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2019 100% Pure? New Zealand's Deteriorating Water Raises a Stink "In a Colmar Brunton survey conducted last month, 82 percent of respondents said they were 'extremely or very' concerned about the pollution of rivers & lakes, more than any other issue including living costs, child poverty & climate change" 17Jan19
2018 50 questions about the environment: Our rivers "the future for river ecology and Kiwis' ability to swim and enjoy our water - just look in the news - is very grim. But ... we can rebuild, restore and save them. We just need to do the right thing for the right stream" NZHerald 15Jan18
2017 New Government target to see 90 per cent of rivers and lakes 'swimmable' by 2040 Fairfax 23Feb17 & Golden Bay iwi apply for country's first water conservation order for an aquifer + Critics of freshwater plan remain firm as Government goes on the defence "proposal requiring 90 per cent of rivers and lakes to become swimmable by 2040, in accordance with new water-quality guidelines.. [that] change the national 'wadeable' standard to a 'swimmable' standard, which requires a different grading method" 24Feb17 & The thorny politics of 'swimmable', a word losing its meaning & A lagoon Minister deemed 'impossible' to make swimmable to become swimmable under revised standards + Poll: Are you satisfied with the Government's plan to clean up our waterways? Newshub + Downgrading water standards gives false hope "Government took a standard that the Ministry of Health gives a 'C' grade and gave it an 'A'." Fairfax 27Feb17 & NZ environmental enforcement agencies 'chronically under-resourced' - research 28Feb17 & Eels and whitebait rescued from disappearing Canterbury river 1Mar17 & Editorial: Ensuring environmental compliance must not be an afterthought 2Mar17 & Canterbury dairy farm prosecuted for ponding effluent near springs 9Mar17 & Water campaigner gathers signatures from Invercargill to Wellington 11Mar17 + Protests across the country over foreign companies bottling our water and sending it overseas 14Mar17 + Chinese company Nongfu Spring wants more NZ water Newshub & Government 'not concerned' over massive water consent sale "Kaputone wool scouring plant in Christchurch" 15Mar17 + Goals outlined for the future of Christchurch rivers CCC & Earthquakes shaking up New Zealand's water systems - 16/03/2017 + Farming, emissions and waste putting NZ's 'green' reputation at risk, OECD says Fairfax 21Mar17 & Mike Yardley: Who benefits from bottling New Zealand's pristine water? 21Mar17 & Andrew Gunn: The magical transformation of 'free' water into $3.50 a bottle 25Mar17 + New Zealand anger as pristine lakes tapped for bottled water market 27Mar17 + Top scientist: Fixing freshwater issues an 'enormous challenge' "..clear evidence the freshwater estate was under pressure in terms of both water quality and quantity. There was a link between farming and declining water quality in pastoral areas, and contamination of urban waterways by expanding cities. Fixing the problems would require bold decision making and possibly a rethink of our economic strategy, with a quick fix being 'scientifically impossible'" 12Apr17 + Plea to govt to strengthen 'swimmable river' policy RNZ 13Apr17 & Waterways report misses key concerns - consultant "land use should be put under the microscope. 'In some cases we are going to have to see a reverse of the way we are using our land'" + Blame game not helping get solutions for the stricken Selwyn River Lynda Murchison stuff 19Apr17 + Health authorities still not satisfied all Christchurch drinking water is safe Press 23Apr17 + Foreign buyers eye 'magnificent' 40,000 hectare South Island station "Recreational groups are closely watching the sale of Mt White station near Arthurs Pass amid fears public access could be jeopardised" Stuff 2Jul17 + National, Labour rivals on common ground opposite Greens over Waimea dam plan 12Jul17 + July rainfall topples records across South Island RNZ 4Aug17 + Improving lake to national standard would have 'severe social and economic' consequences Stuff 9Aug17 + Water row takes new course as National shifts attack from cabbages to Maori claims 15Aug17 + Taking water diminishes Blue Spring's mana, say local iwi "Raukawa, a South Waikato iwi.. The National Party say no one owns water while the Labour Party says everybody does, leaving the country in limbo" NZ Pure bottling application Putaruru 16Aug17 + Council decides bottling Waihou River requires iwi consent "Pure Blue applied to take nearly 7 million litres from the Waihou River every day, but Raukawa told WDC taking water from the stream diminishes its 'mauri, wairuia and mana'" Newshub 17Aug17 & comment + NZ election 2017: Going beyond environmental slogans stuff 31Aug17 + Polluted Paradise "People & Power investigates New Zealand's water pollution problem as regional elections gear up" 31Aug17 & Why are New Zealand's waters so polluted? 