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2000 wallabies killed at annual hunt 17Mar08 large specimen pic &
Fears wallabies deliberately released "outside their South Canterbury containment area.. new population, found at the head of Lake Pukaki" 4Dec08
Pot pie suggested to curb wallabies "Bennett's wallabies were spreading beyond their South Canterbury containment zone and the population had doubled, possibly trebled, to at least 50,000 in the past 10 years.. Cr Mark Oldfield said wallaby pies had a following.. Oldfield said people had been seen putting joeys in cars to take elsewhere" The Press 1Apr09
TV1 Breakfast show banter 1Apr09 - wallabies? - eat them up
Wallabies are declared pests "A massive jump in South Canterbury's wallaby population has seen them declared as pests by the Regional Council. (duration: 2' 48")" checkpoint
Kiwis cook up plans to eat wallaby 1Apr09
Kiwis cook up plans to eat wallaby
Kiwis cook up plans to eat wallaby
Kiwis cook up plans to eat wallaby
Kiwis cook up plans to eat wallaby chat
Kiwis cook up plans to eat wallaby newszealand.blogspot
Kiwis cook up plans to eat wallaby "Would need quite a culling and baking operation to sate the appetites of the crowds at the next NZ-based Bledisloe Cup matches"
Kiwis cook up plans to eat wallaby "I understand that when PETA comes to protest if you just put all the wallabies you don't want under their care the problem will be solved. Other than that, tie me kangaroo down, sport, on the barbee" 1Apr09
Kiwis want to eat Aussie wallaby to cull large population "it would be an efficient way to reduce the pest population" & "well that's it - NZ has finally proved it has more brains than Aussies. Sad day. We have plenty of jumping cows here and Asia has plenty of knives..... You know it makes sense" /dailytelegraph chat
Kiwis to eat excess wallabies "Owner of Waimate's Savoy Tearooms, Vicki Curline, says eating them is the way to go. 'My husband Ian makes Wallaby pies here, cooked in barbecue sauce and they're absolutely delicious,' Curline told AAP. 'The tourists love them, especially the Australians. I don't think they get anything like them at home. We should be cooking with them much more.' Some councillors also approved of hunting, saying people had been seen putting joeys in cars to take elsewhere" 1Apr09

Wallabies becoming headache "The Savoy Tearooms in Waimate used to sell wallaby pies, which grew in popularity. However, the trade came to an end in December when the tearooms closed" Timaru Herald 3Apr09

Te Radar "the scandal about this story is that there was no scandal" Week That Was 3Apr09 NZ wallaby exports 2002-200?

Another look at 1080 poison's impact on native wildlife "arguments have been dismissed as a 'lot of nonsense' by conservation group Forest and Bird. ECan said 1080 was an 'essential tool', and the most cost-effective poison for large-scale pest control. As the only vertebrate toxin able to be applied from the air, it was essential for controlling rabbits, possums, wallabies and mustelids (weasels, stoats and ferrets) which stripped vegetation from rugged and isolated terrain. 'With rabbit populations becoming immune to RCV [rabbit calicivirus], the only effective response for large-scale control will be the use of 1080,' said ECan pest portfolio chairman Robert Johnston" 8Dec06

ECan 1080 "containment control programme under the Regional Pest Management Strategy 2005-15"
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