdition Classic for Windows 98 Me NT XP 2000 NT Linux OpenBSD FreeBSD Solaris" De ***
avast! "computer virus, worm & Trojan protection by ALWIL Software" +++FOSS
AVG "Revolutionary Virus Detection Technology" free download
BitDefender AntiVirus "Data Security.. Free Protection" LinuxDefender 2.6 kernel ++FOSS
BullGuard "Antivirus Software for Windows, MAC & Android"
Central Command AVX / Vexira ++OSS
Castle/ComputerCops "Because security is everything" forum
ESET "Antivirus Software with Spyware & Malware Protection" inc AV System ++OSS
EvilGnome bollox "Linux malware" story Sophos 25Jul19
FireTrust "Stop viruses, worms, scripts, web bugs & other nasties from attacking your computer, using this powerful email neutralizing software" free downloads + MailWasher Pro etc
Freedom Internet Security & Privacy, A-V, firewall, parental control, pop-stop etc Zero-Knowledge Systems Montreal + anonymity service & here 00-01
F-Secure "Be Sure"
IBM Research "Digital Immune System for Cyberspace"
Kaspersky Lab anti-virus desktop & server security +FOSS
Keeping Windows Clean Max M.Wachtel III portal + Virus Cleaning & Fixes
McAfee "Top Selling Services" now "Security Solutions: Endpoint Cloud Network Antivirus Malware" w/ IBM Resilient integration "Antivirus Software & Spyware Removal Symantec"
PCSecurityShield "Internet/Network/Computer Security Software" FL + ClickBank Affiliate Partner Program
Reliable AntiVirus RAV8 GeCAD "acquired by Microsoft" 100603 +FOSS
SAC-FTP security utils Slovak Antivirus Center Hu
Softpanorama "Antivirus Defense Strategy Page" lists +FOSS
Sophos "anti-virus & anti-spam for business" UK & Aus etc + links
Symantec Nortons
Trend Micro PC-cillin

1automationwiz the problem, net/t degradation "Who Else Wants To Automate Their Shopping Cart, Email Marketing, Autoresponders, Digital Delivery, Ad Tracking AND Affiliate Program? Shopping Cart Software & Autoresponder Accounts"
Broadcast Email Advertising NIM Corp spam source + "Buy Email Lists - Addresses"
Corvigo "simply better e-mail.. Intent-Based Filtering" Palo Alto
death2spam Intelligent Internet Services local product
Emailbox Filter bags Spam Killer but = junkmailer!
Email Remover "ZDNet's Hot Files gave us a 5-star rating" "Anonymous Email" Chilkat Software "inventing power with simplicity" + links - spammers
The Fight Against Spam eWeek mag + links
Fighting Spam & Viruses at the Server Part I InformIT MS 12Mar04 + Part II 26Mar04 + Part III 9Apr04 + Part IV 23Apr04
Fines call in sex toys spam case 15Oct08 & Trio facing first anti-spam civil court action "Christchurch men Shane Atkinson & Roland Smits, & Mr Atkinson's brother, Lance.. named in a civil case.. Internal Affairs wants the court to impose $200,000 penalties on each" 18Oct08
Global Web Promotions Aus/NZ spammers being done by US 30Apr04
JetAd Pro 2003 "Direct IP Message Advertise" spam marketers where some annoying Windows based broadcast popups come from (not on OSS :)
MailWasher Chch
NetLeads "just $USD500 for 1 MILLION emails sent" spam marketers
Spam (electronic) info Wikipedia * * *
Spam Arrest "Take Control of Your Inbox ..challenge-response technology to block spam" + ScanAlert Hacker-Safe® cert - spammers :(
SpamBlocks "'Near Zero' Spam Experience" - spammers :(
SpamCop "Beware of cheap imitations"
Spam Filters * * *
Spamhaus "tracks the Internet's Spammers, Spam Gangs & Spam Services, provides dependable realtime anti-spam protection" & Register Of Known Spam Operations ROKSO
The Spam Letters "Serving up delicious helpings of spam to all who are hungry"
SPAM Zapper "Personalized SPAM & Virus Filtered Email" spam blocker, spyware removal etc
Whois proxy search for spam source etc Geektools * * * * bounce source of junk - read their anti-spam policy

Ad-Aware "Fights spyware better than ever ..advanced protection from known data-mining, aggressive advertising, Trojans, dialers, malware, browser hijackers, & tracking components" Lavasoft
Anonymizer "Online Privacy & Security"
Anti Spam Project "Some users see link spam as a minor annoyance, while others are so overwhelmed with spam that they are forced to switch off guestbooks, blogs, forums etc... This has led many Internet users to wonder: How did these people found my site?" info tools campaign "Tech compared & reviewed" UK +
CyberPatrol "world leading parental control software"
Error Nuker "scan the Windows Registry to identify errors & ways to optimize the performance" Free scan
Firestarter "Modern Linux Firewall" for Gnome desktop etc GPL * * * * * * * * * *
InternetALERT "protection against Internet Intruders" from Bonzi US$49, + MaxAlert free download / spam?!?
The Internet Junkbuster "blocks unwanted banner ads & protects your privacy" Win/X "to free the world from junk communications"
Kerio 2.1.5 Firewall for WinME info & d/l Terry's Foibles "Software & the meaning of life"
Omniquad Personal Firewall
AnalogX Port Blocker "block common Internet ports by redirecting them to a local server that logs the requests, but otherwise does not respond to the incoming query" + Emsa Systems Port Blocker TSB + + Scam baiting wikipedia
Secretmaker "All-in-One freeware.. Secure yourself from spam, ads, spyware & more" ???-Rus
Spybot Search & Destroy * * *
Spy Bouncer "detect & remove serious spy activity like key loggers, activity monitoring software, web site loggers & also common Adware, web parasites, tracking cookies & many other annoying devises used to invade your privacy & even steal your credit card number"
Sygate Personal Firewall 5.6 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP + Basics
Windows Defender Microsoft XP
WinGate Proxy Server firewall Qbik NZ + VPN + NetPatrol
ZoneAlarm PC firewall Zone Labs 2K-XP free
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