1Sep17 + Statue of Environment Minister with his pants down delivered to Canterbury regional council Press 4Sep17 & Data shows humans, not cows, the biggest water polluter Stuff & Editorial: Water issues have boiled over at general elections 21Sep17 & Jacinda Ardern speaks to CNN in first international interview as PM (no H2O ref) RNZ 1Nov17 & Insight: Climate change and 'waterproofing' NZ's cities 5Nov17 & Modelling shows Christchurch drinking water nitrate levels safe, but increasing 11Dec17 & End to record dry spell as rain brings light relief to Christchurch 12Dec17
2013 Drought: Drought a tough water lesson Stuff 15Mar13 + Drought bill could reach $2b - English 3News 17Mar13 & Drought likely to affect dairy, meat prices + Rain falling but NZ's drought costs soaring Fairfax
Ancient creatures re-discovered in NZ "Some of the world's most ancient and fascinating creatures have been re-discovered in southern New Zealand. Over the past two years, Department of Conservation workers and scientists from the National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (Niwa) have been searching for phreatoicids. Phreatoicids are blind, unpigmented isopods (relatives of slaters and fish lice, and a sister group to crabs, shrimps, land hoppers and, more distantly, insects). They play a vital role in cleaning up freshwater. The search over 230 locations yielded phreatoicids at 66 places, Niwa's assistant regional manager in Christchurch Graham Fenwick said today. He said phreatoicids had persisted unchanged for some 350 million years but being just 20mm long and dwelling in extremely mucky places, they had lingered mostly forgotten and unnoticed, They were confined to four of ancient Gondwana's five main remnants - South Africa, India, Australia and New Zealand, but not South America. They were first discovered near Christchurch in 1882 followed by nine more species in 1944. Niwa's search focused on six species which had not been reported for over 60 years, Dr Fenwick said. Dense populations were found on Ruapuke Island in Foveaux Strait and in Bayswater Peatland Scenic Reserve near Otautau in Southland. The species lived in surface waters in the southern South Island and appeared to be important in breaking down dead plant matter to recycle their nutrients. The tiny, blind crustaceans played a major role in cleansing the region's groundwater, keeping our drinking water naturally pure, Dr Fenwick said. 'Their high abundances, habitats preferences, and wide tolerances indicate that these ghosts of New Zealand's ancient continental origins can survive in the face of considerable human changes to the landscape, so long as wetlands, in their various forms, are kept intact.'" The Press 05Oct09
Aqua Design "Horticultural Irrigation" etc Gisborne
Auckland The Watchdog "Keeping citizens in the loop" = Water protesters pelt Hucker 11Jun07 & Auckland given stick over water 29Jun07 & Councils get water prices lifeline "to soften the impact of future price rises" 11Jan08 + Water Pressure Group info on "everything you ever wanted to know about water privatization in Auckland" vs Metrowater links + 1999 posts + Papakura Water Pressure Group "United Water Must Go!" + water bill payment strike "calling for an Auckland-wide boycott of all water bills" Thrall Mar/Apr01 & Water Pressure Group At Ike's House 10Jul01 & Water Pressure Protest Thursday post + NZ water pressure builds Canadian Union of Public Employees
Australia looks to bag West Coast's water Press 15Mar08
Beyond ageing pipes. Meeting the freshwater needs of the 21st century / Urban water systems for the 21st century, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment report 5Apr01
Choose Clean Water 9Jan16 + NZ tour * * * * *
A Cleaner Enviroment NZ Ltd "Innovative Solutions for Pollution Control from Clean TeQ of Australia" air & water Ackd
Contract goes to former officials "The 2010-13 drinking-water tender work includes providing independent technical advice on supply and treatment, water source and availability, and providing technical advice on public health risks and risk-management plans. Christchurch Central MP Brendon Burns, Labour's water spokesman, said the ministry had been slow to announce the tender, even though the contract had been in place for months. 'This is rampant zealotry at work again - contracting out to the private sector rather than a core function of government being performed by public servants,' he said. 'Drinking water is a basic human right and it is essential infrastructure that deserves to be in public ownership and be overseen by public officials, not by a consortium ... We have a move to allow councils to privatise their water supplies for 35-year periods and we also have the Government wanting to introduce tradeable water rights for large volumes for farming and other uses. This is another step in that privatisation direction.'" The Press 2Nov10
Cr!key Creek "Water cycle meet media cycle" Daniel Collins ex blogspot "hydrologist at the National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research NIWA.. PhD in Civil & Environmental Engineering from MIT.. water resource interests revolve around ecohydrology, the impacts of climate & land use changes, & sustainability" + "climate adaptation, from a water-sector perspective" blog * * * * *
CW Drilling & Investigation Geotechnical & Site Environmental 10 Old Wharf Rd POBox264 Motueka + links
Drinking Water for NZ "info source for the public, & those managing NZ drinking-water quality" ESR Water Group & Ministry of Health + Water Info NZ WINZ Database Stainless Steel Water Bottles Dairy Tanks etc links
Emergency Water Containers "Xmas Gifts ..big, sturdy & yellow.. Wellington City Council's Emergency Management Office" Dec07 ***
Environmental Protection Authority "Streamlining the decision making process for nationally significant proposals, such as major infrastructure or public works projects.. statutory office housed within the Ministry for the Environment, under the Secretary for the Environment" + NZ Institute for the Study of Competition & Regulation
Filtration Technology Ltd Filtec "specialise in industrial process filtration & water & wastewater treatment" Ackd
Fluoride: Fluoride a poison in our water Opinion Mary Byrne The Press 18May10 Fluoride Action Network NZ Wgtn + all NZ "According to the Ministry of Health, 61% of reticulated water supplies is fluoridated. 52% of New Zealanders receive this fluoridated water" + Fluoridation Free NZ "Fluoridation Free coalition.. calling for a nationwide ban on fluoridation of public drinking water" + Overview of the Truth about Fluoride & Aspartame youtube Jan09 & Fluoride Truth hits the TV in Australia Jul10 + US says too much flouride in water Stuff 8Jan11 + Call to fluoridate Canterbury water The Press 13Jan11
Fonterra Co-operative Group: "Dairy for life" Sustainability Report + Fonterra to open farm gates RuralNewsGroup 6Nov17 & Farmers to open gates to public as Fonterra unveils plan to clean up waterways 1News 16Nov17 & Fonterra opens farms around New Zealand, invites kiwis to come and visit Fonterra 19Nov17 & Farms open gates to visitors at Kaitiaki Farm NZ Herald 7Dec17 & Open "The whole country cares about what's happening with our waterways, including us. And we want to show you what we're doing to protect them. So, come and visit one of the 40 farms we're opening." 10Dec17
Freshwater for Life "Saving our rivers, lakes & wetlands" ~2009
Freshwater Rescue Plan .org combo launch 8Jun17 Wgtn
Frustration grows over river pollution "Northland freshwater campaigner says cattle are still fouling rivers throughout the region - despite the efforts of Fonterra and local councils to get them to clean up. Millan Ruka, from Environmental River Patrol, said many beef farmers and dairy cattle breeders were simply ignoring requests to fence off waterways" RadioNZ 6Nov14 & 'Up to 100 years' to restore Waikato River 22Mar16
Giardia: Land-use change and emerging public health risks in New Zealand: assessing Giardia risk "cattle excrete wide-ranging concentrations of Giardia, indicating active infections.. for Giardia, transmission via water may be of particular significance in areas with large numbers of dairy cattle. This is because dairy cattle are typically maintained at high densities, they produce large quantities of faecal waste, exhibit high Giardia prevalence, and cysts have been detected from aquatic and terrestrial environments worldwide where large cattle populations reside ..high prevalence of Giardia in dairy calves" Journal of the NZ Medical Association 10Sept2010
Govt proposes new standard for use of water resources 29/3 NZPA 21Mar08
Govt sides with Land and Water Forum on key policy decisions "Local communities will be given the option of using collaborative processes to determine regional freshwater allocation & policies.. National Objectives Framework & processes to ensure Maori & iwi views are 'explicitly considered before any planning decisions on freshwater are made'" Business 10Jul13
Green Party Environment Policy Rivers & freshwater 22Jun05 + Water Quality & Use Water Policy 16May07 + Water Management Metiria Turei MP Speech to the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum 23Jan08 + Water Crisis Nandor Tanczos MP Speech in the House 14Feb08
Irrigation: Irrigation -A Heads Up For Rural Professionals PR Irrigation NZ 3Aug07 & Farmers Pay To Access Water + Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment + Government's water rules likely to dilute milk flows 1May06 + Irrigation scheme pipeline blowout costs farmer company $2 million North Otago Irrigation Company "scheme has a command area of 63,000ha and has the infrastructure in place to supply water to farmers on 23,000ha of an area between Duntroon, Enfield and Herbert through numerous branch lines.. non-profit limited liability company similar to a co-operative" Stuff 16Aug17 etc etc
KiwiTech 'Python' water systems Bulls
Land, Air, Water Aotearoa "connects you with New Zealand's environment through sharing scientific data.. helping local communities find the balance between using natural resources & maintaining their quality & availability" MfE * * * * * *
Land and Water Forum "comprises a range of primary industry groups, environmental and recreational NGOs, iwi and other organisations with an interest in fresh water and land management"
Left running out of time to save assets from right wing "What about our water?.. centre-left coalition would need to include the Labour, Green and Maori Parties and pull in NZ First as well as other leftist organisations, trade unions and social movement groups" Matt McCarten 15Feb09
Liquidation "struggle for control over this great resource" c2013
Living Rivers Coalition 4 "national NGOs with a passion for NZ's rivers" Fish & Game, Forest & Bird, Recreational Canoeing, Federated Mountain Clubs [defunct]
Milking Success 2013 Te Papa Wgtn 9-10May13 + Stormwater Conference 2013 Ackd 8-10May13
Ministry for Rivers, Lakes, Waterways and Sundry Fresh Water Bodies "promotional website describing a fictional entity.. launching a water futures market?" Olivia Manthell PhD
More than talk needed on water "Environment Minister Trevor Mallard's sudden tough talking over water has more to do with the pending election than a real Government desire to tackle a pressing problem.. wants the worst of the polluting farmers to be jailed.. and others who foul rivers, streams and lakes treat fines under the Resource Management Act as just another business expense" Dominion Post 30Sep08
MPs were 'salespeople' for dairy co: Labour "National MPs Stuart Smith and Jami-Lee Ross toured China as guests of infant formula manufacturer GMP Dairy, which donated $25,000 to National last year" RadioNZ 5May16
National consults on tightening water use TV3 The Nation video 23Mar13 + comments * * * * *
National Hydrometric Monitoring Network "network of remote hydrological sites that collect information about rainfall, river stage (height), & meteorological observations" peterweb
National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research NIWA national climate centre & Natural purification of groundwater etc
National Wetland Trust of NZ "appreciation.. enhancement & restoration" Te Kauwhata & "Wai Wetlands?" Symposium UniCanterbury 14-16Feb08
National would restart dam, Key says "controversial Dobson Dam hydro project on the West Coast and free up more Department of Conservation land for tourism" The Press 7Jun07
NZ Hydrological Society NZHS & MFE funded Water Info Directory "NZ's freshwater info source" + "education activities"
NZ Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry MAF Water "Efficient use of our most dynamic resource" & Water Bibliography 95-08.. * * * * *
NZ Ministry for the Environment MFE water quality reports etc + Talk Environment Roadshow + Sustainable Water Programme of Action + Water Programme of Action & "NZ, 4 million careful owners, A valuable body of Water" campaign + Proposed National environmental standard on ecological flows & water levels & Draft Guidelines for the Selection of Methods to Determine Mar08 + Water quality trends at National River Water Quality Network sites for 1989-2007 "Overall, some aspects of water quality have deteriorated in rivers over the past 20 years mainly as a result of farming (pastoral land cover) and environmental gains in terms of reduced 'point' pollution of waters in New Zealand are being overshadowed by increasing 'diffuse' pollution" & Temporal & land-cover trends in freshwater fish communities in NZ's rivers: an analysis of data from the NZ Freshwater Database - 1970-2007 Mar09 + Water quality at freshwater swimming spots Jun09 + Water quality in dairy farming catchments Jul09 + ozone & climate.. Wgtn
NZ Council for Infrastructure Development NZCID "best practice.. through research, advocacy & public & private sector collaboration" esp Water Sector Ackd * * * * *
NZ River Recreation Use Survey School of Physical Education UniOtago ***
NZ Water Associates "Business Management, HR, Government Relations & Policy" Wgtn
NZ Water & Wastes Assn NZWWA Vision "To be the pre-eminent organisation in NZ for promoting & enabling the sustainable management & development of the water environment" Ackd + "2003 Water & Wastes Directory" A-Z search + NZ Water Environment Research Foundation NZWERF Vision "To be the pre-eminent knowledge & research foundation of NZ that protects, enhances & sustains the quality of our water environment for our country's children" + Stormwater Directory of NZ + NZ Water & Environment Training Academy NZWETA + Annual Conference & Expo Chch 11-13 Oct06 etc Events + Managing domestic water demand "On environmental, economic & social equity grounds the case for metering & volumetric charging is compelling" PR 13Jan09 + links * * *
Ordish & Stevens "water, milking & electrical services" Wairarapa Water for Survival Programme "Living with clean, safe water & sanitation is a basic human right"
Politics, Maori and water rights "Will Maori interests be appeased, as in the past, with a specific share of the pie? Will they be 'bought off' by being given a share of the shares?" 18Jul12 + Water: The debate between ownership and rights etc 20Jul12 * * * * *
Pure conflict "The traditional home of tourism in New Zealand, Rotorua is under pressure to champion the country's 100% Pure brand, with its 16 lakes suffering various degrees of pollution from lakeside agriculture and human activity" NICK CHURCHOUSE Dominion Post 14Nov09 + AgResearch wants GE cows "to produce milk products and therapeutic proteins" KIRAN CHUG 13Nov09 "Water Filters, Purifiers & Coolers" all-NZ
Purple for waste water irrigated bales a New Zealand first "Fonterra does not take milk from farms whose lactating cows have been fed from crops irrigated with human waste water" Stuff 17Jan17
Riparian planting does not counter nitrate runoff says environmentalist author "After three or four years riparian plantings were 'rising mountains' of convolvulus, black berry, broom and crack willow with the river a narrow channel running through a 'gallery of weeds'.. 'All the junk slows the flow down so silting gets worse. And it provides lots of habitat for rats and none for ducks.. the science tells us that rank grass can generate equivalent or better reductions in these contaminants as native planted margins" Stuff 16Aug17
Rivers & rainfall Environment Southland SRC * * *
River stance "Ecologist Mike Joy's unsanitised views of the sorry state of our fresh waterways" Listener 26Nov15
Snapshot of Water Allocation in NZ MfE Nov06
Southland Water Demand Strategy MAF Sustainable Management Fund
Takitimu Weather Modification Indigenous Perspective "Consciousness- based, non-linear, non-local, action-at-a-distance" vs power crisis Ackd + links * * *
Tangata Whenua: Maori in freshwater bid "value of freshwater to the economy at $34.85 billion a year" Freshwater Iwi Leaders Group, Sunday Star Times 12Apr15 + "Deep waters ahead" Government walking tightrope on iwi water debate Stuff 16Apr15
'Tsunami' of water swamps Miramar homes Dominion Post 24Jun11
Valley Action Network VAN "protest against water privatisation at Hutt City Council Building 12Jun10 expressing opposition to both the Local Government Act Amendment Bill & to water meters, & simultaneously launching its election campaign for Hutt City Council" Grant Brookes + Hutt Water Action Group calls for fight over privatisation concerns Hutt News 15Jun10 & facebook report
Wai Care "working together for healthy waterways" + links * * *
Waitaha Water "Water Ceremony - 2014 International Forum on Water | a Sacred Water Gathering | Waitaha Nation of Peace" Waitangi 15-22Oct14
WAITAHA - Morgan Gorge "Aoraki / Mt Cook of Rivers.. help us preserve" * * * * * "science of NZ's water cycle" * * * * *
Water Campaign TM .au news International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives Local Governments for Sustainability + Communities for Climate Protection CCP-NZ
Watercare services "region-wide.. integrated management of water, supply, wastewater & stormwater" Ackd Ltd Pour N' Go "helps control bacteria, viruses & algae commonly found in rainwater tanks.. non-chlorine disinfectant.. non toxic, no-taste.. after cleaning.. does not need to be rinsed away, and may be safely left in the tank water" Gutter Witch etc Ackd
Water index page "whose water is it, who will benefit & who will lose if water supplies are managed by 'market mechanisms'?" Peace Movement Aotearoa Wgtn + links * * * * *
Water Industry Training
Water in Marlborough aquifers rises after 7.8-magnitude earthquake "gaps between the gravel that formed the aquifers had shrunk, causing wells to spill over.. too early to say whether the 7.8-magnitude quake had caused any permanent damage to the underground water network" Stuff 12Jan17
Water in New Zealand "is relatively abundant.. due to the temperate climate and maritime weather patterns. In recent years, water pollution and draw-down of aquifers have become important environmental issues.. Annual water flow is 145 million litres per person" Wikipedia + Total rainfall across selected New Zealand locations etc charts + Groundwater physical stocks + The biggest users of New Zealand water Stuff Oct17 * * * * * * * * * *
Water New Zealand NZ Water & Wastes Association NZWWA Board Wgtn "A Gateway to the NZ Water Industry" Ackd NZ Weather & Other Phenomena etc Garry Law Associates "Engineering, Management & Heritage Consultants" Aus + Archaeology + climate change + e-News + Water links [defunct] * * * * *
Water Report Released Today Statistics NZ 22Jun07
Water Rights: TVNZ Q+A: Transcript of John Key interview "I don't think the courts would really be in a position to say anyone owned water, but certainly the common-law view is no-one owns water" 22Jul12
Waterscape Permaculture Farmstay Otaki Horowhenua Kapiti Coast
Water solutions now 'number one issue' for NZ councils "Too much, too little, or coming in where it's not welcome - water is the number one issue keeping the country's local councils awake at night. With much of the country's flood protection infrastructure reaching the end of its life, Local Government New Zealand says climate change preparedness, and what it will cost, is 'top of mind' for councils. Find out more about how New Zealand is trying to waterproof its cities on RNZ's Insight programme" 3Nov17 eg * * * * * * * * *
Water Whisperers Tangaroa "film that celebrates ten communities facing serious water issues, who come up with amazingly simple solutions" Wick Candle Films 33 Crichton Tce Christchurch 8022 + Earth Whisperers + Healing Journey + Breath of Peace
West Coast Save Our Wild Rivers Petition vs "destruction by hydro-electric development.. sacrificing our natural heritage for short-sighted gains" Mike Drake Wild Rivers Action Project WRAP
Wellington's excessive water use may be curbed by metering "'If people are told how much they use, they tend to use probably 10 to 20 percent less,' says Peter Neilson" 27Nov08 & Wellington may be next city to charge for water "They already charge for it in many cities and towns in the top half of the North Island, but paying for water could soon be a reality for many other parts of the country. Wellington is the latest city to ponder installing meters and charging water rates in a bid to help conserve the resource. But the plan already has many opponents" 25Oct09 + Right to Water "Wellington-based community group working to end user-pays & privatisation of household water supply"
What's in our water? The alarming new threats to New Zealand's drinking water "Havelock North has had one of the largest outbreaks of water-borne disease in the developed world, which is raising red flags around the country" 13Sep16 * * * * * * * * * *
Whitewater NZ "Help us save NZ's whitewater rivers" Wgtn
Wild "Let's keep it that way.. campaign.. initially created by Forest & Bird, Whitewater NZ, Federated Mountain Clubs & Fish & Game ..history of campaigning to protect NZ's magnificant wild rivers stretches back into our conservation history.. Over 200,000 Kiwis signed the Manapouri petition.. sparked calls for law reform, resulting in the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act, which became the Water Conservation Order mechanism in the Resource Management Act" new campaign launch 28Oct09

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